List by Alphabet ( A-E )



ABRELL, Charles Gene (Korean War) Westlawn Cemetery, Farmersburg, Indiana

ADAMS, James F. (Civil War) Oaklawn Memorial Park (Lot 160), Huntington, West Virginia

ADAMS, John Gregory Bishop (Civil War) Pine Grove Cemetery (Aspen Ave, Lot 3), Lynn, Massachusetts

ADAMS, John Mapes (China Relief) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 8262), Brooklyn, New York

ADAMS, Lucian (World War II) Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (Section AI, Grave 555), San Antonio, Texas

ADAMS, Stanley Taylor (Korean War) Willamette National Cemetery (Section H, 3623-0), Portland, Oregon

ADAMS, William Edward (Vietnam War) Fort Logan National Cemetery (Section P, Grave 3831), Sheridan, Colorado

ADKINSON, Joseph B. (World War I) Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Section B, Row 10, Lot 20A), Atoka, Tennessee

ADRIANCE, Harry Chapman (China Relief) Lost To History

AGERHOLM, Harold Christ (World War II) Mound Cemetery (Block 4-E, Lot 8, Grave 4), Racine, Wisconsin

AHEAM, Michael (Civil War) Lost To History

AHERN, William (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. Mary, Plot 1384) Brooklyn, New York
Also served as William O’Hearn; name legally changed in 1913.

ALBANESE, Lewis (Vietnam War) Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park (Washelli Section KO East, Grave 75), Seattle, Washington

ALBEE, George Emerson (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 850ES), Arlington, VA

ALBER, Frederick (Civil War) Oregon Township Cemetery (Possibly Section 1, Lot 1), Columbiaville, Michigan

ALBERT, Christian (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery GAR (Section 28) 107-1, Toledo, Ohio
CMOHS confirms burial in Reading, Ohio was wrong person

ALCHESAY, William (Indian Campaigns) Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Private Family Cemetery, White River, Arizona

ALLEN, Abner Peeler (Civil War) Centerburg Cemetery, Centerburg, Ohio

ALLEN, Edward G. (China Relief) Evergreens Cemetery (Nazareth Section, Lot 1251), Brooklyn, New York

ALLEN, James (Civil War) Oakland Cemetery (Block 46, Lot 34), St. Paul, Minnesota Cemetery requires next of kin approval for a Medal of Honor headstone.

ALLEN, Nathaniel M. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Central Avenue, Lot 33), Acton, Massachusetts

ALLEN, William (Indian Campaigns) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 48, Grave 2), San Francisco, California

ALLEX, Jake (World War I) St. Sava Cemetery (Section B, Row 6, Lot 446), Libertyville, Illinois
Buried as Jake A. Mandusich

ALLWORTH, Edward C. (World War I) Crystal Lake Masonic Cemetery (Row 3, Lot 736, Space 6), Corvallis, Oregon

ALVARADO, Leonard L. (Vietnam War) Greenlawn Memorial Park (Holy Cross Lakeside SPC #, Lot D, Block 64), Bakersfield, California

AMES, Adelbert (Civil War) Hildreth Family Cemetery, Lowell, Massachusetts

AMMERMAN, Robert Wesley (Civil War) Lost Creek Presbyterian Cemetery, McAlisterville, Pennsylvania

ANDERS, Frank Lafayette (Philippine Insurrection) Hillside Cemetery (Block 108 Western Addition, Lot SE 1/4 7-7E, Grave 5, ), Ripon, Wisconsin

ANDERSON, Beauford Theodore (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section44, Grave 292), Arlington, VA

ANDERSON, Bruce (Civil War) Green Hill Cemetery (Section 33, Lot 1375), Amsterdam, New York

ANDERSON, Charles W. (Civil War) Thornrose Cemetery (VA -Sec 10, Lot 57), Staunton, Virginia
Buried as George Pforr

ANDERSON, Edwin Alexander (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3798), Arlington, VA

ANDERSON, Everett W. (Civil War) Morris Cemetery (Section H, Lot 19, Tract 2), Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

ANDERSON, Frederick Charles (Civil War) Dighton Community Church Cemetery (Section 2, Site 50), Dighton, MA

ANDERSON, James (Indian Campaigns) St. Peter and Paul Cemetery (Section 37, Lot 1397, Space 1), St. Louis, Missouri
Buried as James Smythe

ANDERSON, Jr., James (Vietnam War) Lincoln Memorial Park (Section M, Lot 6, Grave 23), Compton, California

ANDERSON, Johannes Seigfried (World War I) Acacia Park Cemetery (Poplar Section, Lot 25, Block 1, Grave 2), Chicago, Illinois

ANDERSON, Marion T. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 512), Arlington, VA

ANDERSON, Peter T. (Civil War) Newell Cemetery (Lot F, Grave 27), Newell, Iowa

ANDERSON, Richard Allen (Vietnam War) Forest Park (Lawndale) Cemetery (Section 33, Lot 257, Space 1), Houston, Texas

ANDERSON, Richard Beatty (World War II) Buried at Sea
IMO in New Tacoma Cemetery (Block C, Section 1 (5-C-1), Grave 182), Tacoma, Washington

ANDERSON, Robert N. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

ANDERSON, Thomas (Civil War) Dunkard Cemetery, Lone Pine, Pennsylvania

ANDERSON, Webster (Vietnam War) Blackjack Baptist Church Cemetery, Winnsboro, South Carolina

ANDERSON, William (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. Stephen, Range U, Grave 17), Brooklyn, New York

ANDREWS, John (Korea 1871) Lost To History

ANGLING, John (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Section H, Lot 13), South Portland, Maine
Buried as John Anglin

ANTOLAK, Sylvester (World War II) A.B.M.C. Sicily Rome American Cemetery (Plot C, Row 12, Grave 13), Nettuno, Italy

ANTRIM, Richard Nott (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 35, Grave 2613), Arlington, VA

APPLE, Andrew O. (Civil War) Bluff City Cemetery (Section 4, Lot 166, Space 1), Elgin, Illinois

APPLETON, Edwin Nelson (China Relief) Green Wood Cemetery (Section K/111, Lot 13724/41 [Anderson Masoleum]), Brooklyn, New York

APPLETON, William H. (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery, Pembroke, New Hampshire

ARCHER, James W. (Civil War) Riverside Cemetery (Section T, Lot 9), Spencer, Indiana

ARCHER, Lester (Civil War) Missing. Remains unrecoverable

ARCHINAL, William J. (Civil War) Riverview Cemetery (Section W, Lot 125, Grave 8), Trenton, New Jersey

ARMSTRONG, Clinton Lycurgus (Civil War) Fountain Park Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 62), Winchester, Indiana

ARNOLD, Abraham Kerns (Civil War) St Philips In The Highlands Cemetery, Garrison, New York

ARTHER, Matthew, Buried as Matthew Arthur, (Civil War) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 16, Site 1), San Francisco, California

ASHLEY, Jr., Eugene (Vietnam War) Rockfish Memorial Park (Atonement II, Lot G), Fayetteville, North Carolina

ASTEN, Charles (Civil War) St. Francis Cemetery (Sect 22, Lot 111), Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Buried as Michael C. Asten

ASTON, Edgar R. (Indian Campaigns) Tate Township Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 40), Bethel, Ohio

ATKINS, Daniel (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Captain Ted Conaway Memorial Naval Cemetery (Section 2, Row 8, Headstone 1), Portsmouth, Virginia

ATKINS, Thomas E. (World War II) Fellowship Baptist Church Cemetery, Inman, South Carolina

ATKINSON, Thomas E. (Civil War) unknown cemetery on Island of San Lorenzo, Peru
‘In Memory Of’ marker at Civil War monument in Greenlawn Cemetery, Salem, Massachusetts

AUER, John F. (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Oak Hill Cemetery (Section K, Lot 139, Grave 5), Nyack, New York

AUSTIN, Oscar Palmer (Vietnam War) Greenwood Memorial Park (Section 44, Block 42, Lot 2, Space 11), Phoenix, Arizona

AUSTIN, William Grafton (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

AVERY, James (Civil War) Captain Ted Conaway Memorial Naval Cemetery (Section 3, Row 6, Headstone 12), Portsmouth, Virginia

AVERY, William B. (Civil War) North Burial Grounds Cemetery (Section 13, Lot 2336), Providence, Rhode Island

AYERS, David (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery (Section F, Division 7, Lot 303), Chicago, Illinois
Buried as David Ayres

AYERS, James F. (Indian Campaigns) Fort Riley Post Cemetery (Section F, Grave 27), Fort Riley, Kansas

AYERS, John G. K. (Civil War) Riverside Cemetery (Section G, Lot 15, Block 1), Three Rivers, Michigan


BABCOCK, John Breckinridge (Indian Campaigns) Evergreen Cemetery (Grave 924), Stonington, Connecticut

BABCOCK, William J. (Civil War) Riverside Cemetery, Wakefield, Rhode Island

BACON, Elijah William (Civil War) Maple Grove Cemetery (Section A), Berlin, Connecticut

BACON, Nicky Daniel (Vietnam War) Arkansas State Veterans Cemetery, North Little Rock, Arkansas

BADDERS, William (Interim Awards 1920-1940) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section A, Row 788A {possibly grave 7}), San Francisco, California

BADGER, Oscar Charles (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3760-WS), Arlington, VA

BAESEL, Albert E. (World War I) Woodvale Union Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 31), Cleveland, Ohio

BAILEY, James E. (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BAILEY, Kenneth Dillon (World War II) Spring Hill Cemetery (Block 16, Grave 72), Danville, Illinois

BAIRD, Absalom (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 55), Arlington, VA

BAIRD, George William (Indian Campaigns) Milford Cemetery (Old Milford Lot 206), Milford, Connecticut

BAKER, Addison Earl (World War II) Missing

BAKER, Benjamin Franklin (Spanish-American War) Old Swan Lake Cemetery (Lot 228), Dennisport, Massachusetts

BAKER, Jr., Edward Lee (Spanish-American War) Rosedale Memorial Park (Section 3, Lot 130, Grave 2 SE), Los Angeles, California

BAKER, Henry Charles (Civil War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 2, Row 22, Grave 22), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BAKER, John (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BAKER, Jr, John F. (Vietnam) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 34, Grave 687) Arlington, VA

BAKER, Jr., Thomas Alexander (World War II) Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery (Section 8, Grave 530), Schuylerville, New York
Was reinturred from National Cemetery in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1999.

BAKER, Vernon Joseph (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 59, Grave 4408), Arlington, VA

BALCH, John Henry (World War I) Riverside National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 1925), Riverside, California

BALDONADO, Joe R. (Korean War) Missing Arlington National Cemetery (IMO, Section 13-MH, Grave 644) Arlington, VA

BALDWIN, Charles H. (Civil War) Christ Church Cemetery, Accokeek, Maryland

BALDWIN, Frank Dwight (Civil War & Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1894), Arlington, VA
Double Recipient

BALLEN, Frederick A. (Civil War) Carleton Cemetery, Carleton, Michigan

BANCROFT, Neil (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BANKS, George Lovell (Civil War) Mount Hope Cemetery (Section F, Lot 158), Independance, Kansas

BARBER, James Albert (Civil War) River Bend Cemetery (Section 21, Lot 385), Westerly, Rhode Island

BARBER, William Earl (Korean War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 66, Grave 6904), Arlington, VA

BARFOOT, Van Thomas (World War II)   H.C. Smither Memorial Cemetery, Hudgins, Virginia

BARGER, Charles Denver (World War I) Blue Springs Cemetery (1 East 7), Blue Springs, Missouri

BARKELEY, David Bennes (World War I) San Antonio National Cemetery (Section G, Grave 1302), San Antonio, Texas
Buried as David B Barkley

BARKER, Charles H. (Korean War) Missing

BARKER, Jedh Colby (Vietnam War) George Washington Memorial Cemetery (Block M, Lot 63, Section A, Grave 2), Paramus, New Jersey

BARKER, Nathaniel C. (Civil War) Last Rest Cemetery (Section B, Lot 17), Merrimack, New Hampshire

BARKLEY, John Lewis (World War I) Forest Hills Cemetery (Block 50, Lot 132), Kansas City, Missouri

BARNES, III, John Andrew (Vietnam War) Brookdale Cemetery (Veterans Hill Section, Range 3, Lot 63V), Dedham, Massachusetts

BARNES, Will Croft (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 9754), Arlington, VA

BARNES, William Henry (Civil War) Originally interred at Post Cemetery at Indianola. Remains removed in 1867 to a mass grave at San Antonio National Cemetery as an unknown.
IMO at San Antonio National Cemetery (Section MA, Grave 86), San Antonio, Texas

