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The first Medal of Honor presentation took place in 1863.  Since then and as of October 23, 2017, there have been 3,517 Medals of Honor awarded.

(For a short video of a behind the scenes look at what goes into the award presentation at the White House check out this video:

This does not include those revoked by the 1916 review board but it does include 19 double awards and those awarded to the unknown soldiers.

Below is a recap by era, war/conflict:

Civil War 1,523
Indian Campaigns 426
Korea 1871 15
Spanish American War 110
Philippine Insurrection 80
Samoan Campaign 4
China Relief Aka Boxer Rebellion 59
Philippines 1911 6
Mexican Campaign Aka Vera  Cruz 56
Haitian Campaign 6
Dominican Campaign 3
World War I 126
2nd Haitian Campaign 2
2nd Nicaraguan Campaign 2
Interim Awards (3 time periods) 193
World War II 471
Korean War 145
Vietnam 261
Somalia 2
War on Terror 18
Unknowns 9

Sadly, since the passing of Mr. Arthur Jackson, Mr. Thorsness, Mr. Wilburn Ross and Mr. Kinsman, only 73 of these men are still with us today. Even sadder, only 4 of these are members of the WWII Greatest Generation.  (Mr. Jackson passed on 14 June 2017, Mr. Thorsness passed on 2 May 2017, Mr. Ross on 9 May 2017, Mr. Kinsman on 15 May 2017.)

We have set up two options on this site for locating the burial locations of our nations Medal of Honor Recipients.  The first is by state which will take you to the page for the state that the Recipient is buried in.  That page will include GPS information when it is available and a Google map to help you locate the grave.  If you have a GPS listing for a grave that we do not have posted, please send it to us in a N 34.1854, W -118.1486 format.

We are seeking the coordinates for all the National Cemeteries.

The second option is an alphabetical listing which will eventually list all the names of those who have passed with a link to the state page for their burial state.  Both of these listings are a work in progress.

Questions or comments?  Please contact us.

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