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YES!  I support the Medal of Honor Historical Society of the United States and would like receive Above and Beyond, its quarterly newsletter. Please enter my membership application in the category checked below.  I have enclosed a check or money order in the amount indicated and I am pleased to accept my canceled check as my receipt.    (The MoHHSUS is a 501(c)(3) organization)

[  ]  General $20                                                                        [  ] Organizational $50
[   ] Medal of Honor Recipient – Honorary member exempt from dues with the same rights as that of a General member.

Donation:  $  _______           For:  _____________________________________

If making a donation in memory of an individual, please give us their name and family’s address so we can inform the family of your gift.

If you wish your gift to remain anonymous, please check here [   ].

I wish to make a donation in memory of: (Name of Individual & address of  family) Total Amount Enclosed $ ______________ Name: _________________________________ Phone:_________________________________

Address: (City, State, Zip) __________________________, ________________, _______________ E-Mail:__________________________________________________

The majority of our communications to include sending of our electronic newsletter will be via e-mail.  We do not make membership information, addresses or e-mail addresses available to other organizations.

Have you researched or written a paper or book on a specific person, battle or war? ______________________________________________________________________________

(This is not mandatory, it just lets us know your area of expertise in case we receive an inquiry related to your line of research that you may be able to assist with.)

If your printer doesn’t print this page properly, you can either copy and paste this page into Word or use the membership application below which is in .pdf format.

Please make your check payable to the MOHHSUS and mail it along with the application to:
c/o Randy Wells
1437 Silva Street SE
Palm Bay, FL 32909

MembershipApp (Click the link for our Membership Application)

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