BARNUM, Henry Alanson (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery (Section 12, Lot 24), Syracuse, New York

BARNUM, James (Civil War) Lost To History

BARRELL, Charles L. (Civil War) Hooker Cemetery, Wayland, Michigan

BARRETT, Carlton William (World War II) Napa Valley Memorial Gardens (Garden of Peace, Lot 4, Grave E), Napa, California

BARRETT, Edward (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

BARRETT, Richard (Indian Campaigns) Soldiers Home National Cemetery (Section K, Lot 6765), Washington, DC

BARRICK, Jesse T. (Civil War) Tahoma National Cemetery (Section 8, Site 108), Kent, Washington
Reintured from Pasco, Washington in 2000

BARRINGER, William H. (Civil War) Mount Olive Cemetery, Longbottom, Ohio

BARROW, David Duffy (Spanish-American War) Evergreen Memorial (Section F, Lot 242), Portsmouth, Virginia

BARRY, Augustus (Civil War) Cold Harbor National Cemetery (Section A, Grave 309), Mechanicsville, Virginia

BART, Frank J. (World War I) Flower Hill Cemetery (Section 25, Lot 26 & 27, Grave 6), North Bergen, New Jersey

BARTER, Gurdon H. (Civil War) Two cemeteries lay claim to him.
Moscow Cemetery (Lot 28, Block 1), Moscow, Idaho
Viola Cemetery (Plot 66, Grave 3), Viola, Idaho.
The Medal of Honor Headstone is on the grave in Viola, Idaho

BARTON, Thomas (Civil War) Lost To History

BASILONE, John “Manila John” (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 12, Grave 384), Arlington, VA

BASS, David L. (Civil War) Wilcox Cemetery, Little Falls, New York

BATCHELDER, Richard Napoleon (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 998), Arlington, VA

BATES, Delavan (Civil War) Aurora Cemetery (Old Section, Row D, Lot 124), Aurora, Nebraska

BATES, Norman Francis (Civil War) Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Section D, Lot 23, Space 3), Glendale, California

BATES, Richard (Interim Awards 1865-1870) Cypress National Cemetery (Section 2, Site 4889), Brooklyn New York
True name: Wyndham R. Bates. Buried as Wyman Richard Bates

BATSON, Matthew Arlington (Philippine Insurrection) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3604-WS), Arlington, VA

BAUER, Harold William “Indian Joe” (World War II) Missing

BAUGH, William Bernard (Korean War) Glen Haven Cemetery (Section 8), Harrison, Ohio

BAUSELL, Lewis Kenneth (World War II) Buried at Sea

BAYBUTT, Philip (Civil War) Southern Cemetery (Grave H 2085 C, E Part), Lancashire, England

BAZAR, Philip (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Section 49, Plot 231, Graves 1-4) New York, New York
Buried under misspelled name of Bogan. Not eligible for a headstone due to cemetery rules.

BEARSS, Hiram Iddings (Philippine Insurrection) Bearss Family Cemetery (next to Mt. Hope Cemetery), Peru, Indiana Also has cenotaph in Mt. Hope.

BEASLEY, Harry C. (Mexican Campaign) Cedar Hill Cemetery (Section 16, Lot 123 [possibly 23]), Newark, Ohio

BEATTY, Alexander Mitchell (Civil War) Summer Street Cemetery, Lancaster, New Hampshire
Buried as Alexander Beattie

BEATY, Powhatan (Civil War) Union Baptist Cemetery (Section A, Lot 95), Cincinnati, Ohio

BEAUDOIN, Raymond Ovila (World War II) Notre Dame Cemetery (Section C, Lot 307, Grave 2), South Hadley, Massachusetts

BEAUFORD, Clay (Indian Campaigns) Angelus Rosedale Cemetery [formerly Rosedale Memorial Park] (Section N, Lot 100, Grave 2 NE), Los Angeles, California
Buried as Welford C Bridwell

BEAUFORT, Jean J. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 13, Grave 13784), Arlington, VA

BEAUMONT, Eugene Beauharnais (Civil War) Hollenbeck Cemetery (Lot 731), Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

BEBB, Edward James (Civil War) New Salem Cemetery (Addition 5, Lot 23) (Possibly Row 4), Lynnville, Iowa

BECKWITH, Wallace A. (Civil War) Jordan Cemetery (Lot 580, Avenue L), Waterford, Connecticut

BEDDOWS, Richard (Civil War) Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (Section D-North, Range 3, Plot 4, Graves 8×8), New Rochelle, New York

BEEBE, William Sully (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XX, Row A, Grave 011), West Point, New York

BEECH, John P. (Civil War) Mercer Cemetery, Trenton, New Jersey

BEGLEY, Terrence (Civil War) Lost To History

BEHNE, Frederick (Interim Awards 1899-1910) originally interred in Kerfautras Cemetery, Brest, France but was returned to the US in 1920 and interred in Hackensack Cemetery (Section J, Plot 206, Grave 1), Hackensack, New Jersey

BEHNKE, Heinrich (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 20A), Farmingdale, New York

BEIGER, Charles (Civil War) Mount Hope Cemetery (Section 12, Lot 107, Grave 3), St. Louis, Missouri

BELCHER, Ted (Vietnam War) Greenwood Cemetery (Area C, Lot 11), Zanesville, Ohio

BELCHER, Thomas (Civil War) Lost To History

BELL, Bernard Pious (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 25, Grave 3840), Arlington, VA

BELL, Dennis (Spanish-American War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 31, Grave 349), Arlington, VA

BELL, George H. (Civil War) Elswick Cemetery, Newcastle, England

BELL, Harry (Philippine Insurrection) Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery (Officer Section, Grave 167), Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

BELL, James (Indian Campaigns) Mount Olivet Cemetery (Block 34, Lot 137 (S 1/2)), Chicago, Illinois

BELL, James Bennett (Civil War) Gettysburg Cemetery (Lot 133 Section 1, Grave 3S), Gettysburg, Ohio

BELL, James Franklin (Philippine Insurrection) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1735-4), Arlington, VA

BELLRICHARD, Leslie Allen (Vietnam War) Oak Hill Cemetery (Block 311, Lot 15, Grave 7), Janesville, Wisconsin

BELPITT, William Henry (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Rockwood Cemetery (Portion M2, Row N, Plot 1236), Sydney, Australia
May be buried as William Henry Belphitt.

BENAVIDEZ, Roy Perez (Vietnam War) Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (Section AI, Grave 553), San Antonio, Texas

BENDER, Stanley (World War II) High Lawn Memorial Park (Section A, Lot 360, Grave 7), Oak Hill, West Virginia

BENEDICT, George Greenville (Civil War) Greenmount Cemetery, Winooski, Vermont

BENFOLD, Edward Clyde “Ted” (Korean War) Beverly National Cemetery (Section DS, Lot 12 ), Beverly, New Jersey

BENJAMIN, Jr., George (World War II) A.B.M.C. Manila (B-7-156), Manila, Philippine Islands

BENJAMIN, John Francis (Civil War) Lost To History

BENJAMIN, Samuel Nicholl (Civil War) St Philips In The Highlands Cemetery, Garrison, New York

BENNETT, Edward Andrew (World War II) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section 2B, Grave 10714A), San Bruno, California

BENNETT, Emory L. (Korean War) Pine Crest Cemetery (Between A and B Streets), Cocoa, Florida

BENNETT, Floyd (Interim Awards 1920-1940) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1852-B), Arlington, VA

BENNETT, James Harvey,   (Spanish-American War) Cold Spring Cemetery (Section P, Lo5 5), Cold Springs, New York
True Name:  John B. Quirk, buried as John B. Quirk

BENNETT, Orrin (Civil War) Lost To History

BENNETT, Orson W. (Civil War) Westminster Cemetery (Lansdowne Section, Lot 94, Grave 1), Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

BENNETT, Steven Logan (Vietnam War) Lafayette Memorial Park (Section 6, Lot 15, Space 2), Lafayette, Louisiana

BENNETT, Thomas William (Vietnam War) East Oak Grove Cemetery (Section S-2, Lot 167, Grave 6), Morgantown, West Virginia

BENNION, Mervyn Sharp (World War II) City Cemetery (Plat West 3, Lot 148,Grave 1 West), Salt Lake City, Utah

BENSINGER, William (Civil War) McComb Union Cemetery (1st Adn, Row 2, Grave 11), McComb, Ohio

BENSON, James (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Woodlawn Cemetery (Astral Place, Grave 28), Everett, Massachusetts

BENYAURD, William (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XIII, Row A, Grave 061), West Point, New York

BERG, George Francis (Spanish-American War) Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Section J), South Portland, Maine

BERGENDAHL, Frederick (Indian Campaigns) Ostra Kyrkcogardeau (The Cast Cemetery), Gothenburg (Goteborg), Sweden

BERKELEY, Randolph Carter (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1767-SH), Arlington, VA

BERRY, Charles Joseph (World War II) Elmwood Cemetery (Map Page 12 Lot 5248 Grave One From South), Lorain, Ohio

BERTOLDO, Vito R. (World War II) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section C, Grave 52A), San Bruno, California

BERTRAM, Heinrich (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BESSEY, Charles Albert (Indian Campaigns) Biloxi Cemetery (Section H), Biloxi, Mississippi

BETHAM, Asa (Civil War) Lost To History

BETTS, Charles Malone (Civil War) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Lot 21, Woodlawn Section, Grave 4), Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

BEYER, Albert (Spanish-American War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 1, Row 9, Grave 2), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BEYER, Arthur O. (World War II) Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery (Lot 38), St. Ansgar, Iowa

BEYER, Hillary (Civil War) Lower Providence Presbyterian Church Yard (Section 1, Row 6, Lot 39), Norristown, Pennsylvania

BIANCHI, Willibald Charles (World War II) Lost at Sea
IMO at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Section MA, Site 39), Honolulu, Hawaii

BIBBER, Charles James (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Pilgrims Rest, Lot 152, Range 1, South Side), Everett, Massachusetts

BICKFORD, Henry H. (Civil War) Hartland Central Cemetery (Range 15 West, Lot 23, Grave 3 or 4), Hartland, New York

BICKFORD, John Fairfield (Civil War) Mount Pleasant Cemetery (either Lot 46 1/2 or 190), Gloucester, Massachusetts

BICKFORD, Matthew (Civil War) Bayview Cemetery (Section M, Lot 920, Grave 1), Bellingham, Washington

BICKHAM, Charles Goodwin (Philippine Insurrection) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 101, Lot 1420), Dayton, Ohio

BIDDLE, Melvin Earl (World War II) Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery (Block G, Garden of Faith, Section 467, Lot 3), Anderson, Indiana

BIEGLER, George Wesley (Philippine Insurrection) Hollywood Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 170, Grave 3), Hollywood, California

BIGELOW, Elmer Charles (World War II) Linn, Lot Hebron Cemetery (Old Section, Center Entrance), Hebron, Illinois

BINDER, Richard (Civil War) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Lot 48, Norriton Section, Grave 2), Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

BINGHAM, Henry Harrison (Civil War) Laurel Hill Cemetery (Section Y, Lot 105), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BIRDSALL, Horatio Latin (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 13, Grave 6935), Arlington, VA

BIRKHIMER, William Edward (Philippine Insurrection) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 339-WD), Arlington, VA

BISHOP, Charles Francis (Mexican Campaign) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section O, Grave 4562), San Diego, California

BISHOP, Daniel (Indian Campaigns) Greenwood Cemetery (Block B, Lot 25), Bellaire, Ohio

BISHOP, Francis A. (Civil War) Blanchard Cemetery (Lot 1, Grave 4), Blanchard, Michigan

BJORKLUND, Arnold L. (World War II) Willamette National Cemetery (Section H, 3622-0), Portland, Oregon

BJORKMAN, Ernest H. (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Crown Hill Cemetery (Block 26, Lot 122, Grave 7), Denver, Colorado

BLACK, John Charles (Civil War) Spring Hill Cemetery (Block 12, Grave 54), Danville, Illinois

BLACK, William Perkins (Civil War) Graceland Cemetery (Section E&F, Lot 342), Chicago, Illinois

BLACKMAR, Wilmon Whilldin (Civil War) Cedar Grove Cemetery (Prospect Section 10, Lot 52, Grave 6), Dorchester, Massachusetts

BLACKWELL, Robert Lester (World War I) A.B.M.C. Somme Cemetery (D-20-2), Bony Aisne, France

BLACKWOOD, William Robert Douglas (Civil War) Chelton Hills (Cremains, Section B, Lot 313), Philadelphia Pennsylvania

BLAGHEEN, William (Civil War) Lost To History

BLAIR, James (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BLAIR, Robert M. (Civil War) Enid Cemetery (Section O, Block E, Lot 17), Enid, Oklahoma

BLAKE, Robert (Civil War) Lost To History

BLANCHFIELD, Michael Reinert (Vietnam War) All Saints Cemetery (Section 52, Block 27, Lot 4, Grave 8), Des Plaines, Illinois

BLANQUET, (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BLASDEL, Thomas A. (Civil War) Fairlawn Cemetery (Section 4, Lot 273, Space 5), Hutchinson, Kansas

BLEAK, David Bruce (Korean War) Cremaines scattered at a favorite fishing spot
IMO in Lost River Cemetery (Section D, Row 2, Space 1), between Arco and Moore, Butte County, Idaho

BLECKLEY, Erwin Russell (World War I) A.B.M.C. Meuse, Lot Argonne Cemetery (F-25-33), Romagne Meuse, France

BLICKENSDERFER, Milton A. (Civil War) Eastlawn Cemetery (Lot 152, Block 1, Grave 6), Sugar Creek, Ohio

BLISS, George Newman (Civil War) Lakeside Cemetery (Lots 379-390 Elm Path), Rumford, Rhode Island

BLISS, Zenas Randall (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 8-B), Arlington, VA

BLOCH, Orville Emil (World War II) Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park (Washelli Section W, Lot 215, Grave 1), Seattle, Washington

BLODGETT, Wells Howard (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 67, Lot 2947), St. Louis, Missouri

BLUCHER, Charles (Civil War) Lost To History

BLUME, Robert (Spanish-American War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 9752-SS), Arlington, VA

BLUNT, John W. (Civil War) Chatham Rural Cemetery, Chatham, New York

BOBO, John Paul (Vietnam War) Gate of Heaven Cemetery (St. Mark Section, Lot 82), Lewiston, New York

BOEHLER, Otto A. (Philippine Insurrection) St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Breckenridge, Minnesota

BOEHM, Peter Martin (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3674), Arlington, VA

BOERS, Edward William (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Vine Street Hill Cemetery (Section 1, Lot 111), Cincinnati, Ohio

BOIS, Frank (Civil War) Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery (Plot 275, Row I, #3), Seattle, Washington

BOLDEN, Paul Luther (World War II) Moons Cemetery (On the right as you enter cemetery), Owens Crossroads, Alabama

BOLTON, Cecil Hamilton (World War II) Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (Section PC, Grave 22J), San Antonio, Texas

BOND, William S. (Civil War) Sunrise Memorial Cemetery (GAR Section {BU}, Block 15, Lot 4, Grave 2), Vallejo, California

BONDSTEEL, James Leroy (Vietnam War) Fort Richardson National Cemetery (Section H, Plot 19), Fort Richardson, Alaska

BONEBRAKE, Henry G. (Civil War) Green Hill Cemetery (Section J, Lot 165), Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

BONG, Richard Ira (World War II) Poplar Cemetery (Plat I, Block 8, Lot 10, Grave 2), Poplar, Wisconsin

BONNAFFON, Jr., Sylvester (Civil War) Woodlands Cemetery (Section K, Lot 286), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BONNEY, Robert Earl (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Acacia Memorial Park (Laurel 6, Lot 58C, Grave 4), Seattle, Washington

BONNYMAN, Jr., Alexander “Sandy” (World War II) Returned from KIA/MIA in 2015. Highland Memorial Cemetery Garden (Section 18, Lot 45, Grave 1) Knoxville, Tennessee.
Also remembered with IMO in Santa Fe National Cemetery (Section MA, Lot 84) Santa Fe, New Mexico

BOODY, Robert M. (Civil War) Greenwood Cemetery, Haverhill, Massachusetts

BOOKER, Robert D. (World War II) Rose Hill Cemetery (1st Addition, Section D West, Lot 2, Block 6), Callaway, Nebraska

BOON, Hugh Patterson (Civil War) Washington Cemetery (McKennan circle, Block 22, Lot 280), Washington, Pennsylvania

BOONE, Joel Thompson (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 11, Grave 137-2), Arlington, VA

BORDELON, William James (World War II) Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (Section AI, Grave 558), San Antonio, Texas
Was buried in Hawaii until 1995

BOSS, Orlando Phidelio (Civil War) Laurel Hill Cemetery (Laurel Avenue, Laurel Hill, Lot 322), Fitchburg, Massachusetts

BOUQUET, Nicholas S. (Civil War) Aspen Grove Cemetery (Block 168, Lot 3, Grave #4), Burlington, Iowa

BOURKE, John Gregory (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 32-A), Arlington, VA

BOURNE, Thomas (Civil War) Poe Cemetery, Jones, Michigan

BOURY, Richard (Civil War) Parkersburg Memorial Park (First New Addition, Lot 388), Parkersburg, West Virginia
Buried as Richard Bowry

BOUTWELL, John W. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 33, Grave 2937), Arlington, VA  Also has a marker in Saint Joseph Cemetery, Burlington, Vermont, site of original burial.

BOWDEN, Samuel (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BOWEN, Chester Bennett (Civil War) City Greenwood Cemetery (Section C2), Weatherford, Texas

BOWEN, Emmer (Civil War) Rosedale Memorial Park (Section 6, Lot 480, Grave 1SE), Los Angeles, California

BOWEN, Jr., Hammett Lee (Vietnam War) Restlawn Memory Garden Cemetery (Lot 512, Lot B, Space 4), LaGrange, Georgia

BOWMAN, Alonzo (Indian Campaigns) Fort Bayard National Cemetery (Section A, Row I, Grave 31), Fort Bayard, New Mexico

BOWMAN, Edward R. (Civil War) Hillside Cemetery (Section E, Lot 1062), Eastport, Maine

BOX, Thomas J. (Civil War) Greenhill Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 55), Bedford, Indiana

BOYCE, Jr., George W. G. (World War II) A.B.M.C. Manila (A-4-189), Manila, Philippine Islands

BOYDSTON, Erwin Jay (China Relief) National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Section G, Site 703), Honolulu, Hawaii

BOYINGTON, Gregory Pappy (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7A, Grave 150), Arlington, VA

BOYNE, Thomas (Indian Campaigns) Soldiers Home National Cemetery (Section J, Lot 5859), Washington, DC

BOYNTON, Henry Van Ness (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 1096), Arlington, VA

BRADBURY, Sanford (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 2162-WS), Arlington, VA

BRADLEY, Alexander (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 110), Akron, Ohio
Buried as Neil Bonner

BRADLEY, Amos (Civil War) Greenwood Memorial Terrace (Space 1, Section 89, Lawn 8), Spokane, Washington

BRADLEY, Charles (Civil War) Lost To History

BRADLEY, George (Mexican Campaign) St. Columba Cemetery (Section 20A, Lot 4), Middletown, Rhode Island

BRADLEY, Thomas Wilson (Civil War) Wallkill Valley Cemetery (Section B, large monument), Walden, New York

BRADLEY, Jr., Willis Winter (World War I) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section O, Grave 2925), San Diego, California

BRADY, George F. (Spanish-American War) Island Cemetery (Willow Section, Grave 19) Newport, Rhode Island

BRADY, James (Civil War) Old Pine Grove Cemetery (Lot 164), Raymond, New Hampshire

BRANAGAN, Edward (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History
IMO at Fort Concho National Historical Landmark, San Angelo, Texas

BRANDLE, Joseph E. (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 84), Coldwater, Michigan

BRANNIGAN, Felix (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1642), Arlington, VA

BRANT, Abram B. (Indian Campaigns) Buried in unknown grave at Camp Ruhlen, Dakota Territory. Camp Ruhlen later became Fort Meade.
IMO at Fort Meade National Cemetery (Section 2, Row 4, Site 187) Fort Meade, South Dakota

BRANT, Jr., William (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Section A, Lot 136, Grave 4), Hillside, New Jersey

BRAS, Edgar A. (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Block 20, Lot 9), Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

BRATLING, Frank (Indian Campaigns) Information Pending
IMO at Fort Bliss National Cemetery (Section MA Site 29), Fort Bliss, Texas

BRAZELL, John (Civil War) Lost To History

BREAULT, Henry (Interim Awards 1920-1940) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Old Section B, Lot 691), Putnam, Connecticut

BREEMAN, George Adrian (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 9743-SH), Arlington, VA

BREEN, John (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Block 5, Section A, Lot 293, Range W 1/2), Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BRENNAN, Christopher (Civil War) Lost To History

BRESNAHAN, Patrick Francis (Interim Awards 1899-1910) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Avenue 2, Lot 24), Salem, Massachusetts

BREST, Lewis Francis (Civil War) Mercer Citizens Cemetery (near Lot 233), Mercer, Pennsylvania

BRETT, Lloyd Milton (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 8367), Arlington, VA

BREWER, William John (Civil War) Quaker Cemetery (Lot 135), Cornwall on Hudson, New York

BREWSTER, Andre Walker (China Relief) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 1130), Arlington, VA

BREYER, Charles (Civil War) Limerick Church Burial Ground (Section 5G, Lot 10), Limerick, Pennsylvania

BRIGGS, Elijah A. (Civil War) Fishkill Rural Cemetery (Section D, Lot 406), Fishkill, New York

BRIGHT, George Washington (Spanish-American War) Blanford Cemetery (Section 13, Lot 6), Petersburg, Virginia

BRILES, Herschel Floyd “Pete” (World War II) Waveland Cemetery, Prairie City, Iowa

BRINGLE, Andrew (Civil War) Lost To History

BRINN, Andrew (Civil War) Lost To History

BRITT, Maurice Lee “Footsie” (World War II) Little Rock National Cemetery (Section 20, Grave 319), Little Rock, Arkansas

BRITTIN, Nelson Vogel (Korean War) Beverly National Cemetery (Section DSS, Lot 2), Beverly, New Jersey

BROCK, George F. (Interim Awards 1899-1910) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section WS, Site 129-A), San Francisco, California
Buried as George Rock, true name likely Brock

BROGAN, James (Indian Campaigns) Saint Joseph’s Cemetery (Range 3, Section New #3, Lot 3), Summit Hill, Pennsylvania

BRONNER, August Frederick (Civil War) Fairmount Cemetery (Soldiers Plot 4, Row 5, Grave 12), Newark, New Jersey

BRONSON, Deming (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 30, Grave 500-2), Arlington, VA

BRONSON, James H. (Civil War) Chartiers Cemetery (Vet Section Soldiers Tier 1, Grave 16), Carnegie, Pennsylvania

BROOKIN, Oscar Gordon (Spanish-American War) Sunset Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 219, Grave 1), Galloway, Ohio

BROPHY, James (Indian Campaigns) Soldiers Home National Cemetery (Section L, Lot 9086), Washington, DC

BROSNAN, John (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. Teresa, Range 9, Plot 18, 2nd North Grave), Brooklyn, New York

BROSTROM, Leonard Carl (World War II) Preston Cemetery District (NW Sect, Block 1, Lot 18), Preston, Idaho

BROUSE, Charles W. (Civil War) Crown Hill Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 41), Indianapolis, Indiana

BROWN, Benjamin (Indian Campaigns) Soldiers Home National Cemetery (Section K, Lot 7519), Washington, DC

BROWN, Jr., Bobbie Evan (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 46, Grave 1021-17), Arlington, VA

BROWN, Charles (Korea 1871) Lost To History

BROWN, Charles E. (Civil War) Union Cemetery (Near flagpole), Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

BROWN Jr., Edward (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 9, Plot 544, Grave 14/15), Woodside, New York
Buried as Edward Browne Jr. Cemetery rules preclude him having a MoH headstone; one headstone per lot.

BROWN, Henry Le Fevre (Civil War) Lake View Cemetery ((Forrest Section, Lot 60), Jamestown, New York

BROWN, James (Civil War) Lost To History

BROWN, James (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BROWN, Jeremiah Z. (Civil War) Squirrel Hill Cemetery, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

BROWN, John (Civil War) Lost To History

BROWN, John (Interim Awards 1865-1870) Lost To History

BROWN, John H. (Civil War) Spring Grove Cemetery (Section 110, Lot 390), Cincinnati, Ohio

BROWN, John Harties (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1486 1/2), Arlington, VA

BROWN, Lorenzo Dow (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BROWN, Melvin L. (Korean War) Mahaffey Cemetery, Mahaffey, Pennsylvania

BROWN Jr., Morris (Civil War) Lakeview Cemetery (Purchast 1, Lot 3), Penn Yan, New York

BROWN, Robert (Civil War) Lost To History

BROWN, Robert Burns (Civil War) Greenwood Cemetery (Section 9, Row 7, Lot 1), Zanesville, Ohio

BROWN, Uriah H. (Civil War) Paris Cemetery, Paris, Pennsylvania

BROWN, William H. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 27, Grave 565-A), Arlington, VA

BROWN, Wilson (Civil War) Natchez National Cemetery (Section G, Site 3152), Natchez, Mississippi

BROWN, Wilson W. (Civil War) New Bellville Ridge Cemetery (Section B, Lot 46, Grave 1), Dowling, Ohio

BROWNELL, Francis Edwin (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 40, Lot 2316), St. Louis, Missouri

BROWNELL, William P. (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section GG, Lot 31, Grave 8), New Bedford, Massachusetts

BRUCE, Daniel Dean (Vietnam War) Greenwood Cemetery (Veterans of All Wars Monument Circle, Grave 8), Michigan City, Indiana

BRUNER, Louis J. (Civil War) Green Park Cemetery (Section 3), Portland, Indiana

BRUSH, George Washington (Civil War) Huntington Rural Cemetery (Section 5-H, Lot 39, Grave 2), Huntington, New York

BRUTON, Christopher C. (Civil War) St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Caledonia, Michigan

BRUTSCHE, Henry (Civil War) Lost To History

BRYAN, William Charles (Indian Campaigns) Fairmont Cemetery (Block 61, Lot 96, Section N. Half), Denver, Colorado

BRYANT, Andrew Symmes (Civil War) Springfield Cemetery (Section 17, R-11), Springfield, Massachusetts

BRYANT, William Maud (Vietnam War) Raleigh National Cemetery (Section 15, Site 1227), Raleigh, North Carolina

BUCHANAN, Allen (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 9, Grave 5845), Arlington, VA

BUCHANAN, David M. (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

BUCHANAN, George A. (Civil War) Fort Harrison National Cemetery (Section A, Grave 224), Richmond, VA

BUCK, Frederick Clarence (Civil War) Mountain Home National Cemetery (Section F, Row 1, Grave 9), Johnson City, Tennessee

BUCK, James (Civil War) Green Mount (Section Q, Lot 24), Baltimore, Maryland

BUCKINGHAM, David Eastburn (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3677), Arlington, VA

BUCKLES, Abram J. (Civil War) Fairfield Cemetery (IOOF Plot 71, Grave 1), Fairfield, California

BUCKLEY, Denis B. (Civil War) Marietta Natl Cemetery (Section G, Site 6686), Marietta, Georgia
IMO at Riverside Cemetery (Plot: 59-G-17-1), Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

BUCKLEY, Howard Major (Philippine Insurrection) Wheeler Cemetery (Front part of old section, on right), Wheeler, New York

BUCKLEY, John C. (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Block 3, Lot 2), Fitzgerald, Georgia

BUCKLYN, John Knight (Civil War) Lower Mystic Cemetery (Mausoleum, only one in cemetery), Mystic, Connecticut

BUFFINGTON, John Ezra (Civil War) Trinity Lutheran Cemetery (Section 2), Taneytown, Maryland

BUFFUM, Robert (Civil War) Soule Cemetery (Prison Section), Auburn, New York
Cemetery has no records for this section

BUHRMAN, Henry G. (Civil War) Mountain Home National Cemetery (Section C, Row 2, Grave 12), Johnson City, Tennessee

BUKER, Brian Leroy (Vietnam War) Brown Cemetery, Benton, Maine

BULKELEY, John Duncan (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 5, Grave 129-9-RH), Arlington, VA
IMO in Union Cemetery, Hackettstown, New Jersey

BUMGARNER, William (Civil War) Mossburg Cemetery, Liberty Center, Indiana

BURBANK, James H. (Civil War) Miltonvale Cemetery, Miltonvale, Kansas

BURGER, Joseph (Civil War) Oakland Cemetery (Block 102, Lot 10), St. Paul, Minnesota

BURK, E. Michael (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 100), Troy, New York
Buried as Michael Burke

BURK, Thomas (Civil War) Lowville Rural Cemetery (Section J, Lot 100), Lowville, New York

BURKARD, Oscar R. (Indian Campaigns) Rome Cemetery (Section P, Lot 7, Grave 5), Rome, New York

BURKE, Daniel Webster (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3739), Arlington, VA

BURKE, Francis Xavier (World War II) Veterans Memorial Cemetery (Section KN, Grave 1894), Arneytown, New Jersey

BURKE, Lloyd Leslie “Scooter” (Korean War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7A, Grave 155), Arlington, VA

BURKE, Patrick J. (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

BURKE, Richard (Indian Campaigns) Custer Battlefield National Cemetery (Section A, Grave 948), Crow Agency, Montana

BURKE, Robert Charles (Vietnam War) Monticello Cemetery (Section N, Block 324, First Row, Space 10), Monticello, Illinois

BURKE, Thomas (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (3rd Cav, Section 28, Range 9, Plot D, Grave 21), Woodside, New York

BURKE, Thomas (Interim Awards 1865-1870) St. Michael’s Church Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida
The man buried in Washington DC is not the MoH man. Documents in the pension file are conclusive that the MoH man died and was buried in Pensacola, Florida. Cemetery not able to provide specific grave location.

BURNES, James (China Relief) Lost To History

BURNETT, George Ritter (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 2193WS), Arlington, VA

BURNS, James Madison (Civil War) Lebanon Cemetery (Old Section, Lot 117), Lebanon, Ohio

BURNS, John M. (Civil War) Lost To History

BURR, Elmer J. (World War II) Oak Hill Cemetery (Veteran’ms Section, Lot 163), Neenah, Wisconsin

BURR, Herbert Hoover (World War II) Mount Washington Cemetery (Garden of the Dogwood Block 13 Lot 60, Grave 3), Independence, Missouri

BURRIS, Tony K (Korean War) Blanchard Cemetery (Section 12, Block 1), Blanchard, Oklahoma

BURRITT, William Wallace (Civil War) Leavenworth National Cemetery (Section 16, Row 5, Grave 7), Leavenworth, Kansas

BURT, James Montross (World War II) Lost To History Cremains returned to family.

BURTON, Albert (Civil War) Lost To History

BUSH, Richard Earl (World War II) Ascension Cemetery (Section 7, Block 10, Lot 63, Grave 7), Libertyville, Illinois

BUSH, Robert Eugene (World War II) Fern Hill Cemetery (6th Edition, Block 1, Lot 24, South half of the Southwest Corner), Menlo, Washington

BUTLER, Edmond Thomas (Indian Campaigns) Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (Section 2, Block 3, Lot 9, Grave 1), Omaha, Nebraska

BUTLER, Smedley Darlington (Haitian Campaign 1915 and Mexican Campaign) Oakland Cemetery (Section B, Lot 1), West Chester, Pennsylvania
Double Recipient

BUTTERFIELD, Daniel Adams (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XV, Row D, Grave 050), West Point, New York

BUTTERFIELD, Franklin George (Civil War) Saxtons River Cemetery, Saxtons River, Vermont

BUTTON, William Robert (2nd Haitian Campaign) Valhalla Cemetery (Section 5S, Lot 66, Grave 1), St. Louis, Missouri

BUTTS, George (Civil War) Ridgelawn Cemetery (Section 22), Elyria, Ohio

BUTTS, John Edward (World War II) St. Mary’s Cemetery, Medina, New York

BUZZARD, Ulysses G. (Spanish-American War) San Nicolas Cemetery (American Lot), Cebu City, Philippine Islands

BYRD, Jr., Richard Evelyn (Interim Awards 1920-1940) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 4969-1), Arlington, VA

BYRNE, Bernard Albert (Philippine Insurrection) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 707), Arlington, VA

BYRNE, Denis (Indian Campaigns) Cavalry Cemetery (Section 39, Block 11, Grave 87) St. Paul Minnesota

BYRNES, James (Civil War) True Name James Fisher
Calvary Cemetery (Section 8, Range 35, Quad Q, Site 7), New York, New York Cemetery has a one marker rule so he is not eligible for an individual marker. The marker on the grave reads Rita Bernadette Dowling.


CABLE, Joseph A. (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History
IMO at Custer Battlefield National Cemetery (near flagpole), Crow Agency, Montana

CADDY, William Robert (World War II) National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Section C, Site 81), Honolulu, Hawaii

CADWALLADER, Abel G. (Civil War) Loudon Park Cemetery (Section YY, Lot 1006, Lot 1007), Baltimore, Maryland

CADWELL, Luman Lewis (Civil War) Phelps Cemetery (Section O, Lot 77), Decorah, Iowa

CAFFERATA, Jr., Hector Albert (Korean War) Quantico National Cemetery (Section 24, Site 30), Virginia

CAHEY, Thomas (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 8667), Arlington, VA

CALDWELL, Daniel G. (Civil War) Mount Peace Cemetery (Section H, Lot 105, Grave 3), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CALKIN, Ivers S. (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Block 100, Lot 3, W 1/2 Lot), Montague, Michigan

CALL, Donald Marshall (World War I) Cremated, Ashes Scattered in Flower Garden, Bethesda, Maryland

CALLAGHAN, Daniel Judson (World War II) Missing. Buried at Sea as per DoD webpage.

CALLAHAN, John H. (Civil War) Sunset Cemetery (Block 5, Lot 94), Manhattan, Kansas

CALLEN, Thomas Joseph True Name: Thomas Joseph Callan (Indian Campaigns) Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (St Stephen’s Section, Lot 18, Grave 5), East Orange, New Jersey

CALUGAS, Jose (World War II) Mountain View Memorial Park (New Veteran’s Section, Lot 206, Space 7), Tacoma, Washington

CALVERT, James Spencer (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 2490), Arlington, VA

CAMP, Carlton N. (Civil War) Etna Cemetery (Lot 94), Hanover, New Hampshire

CAMPBELL, Albert Ralph (China Relief) Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Section M, Lot 712, Space 2), Glendale, California

CAMPBELL, Daniel J. (Spanish-American War) Mount Hope Cemetery (Spanish American War Lot, Grave 2, Row 11, Highland Ave), Mattapan, Massachusetts

CAMPBELL, James A. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1468-55), Arlington, VA

CAMPBELL, William (Civil War) Glendale Cemetery (Block 15, Lot 58), Des Moines, Iowa

CAMPBELL, William (Civil War) Lost To History

CANFIELD, Heth (Indian Campaigns) Evergreen Cemetery (Old Section, Division C, Lot 110), St. Augustine, Florida
Most sources recorded his date of action as 15 May 1870 but it actually took place on 17 May 1870. The Army Awards and Decorations Branch officially corrected his record in September 2012.

CANN, Tedford Harris (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7, Grave 10118-SS), Arlington, VA

CANNON, George Hamm (World War II) National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Section C, Site 1644), Honolulu, Hawaii
Cenotaph in Glen Cove Cemetery, Knightstown, Indiana

CANO, Pedro (World War II) Hillcrest Memorial Park (Block 3, Lot 34, Space 3), Edinburg, Texas

CANTRELL, Charles P. (Spanish-American War) Nashville National Cemetery (Section 1, Site 132), Madison, Tennessee

CAPEHART, Charles E. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 2033-WS), Arlington, VA

CAPEHART, Henry (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 140-A&B), Arlington, VA

CAPODANNO, Vincent Robert (Vietnam War) Saint Peter’s Cemetery (Section S, Range 30, Grave 11), Staten Island, New York
Cenotaph in Chapel of our Lady of Good Help, Champion, Wisconsin

CAPRON, Jr, Horace (Civil War) Springdale Cemetery (Prospect Hill, Section 774, Lot 82), Peoria, Illinois

CAREY, Alvin P. (World War II) Ligonier Valley Cemetery (Section K, Lot 24), Ligonier, Pennsylvania

CAREY, Jr., Charles F. (World War II) A.B.M.C. Ardennes (Section C, Lot 29, Lot 12), Neuvile, Lot En, Lot Condroz, Belgium
IMO at Mount Olivet Cemetery (Block W, Lot 13, Space B), Cheyenne, Wyoming

CAREY, Hugh (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. Johns, Range D, Plot 7), Brooklyn, New York
Most sources recorded his date of action as 2 July 1863 but it actually took place on 3 July 1863. The Army Awards and Decorations Branch officially corrected his record in August 2015.

CAREY, James (Interim Awards 1865-1870) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section Plot, Range 7, Grave 8), Brooklyn, New York

CAREY, James Lemuel (Civil War) Chartiers Cemetery (Vet Section Soldiers Tier 6L, Grave 4), Carnegie, Pennsylvania

CARLISLE, Casper R. (Civil War) Mount Lebanon Cemetery (Section 1, LS 317), Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania

CARMAN, Warren (Civil War) Mount Hope Cemetery (Range 3, Lot 223), Rochester, New York

CARMIN, Isaac Harrison (Civil War) Washington Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 254), Washington Courthouse, Ohio
Buried as Isaac H Carman

CARNEY, William Harvey (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section LL, Lot 78, Grave 7), New Bedford, Massachusetts

CARON, Wayne Maurice (Vietnam War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 51, Grave 2600), Arlington, VA

CARPENTER, Louis Henry (Indian Campaigns) Trinity Episcopal Church New Cemetery, Swedesboro, New Jersey

CARR, Chris (World War II) Los Angeles National Cemetery (Section 275, Row G, Grave 15), Los Angeles, California
Legally changed name from Karaberis under which name the Medal was awarded.

CARR, Eugene Asa (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XXIII, Row C, Grave 023), West Point, New York

CARR, Franklin (Civil War) Lost To History

CARR, John (Indian Campaigns) Nashville National Cemetery (Section KK, Site 16550), Nashville, Tennessee

CARR, William Louis (China Relief) Ohio Veteran’s Home Cemetery (Section F, Row 7, Grave 37), Sandusky, Ohio

CARR, William M. (Civil War) Elmwood Cemetery (South East Lot 39), Norfolk, Virginia

CARROLL, Thomas (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

CARSON, Anthony J. (Philippine Insurrection) New Calvary Cemetery (Section 20A, Grave 2651), Mattapan, Massachusetts

CARSON, William J. (Civil War) Beech Grove Cemetery (Section 4, Lot 14, Southwest Corner), Muncie, Indiana

CARSWELL, Jr., Horace Seaver (World War II) Oakwood Cemetery (Carswell Park -Located to the right of the entrance), Fort Worth, Texas

CART, Jacob (Civil War) Ashland Cemetery (5-10), Carlisle, Pennsylvania

CARTER, Bruce Wayne (Vietnam War) Vista Memorial Gardens (Veterans Garden, Lot 116, Space 4), Hialeah, Florida

CARTER, Jr., Edward Allen (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 59, Grave 451), Arlington, VA

CARTER, George (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

CARTER, John Joice (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Mausoleum Book 17, Lot 3208, Section J), Titusville, Pennsylvania

CARTER, Joseph Edward (Spanish-American War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 34, Grave 2631-1), Arlington, VA

CARTER, Joseph Franklin (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1550), Arlington, VA

CARTER, Mason (Indian Campaigns) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section PS4, Grave 102), San Diego, California

CARTER, Robert Goldthwaite (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 106A), Arlington, VA

CARTER, William Harding (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 443WS), Arlington, VA

CARUANA, Orlando Emanuel (Civil War) Mount Olivet Cemetery (Section T, Lot 3, Lot 33), Washington, DC

CARY, Robert Webster (Interim Awards 1915-1916) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 5695-G), Arlington, VA

CASAMENTO, Anthony (World War II) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 79A), Farmingdale, New York

CASEY, David P. (Civil War) St Patrick’s Cemetery (Cavalry Section, Lot 110), Northbridge, Massachusetts

CASEY, Henry (Civil War) Bloomingburg Cemetery, Bloomingburg, Ohio

CASEY, James Seaman (Indian Campaigns) Vale Cemetery (Section G, Lot 13 (Thornton Plot)), Schenectady, New York

CASSIDY, Michael (Civil War) Hampton National Cemetery (Phoebus Section B, Grave 9503), Hampton, Virginia

CASTLE, Frederick Walker (World War II) A.B.M.C. Henri, Lot Chapelle (Section D, Row 13, Grave 53), Henri, Lot Chapelle, Belgium

CASTLE, Guy Wilkinson Stuart (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 4345), Arlington, VA

CATHERWOOD, John Hugh (Philippines 1911) Camp Butler National Cemetery (Section F, Site 1), Springfield, Illinois

CATLIN, Albertus Wright (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7, Grave 10038), Arlington, VA

CATLIN, Isaac Swartwood (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3397), Arlington, VA

CAVAIANI, Jon Robert (Vietnam) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 60, Grave 10590), Arlington, VA

CAVANAUGH, Thomas (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

CAWETZKA, Charles (Philippine Insurrection) Romulus Cemetery (Old section, near ‘Wiliams and Kallmade’), Romulus, Michigan

CAYER, Ovila (Civil War) Garden of Memory Park (Old Section, Block 26, Lot 5), Salinas, California

CECIL, Joseph Samuel (Philippine Insurrection) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 5718), Arlington, VA
In Memory Of marker in Reed Cemetery, New River, Tennessee

CHADWICK, Leonard B. (Spanish-American War) Mount Hope Cemetery (Spanish American War Lot, Grave 25, Row 4 {possibly 9}, Highland Ave), Mattapan, Massachusetts

CHAMBERLAIN, Joshua Lawrence (Civil War) Pine Grove Cemetery (Avenue A, Lot 4), Brunswick, Maine

CHAMBERLAIN, Orville Tyron (Civil War) Gracelawn Cemetery (Block C, Lot 15, Grave 2), Elkhart, Indiana

CHAMBERS, Joseph B. (Civil War) Oak Park Cemetery (Section 0, Lot 50), New Castle, Pennsylvania

CHAMBERS, Justice Marion (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 5813-A9), Arlington, VA

CHAMPAGNE, David Bernard (Korean War) St. Francis de Sales Cemetery (Lot 859, Grave 5), Waterville, Maine

CHANDLER, Henry Flint (Civil War) West Parrish Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 29), Andover, Massachusetts

CHANDLER, James B. (Civil War) Vine Hill Cemetery (Lot 1191), Plymouth, Massachusetts

CHANDLER, Stephen Edwin (Civil War) Lakewood Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 100, Grave 3), Minneapolis, Minnesota

CHANDRON, August (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

CHAPIN, Alaric B. (Civil War) Rose City Cemetery (Grave #6 West 1/2 Lot 300, Section M), Portland, Oregon

CHAPMAN, Amos (Indian Campaigns) Brumfield Cemetery (Section C, Lot 132), Seiling, Oklahoma

CHAPMAN, John (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section B, Row 23, Area 22, Grave 3), Colma, California
Buried as Charles F Kauffman

CHAPUT, Louis Goerges (Civil War) Cimetiere Notre Dame-des-Neiges (Section B, Lot 2116) Montreal, Canada

CHARETTE, George (Spanish-American War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7, Grave 10222), Arlington, VA

CHARETTE, William (Korea) Florida National Cemetery (Section 104, Grave 173) Bushnell, Florida

CHARLTON, Cornelius H. (Korean War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 40, Grave 300), Arlington, VA
Reintered at Arlington in Nov 2008 from West Virginia

CHASE, John F. (Civil War) St Bartholomew Cemetery (Grave 50), St. Petersburg, Florida

CHATHAM, John Purness (China Relief) Parsons Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 185), Salisbury, Maryland
Buried as John Purnell Chatham

CHEEVER, Jr., Benjamin Harrison (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 421), Arlington, VA

CHELI, Ralph (World War II) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (Group Grave, Section 78, Graves 930-934), St. Louis, Missouri

CHILD, Benjamin Ham (Civil War) Swan Point Cemetery (Lot 14, Group 161), Providence, Rhode Island

CHILDERS, Ernest “Chief” (World War II) Floral Haven Memorial Gardens (Veterans Field Of Honor Feature Crypt 21a), Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

CHILES, Marcellus Holms (World War I) A.B.M.C. Meuse, Lot Argonne Cemetery (C-31-23), Romagne Meuse, France

CHIQUITO, (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

CHISMAN, William W. (Civil War) Elmwood Cemetery (Old Org, Lot 532, Space 5), Augusta, Kansas

CHOATE, Clyde Lee (World War II) Anna City Cemetery (Hillcrest Addition, Block B, Lot 7, Space 9), Anna, Illinois

CHOLISTER, George Robert (Interim Awards 1920-1940) Colestown Cemetery (Section D, Lot 6), Cherry Hill, New Jersey

CHRISTENSEN, Dale Eldon (World War II) A.B.M.C. Manila (A-12-200), Manila, Philippine Islands

CHRISTIAN, Herbert F. (World War II) Greenwood Cemetery (Lot 225), Byesville, Ohio

CHRISTIANCY, James Isaac (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 580), Arlington, VA

CHRISTIANSON, Stanley Reuben (Korean War) Wet Coulee Cemetery (Christianson family plot Block 1, Lot 3, Site 7), Mindoro, Wisconsin

CHURCH, James Robb (Spanish-American War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1409A), Arlington, VA

CHURCHILL, Samuel Joseph (Civil War) Oak Hill Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 222), Lawrence, Kansas

CICCHETTI, Joseph J. (World War II) Sandy Valley Cemetery (Section D, Lot 615), Waynesburg, Ohio

CILLEY, Clinton Albert (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery (Section 10, Plot D, Lot 2), Hickory, North Carolina

CLANCY, James T. (Civil War) Lost To History

CLANCY, John E. (Indian Campaigns) Fort Riley Post Cemetery (Section I, Grave 5), Fort Riley, Kansas

CLANCY, Joseph (China Relief) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7, Grave 8145), Arlington, VA

CLAPP, Albert Adams (Civil War) San Gabriel Cemetery (Block M Lot 59/60 Grave 4), San Gabriel, California

CLARK, Charles Amory (Civil War) Oak Hill Cemetery (Block 76, Lot 199), Cedar Rapids, Iowa

CLARK, Francis J. (World War II) Evergreen Cemetery (Section J, Lot 14), Salem Township, New York

CLARK, Harrison (Civil War) Albany Rural Cemetery (Section 112, Lot 152), Albany, New York

CLARK, James G. (Civil War) Fernwood Cemetery (Lot 147, Section 37), Fernwood, Pennsylvania

CLARK, John Wesley (Civil War) Green Mount Cemetery (Lot 574), Montpelier, Vermont

CLARK, Wilfred (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

CLARK, William A. (Civil War) Hebron Cemetery (Lot 341), Nicollet, Minnesota

CLARKE, Dayton P. (Civil War) Green Mount Cemetery (Lot 1886), Montpelier, Vermont

CLARKE, Powhatan Henry (Indian Campaigns) Calvary Cemetery (Section 3, Lot 34, Grave 15), St. Louis, Missouri

CLARY, Edward Alvin (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Santa Fe National Cemetery (Section O, Lot 335), Santa Fe, New Mexico

CLAUSEN, Charles H. (Civil War) Mount Peace Cemetery (Section G, Lot 99, Grave 4), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CLAUSEN, Claus Kristian Randolph (Spanish-American War) Ashes scattered at sea.

CLAUSEN, Jr., Raymond Michael “Red” (Vietnam War) Ponchatula Cemetery (Section A, Plot 1, Lot H), Ponchatula, Louisiana

CLAUSEY, John Joseph (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section C, Grave 121B), San Bruno, California

CLAY, Cecil (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 1012), Arlington, VA

CLEVELAND, Charles Franklin (Civil War) Forest Hill Cemetery (Section 33, Lot 3428), Utica, New York

CLIFFORD, Robert Teleford (Civil War) Laurel Hill Cemetery (Section 17, Lot 149), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Buried as Robert T Kelly

CLOPP, John E. (Civil War) Lawnview Cemetery (Glenwood Section Row 50, Grave 35), Rockledge, Pennsylvania

CLUTE, George Washington (Civil War) Mount Morris Cemetery (Second Addition, Section 90 North 1/2 Grave #2), Mount Morris, Michigan

COATES, Jefferson (Civil War) Dorchester City Cemetery (11th Row East on North Side), Dorchester, Nebraska

COCKLEY, David L. (Civil War) Oakland Cemetery (Section H, Lot 25), Shelby, Ohio

CODY, William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” (Indian Campaigns) Lookout Mountain Cemetery, Golden, Colorado

COEY, James (Civil War) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 89, Grave 1), San Francisco, California

COFFEY, Robert John (Civil War) Green Mount Cemetery (Lot 551), Montpelier, Vermont

COHN, Abraham (Civil War) Beth Olam Cemetery (Section 15, Lot 2), (Kings Co) Brooklyn, New York (Cemetery is in two counties, Section 15 is in Kings Co.)

COKER, Ronald Leroy (Vietnam War) Fairview Cemetery (possibly Row 7E), Alliance, Nebraska

COLALILLO, Michael (World War II) Forest Hill Cemetery, (Section V, Block 3, Lot 13, Grave 2)Duluth, Minnesota

COLBERT, Patrick (Civil War) Mount Elliott Cemetery (Section N, Lot 144), Detroit, Michigan

COLBY, Carlos W. (Civil War) Cress Hill Cemetery, Hillsboro, Illinois

COLE, Darrell Samuel (World War II) Parkview Cemetery (Section 1), Farmington, Missouri

COLE, Gabriel (Civil War) Sherman Township Cemetery (Section B, Lot 29, Plot 4), Tustin, Michigan

COLE, Robert George (World War II) A.B.M.C. Netherlands American Cemetery (Plot B, Row 15, Grave 27), Margraten, Netherlands

COLEMAN, John (Korea 1871) Lost To History

COLLIER, Gilbert Georgie (Korean War) DeWitt Cemetery (2nd Row, 125′ south of the 11th st. Drive), DeWitt, Arkansas

COLLIER, John Walton (Korean War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 12, Grave 4637), Arlington, VA

COLLINS, Harrison (Civil War) Springfield National Cemetery (Section 26, Grave 1357, Lot B), Springfield, Missouri

COLLINS, Sr, Thomas D. (Civil War) Hillside Cemetery (Lot 845), Middletown, New York

COLLIS, Charles Henry Tucky (Civil War) Gettysburg National Cemetery (Plot-Lot 8, Grave 1), Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

COLWELL, Oliver (Civil War) Woodstock Cemetery, Woodstock, Ohio

COLYER, Wilbur E. (World War I) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 8588), Brooklyn, New York

COMFORT, John W. (Indian Campaigns) Mount Peace Cemetery (Section H, Lot 261, Grave 4), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

COMMISKEY, Sr., Henry Alfred (Korean War) Cremated, Ashes Scattered over Gulf of Mexico
IMO at Highland Cemetery (Section 11, Lot 40), Hattiesburg, Mississippi

COMPSON, Hartwell B. (Civil War) Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery (136A), Portland, Oregon

CONAWAY, John Wesley (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Lot 6, Block 30), Post Falls, Idaho

CONBOY, Martin (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 54, Grave 3841), Arlington, VA
Reinterred from NJ in 2001

CONDE-FALCON, Felix M. (Vietnam War) Rogers Cemetery, Rogers, Texas

CONDON, Clarence Milville (Philippine Insurrection) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3834), Arlington, VA

CONLAN, Dennis (Civil War) Lost To History Death certificate says buried in Calvary in Woodside, NY but cemetery has no record.

CONNELL, Trustrim (Civil War) Rosedale Memorial Park (Section I, Lot 160, Grave 1SW), Los Angeles, California

CONNER, Richard (Civil War) North Cedar Hills Cemetery (Section W3, Lot 28), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CONNOLLY, Michael (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

CONNOR, James Phillip (World War II) Delaware Memorial Veteran Cemetery (Section B, Row C, Plot 22), Summit, Delaware

CONNOR, John (Indian Campaigns) Soldiers Home National Cemetery (Section K, Lot 7258), Washington, DC

CONNOR, Peter Spencer (Vietnam War) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section AE, Grave 1005), San Diego, California

CONNOR, Thomas O. (Civil War) Lost To History

CONNOR, William C. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Section 42, Range 11, Plot K, Grave 16), Woodside, New York

CONNORS, James (Civil War) Lost To History

COOK, Donald Gilbert (Vietnam War) Remains not recovered.
IMO at Arlington National Cemetery (Section MI, Grave 110), Arlington, VA

COOK, John (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 17, Grave 18613), Arlington, VA

COOK, John Henry (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Rose Hill Plot, Section 104, Lot 12485), Bronx, New York

COOKE, Walter Howard (Civil War) St. Thomas’ Church Cemetery (Section H, Lot 210), Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania

COOLEY, Raymond Henry (World War II) Cumberland View Cemetery (near flag pole), Jasper, Tennessee

COONEY, James (China Relief) Mare Island Shipyard Cemetery (10, Lot 93), Vallejo, California

COONEY, Thomas C. (Spanish-American War) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 1111A [formerly Lot 254]), Annapolis, Maryland

COONROD, Aquilla (Indian Campaigns) Custer Battlefield National Cemetery (Monument Section A, Lot 372), Crow Agency, Montana
Buried as Aquilla Coonrad

COOPER, John L. (Civil War and Interim Awards 1865-1870) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 5022), Brooklyn, New York
Double Recipient

COPAS, Ardie Ray (Vietnam War) Hillcrest Memorial Cardens (Garden of Peace, Lot 124, Space 4), Fort Pierce, Florida

COPP, Charles Dearborn (Civil War) Middle Yard Cemetery (3rd row between 2 gates), Lancaster, Massachusetts

CORAHORGI, Demetri (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Section 8, Lot 17 E 3′ S 1/2), Seattle, Washington

CORCORAN, John (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery, Pawtucket, Rhode Island

CORCORAN, Michael (Indian Campaigns) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary Section 4 Range 5 Plot O Grave 15), Cleveland, Ohio

CORCORAN, Thomas E. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (3rd Cav, Section 17, Range 12, Plot D, Grave 8), Woodside, New York

COREY, William (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

CORLISS, George W. (Civil War) Maple Grove Cemetery (Summit 214, Grave 2), Kew Gardens, New York

CORLISS, Stephen Potter (Civil War) Albany Rural Cemetery (Section 18, Lot 74), Albany, New York

CORRY, Jr, William Merrill (Interim Awards 1920-1940) Eastern Cemetery (Family Plot), Quincy, Florida

CORSON, Joseph Kirby (Civil War) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Lot 98, Bryn Mawr Section, Grave 2), Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

CO-RUX-TE-CHOD-ISH, (Mad Bear) (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

COSGRIFF, Richard Henry (Civil War) Our Lady of Hope Cemetery (Section II), Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

COSGROVE, Thomas (Civil War) Munroe Cemetery (GAR Lot 400, Grave 1), Lexington, Massachusetts

COSTELLO, John (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

COSTIN, Henry G. (World War I) Loudon Park National Cemetery (Section B, Lot 460), Baltimore, Maryland

COTTON, Peter (Civil War) Lost To History

COUGHLIN, John (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 936, Grave WS), Arlington, VA

COURSEN, Samuel Streit (Korean War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section VII, Row E, Grave 230), West Point, New York

COURTNEY, Jr., Henry Alexius (World War II) Calvary Cemetery (Section T, Block 9, Lot 4), Duluth, Minnesota

COURTNEY, Henry C. (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Cypress Hills Cemetery (Section 6, Gravesite 12222) Brooklyn, New York

COURTS, George McCall (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7, Grave 9874), Arlington, VA

COVINGTON, Jesse Whitfield (World War I) Oak Grove Cemetery (Avenue G, Lot 789), Portsmouth, Virginia

COWAN, Richard Eller (World War II) Wichita Park Cemetery (Roselawn Section, Lot 344, Space 2), Wichita, Kansas

COX, Robert Edward (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Rose Hill Cemetery (Lower Section F, Lot 6), Altoona, Pennsylvania

COX, Robert Mitchell (Civil War) Prairie City Cemetery, Prairie City, Illinois

COYNE, John Nicholas (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 82, Lot 5631), Brooklyn, New York

CRAFT, Clarence Byrle (World War II) Fayetteville National Cemetery (Section 17, Row DNA, Grave 120), Fayetteville, Arkansas

CRAIG, Gordon Maynard (Korean War) Village of Elmwood Cemetery, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts

CRAIG, Robert (World War II) Toledo Memorial Park (Section 36, Lot 188, Grave 5), Sylvania, Ohio

CRAIG, Samuel Henry (Indian Campaigns) Laurel Hill Cemetery (near bld w/green roof), Saco, Maine

CRAIN, Morris E. (World War II) Mount Pleasant Church Cemetery, LaCenter, Kentucky

CRAMEN, Thomas (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

CRANDALL, Charles (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

CRANDALL, Orson Leon (Interim Awards 1920-1940) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 48, Grave 2004), Arlington, VA

CRANSTON, William Wallace (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery (Coffey addition Lot 11, Block 9, Space 2), Parsons, Kansas

CRAW, Demas Thurlow (World War II) Cremated, Ashes Scattered over Weisbaden, Germany

CRAWFORD, Alexander (Civil War) Cedar Hill Cemetery (Section I, Lot 65), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CRAWFORD, William John (World War II) US Air Force Academy Cemetery (Section 3, Row D, Grave 68), Colorado Springs, Colorado

CREED, John (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Lot 21, Block 12, Section D), Evanston, Illinois

CREEK, Thomas Elbert (Vietnam War) Llano Cemetery (Section E, Lot 359, Space 2), Amarillo, Texas

CREELMAN, William James (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 4B, Plot 27, Grave 3), Woodside, New York

CREGAN, George (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 46, Grave 10666), Arlington, VA

CRESCENZ, Michael Joseph (Vietnam War) Arlington Cemetery (Section 59, Grave 3226), Arlington, VA
Moved from Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in May 2008

CREWS, John R. (World War II) Resthaven Memorial Cemetery (Garden of Hope, Section 29, Lot 110), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

CRILLEY, Frank William (Interim Awards 1915-1916) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 8, Grave 6430), Arlington, VA

CRIPPS, Thomas H. (Civil War) Woodlands Cemetery (Section F, Lot 654), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CRIST, John (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

CRISWELL, Benjamin C. (Indian Campaigns) Pleasant Hill Cemetery (Right Rear Section), Gould, Oklahoma

CROCKER, Henry H. (Civil War) Washington Cemetery, Washington, New Jersey

CROCKER, Ulric Lyona (Civil War) Medora Cemetery (Old Section, SE Corner, Lot 36), Medora, Illinois

CROFT, James E. (Civil War) Oak Hill Cemetery (Block 99, Lot 7, Grave 1), Janesville, Wisconsin

CROMWELL, John Philip (World War II) Missing, Lost at Sea
In Memory of Marker in Henry Cemetery, Henry, Illinois

CRONAN, William S. (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section T, Grave 534), San Diego, California

CRONIN, Cornelius (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 4, Range 13, Plot AA, Grave 15), Woodside, New York

CROSIER, William Henry Harrison (Civil War) Oakwood Morningside Cemetery (Section 56, Grave 161), Syracuse, New York

CROSS, James Edwin (Civil War) Albany Rural Cemetery (Section 30, Lot 62), Albany, New York

CROUSE, William Adolphus (Spanish-American War) Arlington Cemetery (Sunnyside Section, Lot P-15, Grave 7), Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

CROWLEY, Michael (Civil War) Lost To History

CRUMP, Jerry Kirt (Korean War) Mt. Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery, Cornelius, North Carolina

CRUSE, Thomas (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1763), Arlington, VA

CUBBERLY, William G. (Indian Campaigns) Union Cemetery (Veterans Section), Lyonsville, Indiana

CUKELA, Louis (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 427-A), Arlington, VA
Double Recipient

CULLEN, Thomas (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (right of entrance), Kinny, Pennsylvania

CUMMINGS, Amos Jay (Civil War) Clinton Cemetery (Section 1, Lot 33, Grave 9), Irvington, New Jersey

CUMMINS, Andrew Johnson (Spanish-American War) Lewistown Cemetery (Section E, Block 236, Lot 3, Lot 282 N 1/2), Lewistown, Montana

CUMPSTON, James M. (Civil War) Coalton Cemetery, Coalton, Ohio
Buried as James M Compston

CUNNINGHAM, Charles (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

CUNNINGHAM, Francis Marion (Civil War) Sugar Grove Cemetery (Section 140), Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

CUNNINGHAM, James Smith (Civil War) Big Creek Cemetery, Burlington, Kansas

CURRAN, Richard J. (Civil War) Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (East Division, Section 2, Lot 18), Rochester, New York

CURTIS, John Calvin (Civil War) Mountain Grove Cemetery (Section 1, Lot 152), Bridgeport, Connecticut

CURTIS, Josiah M. (Civil War) West Liberty Cemetery, West Liberty, West Virginia

CURTIS, Newton Martin (Civil War) Ogdensburg Cemetery (Range 18, Lot 32), Ogdensburg, New York

CUSHING, Alonzo H, (Civil War) United States Military Academy Post Cemetery (Section 26, Row A, Grave 7), West Point, New York

CUSTER, Thomas Ward (Civil War) Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery (Section A, Grave 1488), Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Double Recipient

CUTCHEON, Byron M. (Civil War) Highland Cemetery (Block 100, Lot 42, Grave 3), Ypsilanti, Michigan

CUTINHA, Nicholas Joseph (Vietnam War) Fort Denaud Cemetery, LaBelle, Florida

CUTTER, George W. (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

CUTTS, James Madison (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1371-SS), Arlington, VA


DAHL, Larry Gilbert (Vietnam War) Willamette National Cemetery (Section H, 3622-M), Portland, Oregon

DAHLGREN, Edward Carl (World War II) Pierce Cemetery, Mars Hill, Maine

DAHLGREN, John Olof (China Relief) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section Z, Grave 1950), San Bruno, California

DAILY, Charles (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

D’ALESSONDRO, Peter Joseph (World War II) Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery (Section G12, Site 1), Schuylerville, New York

DALY, Daniel Joseph (China Relief and Haitian Campaign 1915) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 5, Grave 70), Brooklyn, New York
Double Recipient

DALY, Michael Joseph (World War II) Oak Lawn Cemetery (Section J), Fairfield, Connecticut

DAMATO, Anthony Peter (World War II) National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Section A, Site 334), Honolulu, Hawaii

DANIELS, James Thomas (Indian Campaigns) Riverview Cemetery (Plat H (Fitzhugh Lee Camp) Section 4-8 Grave 2), Richmond, Virginia

DARROUGH, John S. (Civil War) Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery (Near office, G, Lot K, Lot 28), Watseka, Illinois

DAVENPORT, Jack Arden (Korean War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Lot 37, Block 15, Space 7), Kansas City, Missouri

DAVID, Albert Leroy (World War II) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section OS, Grave 125A), San Diego, California

DAVIDSIZER, John A. (Civil War) First Methodist Cemetery (Row 10), Lewistown, Pennsylvania

DAVIDSON, Andrew (Civil War) Lakewood Cemetery (Lot 1005), Cooperstown, New York

DAVIDSON, Andrew (Civil War) Forest Rose Cemetery (Section E, Lot 56), Lancaster, Ohio

DAVILA, Rudolph B. (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 67, Grave 3457), Arlington, VA

DAVIS, Charles C. (Civil War) Harrisburg Cemetery (Section A-2, Lot 23, Space 1), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

DAVIS, Charles P. (Philippine Insurrection) North Dakota Veterans Cemetery (C-437), Mandan, North Dakota

DAVIS, Charles Willis (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7A, Grave 170), Arlington, VA

DAVIS, Freeman (Civil War) Oak Hill Cemetery (South 27, Lot 102), Butler, Missouri

DAVIS, Jr., George Andrew (Korean War) Missing
IMO at City of Lubbock Cemetery, Lubbock, Texas

DAVIS, George Evans (Civil War) Lake View Cemetery (Oak Section, Lot 12), Burlington, Vermont

DAVIS, George Fleming (World War II) Missing, likely buried at Sea

DAVIS, Harry Clay (Civil War) Pomona Cemetery (Block E, Lot 64, Space 2), Pomona, California

DAVIS, John (Civil War) Pioneer Greenwood Cemetery (Block OPR, Lot O, Grave 91) Cañon City, Colorado

DAVIS, John (Navy) (Civil War) Lost To History

DAVIS, John (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Hampton National Cemetery (C-8534), Hampton, Virginia

DAVIS, John (Spanish-American War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 11, Grave 639-SS), Arlington, VA

DAVIS, Joseph (Civil War) Boatman Cemetery, East Palestine, Ohio

DAVIS, Joseph H. (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Montrose Cemetery (Section G, Lot 515), Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

DAVIS, Martin K. (Civil War) Demorest Cemetery (Old Section, Lot 91), Demorest, Georgia

DAVIS, Raymond Erwin (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Calvary Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 39, Grave 4), Seattle, Washington

DAVIS, Raymond Gilbert (Korean War) Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens (Davis Estate, Lot 1), College Park, Georgia

DAVIS, Rodney Maxwell (Vietnam War) Linwood Cemetery, Macon, Georgia

DAVIS, Samuel W. (Civil War) Lost To History

DAVIS, Thomas (Civil War) Mount Olivet Cemetery (Section D, Lot 2832A, Grave 17), Maspeth (Queens), New York

DAWSON, Michael (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

DAY, Charles (Civil War) Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, Pennsylvania

DAY, David Frakes (Civil War) Riverside Cemetery (Block 19, Lot 23), Denver, Colorado

DAY, George Everett “Bud” (Vietnam) Barancas National Cemetery (Section 51, first row, Grave 30), Pensacola, Florida

DAY, James Lewis (World War II) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section P, Grave 1748), San Diego, California

DAY, Matthias Walter (Indian Campaigns) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 11, Grave 2), San Francisco, California

DAY, William L. (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

DE GLOPPER, Charles N. (World War II) Maple Grove Cemetery (Section L), Grand Island, New York

DE LA GARZA, Jr., Emilio Albert (Vietnam War) Saint John’s Cemetery (Section K, Block 70, Lot 1, Grave 2), Hammond, Indiana

DE SOMER, Abraham (Mexican Campaign) Buried at Sea
IMO at San Francisco National Cemetery (Section MA, Grave 15), San Francisco, California

DE WITT, Richard Willis (Civil War) Oxford Cemetery (Section 53, Lot 22), Oxford, Ohio

DEAKIN, Charles (Civil War) Lost To History

DEALEY, Samuel David (World War II) Missing; Lost at Sea

DEAN, Sr., William Frishe (Korean War) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section GHT, Grave 353A), San Francisco, California

DEANE, John Milton (Civil War) Assonet Burial Grounds (Section 2, Lot 6), Freetown, Massachusetts

DEARMOND, William (Indian Campaigns) Body not recovered-buried inside wagon circle in Texas
IMO at San Antonio National Cemetery (Section MA, Grave 89), San Antonio, Texas

DEARY, George (Indian Campaigns) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 209, Lot 59, Grave 2), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DEBLANC, Jefferson Joseph (World War II) Saint Martin de Tours Cemetery, St. Martinville, Louisiana

DECASTRO, Joseph H. (Civil War) Fairmount Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 300, Grave 2 Rear), Newark, New Jersey

DECKER, Percy A. (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7, Grave 10302), Arlington, VA

DEETLINE, Frederick (Indian Campaigns) San Antonio National Cemetery (Section G, Grave 921), San Antonio, Texas

DEFRANZO, Arthur Frederick (World War II) Riverside Cemetery (Vet’s Lot Grave 3), Saugus, Massachusetts

DEIGNAN, Osborn Warren (Spanish-American War) Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Whispering Pines, Lot 1165, Space 6), Glendale, California

DELACEY, Patrick (Civil War) St. Catherines Cemetery (Section B, Lot 16), Moscow, Pennsylvania

DELAND, Frederick Nelson (Civil War) Mahaiwe Cemetery (near “Reed” Mausoleum), Great Barrington, Massachusetts

DELANEY, John Carroll (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 2170 WS), Arlington, VA

DELAVIE, Hiram H. (Civil War) St. Peters Cemetery (Section A, Lot 31), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

DELEAU, Jr., Emile (World War II) Linwood Cemetery (Section D), Blaine, Ohio

DEMPSEY, John (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

DEMPSTER, John (Civil War) Lost To History

DENEEF, Jr, Michael James (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Brookedale Cemetery (1355F-8S), Dedham, Massachusetts

DENHAM, Austin (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Calvary Cemetery (Section B, Tier 2, Grave 38), Los Angeles, California

DENIG, J. Henry (Civil War) Prospect Hill Cemetery (Section K, Lot 17, Grave 4), York, Pennsylvania

DENNING, Lorenzo (Civil War) Salisbury National Cemetery (1of 11,700 unknowns buried in a trench) Salisbury, North Carolina
Buried as Lorenzo Deming
IMO in Fairview Cemetery (Family lot across from office, possibly section 3) New Britton, Connecticut

DENNIS, Richard True Name Dennis Donallen(Civil War) Holy Cross (Path 44, N Maple Ave, Grave 2 East), Malden, Massachusetts

DENNY, John (Indian Campaigns) Soldiers Home National Cemetery (Section K, Lot 7020), Washington, DC

DENSMORE, William (Civil War) Lost To History

DEPUY, Charles H. (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Lot 28, Grave 5), Kalkaska, Michigan

DERVISHIAN, Ernest Herbert (World War II) West Hampton Memorial Park (Section 1 (Garden Of The Word) Lot 83), Richmond, Virginia

DESIDERIO, Reginald Benjamin (Korean War) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 128, Grave 20), San Francisco, California

DESWAN, John Francis (Spanish-American War) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section R, Grave 195A), San Bruno, California

DETHLEFSEN, Merlyn Hans (Vietnam War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 65, Grave 1626), Arlington, VA

DEVORE, Jr, Edward Allen (Vietnam War) Green Hills Memorial Park (Ocean View Section, Plot 513, Space H), San Pedro, California

DEWERT, Richard David (Korean War) Massachusetts National Cemetery (Section 5, Grave 167), Bourne, Massachusetts

DI CESNOLA, Louis Palma (Civil War) Kensico Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 1145), Valhalla, New York

DIAMOND, James H. (World War II) Evergreen Cemetery (Block 29, Lot 12, Space 6), Gulfport, Mississippi

DIAS, Ralph Ellis (Vietnam War) Oakdale Cemetery (Section 3), Leetonia, Ohio

DICKENS, Charles H. (Indian Campaigns) St. John’s Cemetery (Pacific Section, Row 5, Lot 42), Worcester, Massachusetts
Buried as John Coleman

DICKEY, Douglas Eugene (Vietnam War) Brook Cemetery, Brook, Ohio

DICKEY, William Donaldson (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 191, Lot 34493), Brooklyn, New York

DICKIE, David (Civil War) Gillespie Cemetery (2nd Row off Easton Ave), Gillespie, Illinois

DIETZ, Robert H. (World War II) Wiltwych Rural Cemetery (Crescent 6, Lot 2), Kingston, New York

DIGGINS, Bartholomew (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 13, Grave 5400-15), Arlington, VA

DILBOY, George (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 18, Grave 4574), Arlington, VA

DILGER, Hubert (Civil War) Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, DC

DILLON, Michael A. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 13, Grave 14660), Arlington, VA

DITZENBACK, John (Civil War) Lost To History

DIXON, William “Billy” (Indian Campaigns) Adobe Walls Battlefield Site, Stinnett, Texas

DOANE, Stephen Holden (Vietnam War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 59, Grave 1617), Arlington, VA

DOCKUM, Warren C. (Civil War) Roselawn Cemetery (Block 22, Lot 148A, Space 1), Pueblo, Colorado

DODD, Carl Henry (Korean War) Cumberland Memorial Gardens (Lot 132), Corbin, Kentucky

DODD, Robert Fulton (Civil War) Hillside Cemetery (Section 228, Plot 18, Grave 2), Portage LaPrairie Manitoba, Canada

DODDS, Edward Edwin (Civil War) Canton Cemetery, Porthope, Ontario, Canada

DODGE, Francis Safford (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1874), Arlington, VA

DOHERTY, Thomas M. (Spanish-American War) Evergreen Cemetery (Soldiers Lot, Section 25, Grave 64), Southgate, Kentucky

DOLBY, David Charles (Vietnam War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 59, Grave 498 ), Arlington, VA

DOLLOFF, Charles W. (Civil War) Forest Cemetery (Block 7, Lot 93, Space 5 & 6), Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Buried as Charles W Dollefe

DONAHUE, John L. (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 13, Grave 14045), Arlington, VA

DONALDSON, John P. (Civil War) Mars Hill Cemetery (next to church), Floris, Iowa

DONALDSON, Michael Aloyisius (World War I) St. Peter’s Cemetery (Section 3, Plot 35, Grave 46), Haverstraw, New York

DONAVAN, Cornelius (Indian Campaigns) Soldiers Home National Cemetery (Section K, Site 6721) Washington, DC
Buried as Cornelius Donovan

DONELLY, John S. (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

DONNELLY, John C. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Section 12, Range 21, Plot K, Grave 3), Woodside, New York Grave is not marked, only one headstone per grave as per cemetery rules so he is not eligible for one.

DONOGHUE, Timothy (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. Michael, Range 32, Plot 28), Brooklyn, New York

Buried as Timothy Donahue

DONOVAN, William Joseph “Wild Bill” (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 4874), Arlington, VA

DOODY, Patrick H. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (3rd Cav, Section 30, Range 5, Plot E, Grave 1), Woodside, New York

DOOLEN, William (Civil War) Olivet Catholic Cemetery (Block 1, Row 6, Lot 15), Cheyenne, Wyoming
Buried as William Dolan

DOOLITTLE, James Harold (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7A, Grave 110), Arlington, VA

DORAN, John James (Spanish-American War) St. Patrick’s Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 251, Grave 3), Fall River, Massachusetts

DORE, George H. (Civil War) Hornell Rural Cemetery (Lot 550), Hornell, New York

DORLEY, August (Civil War) Natchez City Cemetery (Catholic Hill, Lot 355), Natchez, Mississippi
Buried as August Doerle

DORMAN, John Henry (Civil War) Spring Grove Cemetery (Section 106, Lot 57), Cincinnati, Ohio

DORSEY, Daniel Allen (Civil War) Leavenworth National Cemetery (Section 11, Row 19, Grave 8), Leavenworth, Kansas

DORSEY, Decatur (Civil War) Flower Hill Cemetery (Block F, Row 9, Grave 8), North Bergen, New Jersey

DOSS, Desmond Thomas (World War II) Chattanooga National (Section P, Site 6399A), Chattanooga, Tennessee

DOUGALL, Allan Houston (Civil War) I.O.O.F. Cemetery (Section A, Lot 37), New Haven, Indiana

DOUGHERTY, James (Korea 1871) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 12374), Brooklyn, New York
A critical error was just brought to our attention by the USMC. The citation and recorded ship for John Dougherty is wrong. The error dates back to the 1949 Navy MoH book. The citation should read, “On board the U.S.S. Benecia, attack on and the capture of the Korean forts June 11, 1871, for seeking out killing the commanding officer of the Korean forces.” The award order and Navy MoH log book provide further evidence to this.

DOUGHERTY, Michael (Civil War) St. Mark’s Cemetery (Behind Rectory), Bristol, Pennsylvania

DOUGHERTY, Patrick (Civil War) Lost To History

DOUGHERTY, William (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

DOW, George P. (Civil War) Atkinson Cemetery, Atkinson, New Hampshire

DOW, Henry (Civil War) Lost To History

DOWLING, James (Indian Campaigns) Soldiers Home National Cemetery (Section J, Lot 6352), Washington, DC

DOWNEY, William (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 147), New Bedford, Massachusetts

DOWNS, Henry W. (Civil War) Dayton National Cemetery (Section Q, Row 7, Grave 24), Dayton, Ohio

DOWNS, Willis H. (Philippine Insurrection) Highland Home Cemetery (Division D, Section L, Block 19, Grave 8), Jamestown, North Dakota

DOZIER, James Belle (Indian Campaigns) Bottoms Cemetery (Section 2, Row 1, Grave 1) Jack County, Texas
Very small cemetery and very hard to get to
Buried as James B. Dosher

DOZIER, James C. (World War I) Elmwood Cemetery (Magnolia Park Section, Lot 210, Grave 4), Columbia, South Carolina

DRAKE, James Madison (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Section G, Lot 81), Hillside, New Jersey

DREXLER, Henry Clay (Interim Awards 1920-1940) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 3051), Arlington, VA

DROWLEY, Jesse Ray (World War II) Fairmont Memorial Park (Section 31, Lot 396, Grave 4), Spokane, Washington

DRURY, James (Civil War) St. Peter’s Cemetery (next to entrance), Lovilia, Iowa

DRUSTRUP, Niels (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 4378-RH), Arlington, VA

DU MOULIN, Frank (Interim Awards 1865-1870) Lost To History

DU PONT, Henry Algernon (Civil War) Du Pont Family Cemetery (Old Cemetery, C-1, Lot # 240-Restricted Access), Greenville, Delaware

DUFFEY, John (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section I, Lot 21, Grave 7), New Bedford, Massachusetts
Buried as John Duffy

DUKE, Ray E. (Korean War) Chattanooga National Cemetery (Section Z, Site 373), Chattanooga, Tennessee

DUNAGAN, Kern Wayne (Vietnam War) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section WA, Grave 117, Lot I), San Francisco, California

DUNCAN, Adam (Civil War) Lost To History

DUNCAN, James K. L. (Civil War) Wood National Cemetery (Setion 19, Grave 41), Milwaukee, Wisconsin

DUNHAM, Jason L. (War on Terror-Iraq) Fairlawn Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 88, Space 4), Scio, New York

DUNHAM, Russell (World War II) Valhalla Memorial Park (Section 2, Lot 88, Space 4), Godfrey, Illinois

DUNLAP, Robert Hugo (World War II) Warren County Memorial Park (Crown Hill Section, Lot 28, Grave 3), Monmouth, Illinois

DUNLAVY, James (Civil War) IOOF Cemetery, Maramec, Oklahoma

DUNN, Parker F. (World War I) St. Agnes Cemetery (Section 16, Lot 69), Albany, New York

DUNN, William (Civil War) West Bowdoin Cemetery, West Bowdoin, Maine

DUNNE, James (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Lot 2, Block 16, Section Y), Evanston, Illinois

DUNPHY, Richard D. (Civil War) St. Vincent’s Cemetery (Section I, Lot 1054), Vallejo, California

DURAN, Jesus S. (Vietnam War) Olivewood Memorial (North Lawn, Division 1, Grave 64, Space 3), Riverside, California
[may be moved to Riverside Nat’l.]

DURHAM, Jr., Harold Bascom (Vietnam War) Oakridge Cemetery (Old Section, Block 50, Lot 2), Tifton, Georgia

DURHAM, James R. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1435), Arlington, VA

DURHAM, John S. (Civil War) Leavenworth National Cemetery (Section 33, Row 10, Grave 18), Leavenworth, Kansas

DURNEY, Austin Joseph (Spanish-American War) St. Joseph’s R.C. Cemetery, Cordova, Maryland

DUTKO, John W. (World War II) Beverly National Cemetery (Section DSS, Lot 1), Beverly, New Jersey

DYER, Jesse Farley (Mexican Campaign) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section P, Grave 1606), San Diego, California

DYESS, Aquilla James (World War II) Westover Memorial Park (Chapel Mausoleum, Crypt D, Row 5), Augusta, Georgia


EADIE, Thomas (Interim Awards 1920-1940) Island Cemetery (Annex Section, Lot 109), Newport, Rhode Island

ECKES, John N. (Civil War) Union, Lot Graham Cemetery (Block 7, Lot 27, Space 1), Winfield, Kansas

EDDY, Samuel E. (Civil War) Mount Cemetery, West Chesterfield, Massachusetts 

EDGERTON, Nathan Huntley (Civil War) Buried at his Homestead, Agnes, Oregon

EDSON, Merritt Austin (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 4960-1-2), Arlington, VA

EDWARDS, Daniel Richmond (World War I) Cunningham Cemetery (Near tool shed), Royal, Arkansas

EDWARDS, David (Civil War) Waterville Cemetery (Section 5), Waterville, New York

EDWARDS, John (Civil War) Pocasset Cemetery (Section 4, Lot 75), Cranston, Rhode Island

EDWARDS, Junior Dean (Korean War) I.O.O.F. Cemetery (Section A), Indianola, Iowa

EDWARDS, Walter Atlee (Interim Awards 1920-1940) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 3183), Arlington, VA

EDWARDS, William D. (Indian Campaigns) Soldiers Home National Cemetery (Section K, Lot 7023), Washington, DC

EGGERS, Alan Louis (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3389-A),  Arlington, VA

EGLIT, John (Spanish-American War) Lost at Sea, body not recovered
IMO at Arlington National Cemetery (Section MI, Site 306A), Arlington, VA

EHLE, John Walter (Spanish-American War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section T, Row 35, Grave 15), Oakland, California

EHLERS, Walter David (World War II) Riverside National Cemetery (Section 20A, Grave 644), Riverside, California

EILERS, Henry Antone (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Cypress Hills Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 202B, Grave RRC) Brooklyn, New York

ELDRIDGE, George H. (Indian Campaigns) Los Angeles National Cemetery (Section 37, Row B, Grave 1), Los Angeles, California

ELLIOTT, Alexander (Civil War) Highwood Cemetery (Lot 229, Section 5), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ELLIOTT, Middleton Stuart (Mexican Campaign) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section P, Grave 2628), San Diego, California

ELLIOTT, Russell C. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (400 Laurel Hill, “C” Path), Everett, Massachusetts

ELLIS, Horace (Civil War) O’Neil Creek Cemetery, Eagle Point, Wisconsin

ELLIS, Michael B. (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 9520),  Arlington, VA

ELLIS, William (Civil War) Lost To History

ELLSWORTH, Thomas Foulds (Civil War) Mountain View Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 757), Altadena, California

ELMORE, Walter (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

ELROD, Henry Talmage (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 12, Grave 3246),  Arlington, VA

ELSATSOOSH, (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

ELSON, James M. (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery, Shellsburg, Iowa

ELWOOD, Edwin L. (Indian Campaigns) Santa Fe National Cemetery (Section H, Lot 705), Santa Fe, New Mexico

EMBLER, Andrew Henry (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Larch Avenue, Lot 13), New Haven, Connecticut

EMMET, Robert Temple (Indian Campaigns) Beechwoods Cemetery (Section 32, Lot 759, Grave 9), New Rochelle, New York

ENDERLIN, Richard (Civil War) Grandview Cemetery (Section 9, Lot 137), Chillicothe, Ohio

ENDL, Gerald Leon (World War II) St. Joseph’s Cemetery (Lot 20, Block 9, Grave 3N), Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

ENGLE, James Edgar (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 569),  Arlington, VA

ENGLISH, Edmund (Civil War) Old Cathedral Cemetery (Section N, Range 1, Lot 50), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ENGLISH, Jr., Glenn Harry (Vietnam War) Fort Bragg Post Cemetery (Section I, Lot 288, Grave A), Fort Bragg, North Carolina

ENGLISH, Thomas (Civil War) Buried at Sea

ENNIS, Charles D. (Civil War) White Brook Cemetery, Richmond, Rhode Island

ENRIGHT, John (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Buried at Sea
IMO in Phoenix Memorial Park, Phoenix, Arizona

EPPERSON, Harold Glenn (World War II) Town Cemetery (Section H, Lot 202), Winchester, Kentucky

EPPS, Joseph L. (Philippine Insurrection) Green Hill Cemetery (Block 91, Lot 4, Space 337), Muskogee, Oklahoma

EREVIA, Santiago Jesus (Vietnam War) Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas
Mr. Erevia passed on 22 March 2016

ERICKSON, John P. (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 15/16, Lot 17263), Brooklyn, New York

ERICKSON, Nicholas (Spanish-American War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 15/16, Lot 17263, Grave 1810), Bronx, New York

ERWIN, Henry Eugene “Red” (World War II) Elmwood Cemetery (Block 22, Lot E1/2 379), Birmingham, Alabama

ESPINOZA, Victor Hugo (Korean War) Fort Bliss National Cemetery (Section F, Site 1115), Fort Bliss, Texas

ESSEBAGGER, Jr., John (Korean War) Pilgrim Home Cemetery (Cemetery 3, Section A, Lot 54, Grave 5), Holland, Michigan

ESTES, Lewellyn Garrish (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1437), Arlington, VA

ESTOCIN, Michael John (Vietnam War) Missing
IMO at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section MA, Grave 112); San Diego, California

ETCHBERGER, Richard Loy (Vietnam War) Saint Johns Cemetery (Cem 3, Block 501, Lot 3, Grave 6), Hamburg, Pennsylvania

EUBANKS, Ray E. (World War II) Westview Cemetery (Division H, Lot 136), Kinston, North Carolina

EVANS, Coron D. (Civil War) Lost To History

EVANS, Jr., Donald Ward (Vietnam War) Oakdale Memorial Park (Elm Lawn, Lot 29, Space 3), Glendora, California

EVANS, Ernest Edwin “Chief” (World War II) Missing Lost at Sea

EVANS, Ira Hobart (Civil War) Berlin Corners Cemetery (Range 7, Lot 18-Yale Lot, Grave 5), Berlin, Vermont

EVANS, James Robert (Civil War) First Reformed Church Cemetery, Pompton Plains, New Jersey

EVANS, Rodney John (Vietnam War) Liberty Hill Cemetery, Florala, Alabama

EVANS, Thomas (Civil War) Bethel Cemetery (12-8), Edensburg, Pennsylvania

EVANS, William (Indian Campaigns) Linn Grove Cemetery (Block D, Lot 2, Space 71), Greeley, Colorado
Man buried in Missouri is not the MoH man.

EVERETTS, John (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 36), Farmingdale, New York

EVERHART, Sr., Forrest Eugene (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 60, Grave 7516), Arlington, VA

EVERSON, Adelbert (Civil War) Riverside Cemetery (Block 4, Lot 24), Brewerton, New York

EWING, John C. (Civil War) Ligonier Valley Cemetery (Section F, Lot 406), Ligonier, Pennsylvania