List by Alphabet ( U-Z )



UHRL, George (Civil War) The Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery (Map 5, Section 15, Lot 6132), Middle Village, New York
Buried as George Uhrie

UNKNOWN (Belgium) (World War I), Colonne du Congres, Brussels, Belgium

UNKNOWN (France) (World War I) Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France, Paris, France

UNKNOWN (Great Britain) (World War I) Westminster Abey, London, England

UNKNOWN (Italy) (World War I) , National Monument to Victor Emanuel II, Rome, Italy

UNKNOWN (Rumania), Rumania
When the award was announced, there was not a specific city named.  Several reports point to Bucharest

UNKNOWN (United States)(Korean War) Arlington National Cemetery (Tomb of the Unknown), Arlington, VA

UNKNOWN (United States) (Vietnam War) Arlington National Cemetery (Tomb of the Unknown-crypt vacant), Arlington, VA
The service member was positively identified in June 1998 and returned to the family in St. Louis. There is not currently an Unknown Soldier from the Vietnam War.

UNKNOWN (United States) (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Tomb of the Unknown), Arlington, VA

UNKNOWN (United States) (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Tomb of the Unknown), Arlington, VA

UPHAM, Oscar Jefferson (China Relief) Summit View Cemetery (Section 1, Block 32, Lot 52), Guthrie, Oklahoma

UPSHUR, William Peterkin (Haitian Campaign 1915) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Lot 4, Section 0440 [formerly Lot 250, Lot A]), Annapolis, Maryland

UPTON, Frank Monroe (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 8, Grave 55-A), Arlington, VA

URBAN, Matt Louis (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7A, Grave 40), Arlington, VA

Urell, Michael Emmet (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 51-D), Arlington, VA


VADAS, Albert (Spanish-American War) Weehawken Cemetery (Block 41, Row 13, Grave 33), North Bergen, New Jersey
Buried as Albert Wadas

VALDEZ, Jose F. (World War II) Santa Fe National Cemetery (Section Q, Lot 29), Santa Fe, New Mexico

VALE, John (Civil War) Oakdale Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 62), Davenport, Iowa

VALENTE, Michael (World War I) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 60A), Farmingdale, New York

VAN ETTEN, Hudson (Spanish-American War) Prospect Cemetery, Greenland, New Hampshire

VAN IERSEL, Ludovicus M.M. (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 42, Grave 1770), Arlington, VA
‘In Memory Of’ Cenotaph in Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetery, Sierra Madre, California

VAN MATRE, Joseph (Civil War) Riverview Cemetery (Section 1, Lot 208), Middleport, Ohio

VAN NOY, Jr., Nathan Kilby (World War II) Grace Cemetery (Plot 80, Block 2, Lot 5), Grace, Idaho

VAN SCHAICK, Louis Joseph (Philippine Insurrection) Santo Tomas Cemetery, Manila, Philippine Islands

VAN VALKENBURGH, Franklin (World War II) IMO, Forest Home Cemetery (Lot 12, Block 6, Section 25) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

VAN VOORHIS, Bruce Avery (World War II) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (One of six in group burial, Section 79, Graves 279- 281), St. Louis, Missouri
IMO at Arlington National Cemetery, (MI, Lot 86), Arlington, VA

VAN WINKLE, Archie (Korean War) Cremated, Ashes Scattered At Sea
IMO at Sitka National Cemetery (Section Q, Site 10) Sitka, Alaska

VAN WINKLE, Edward (Edwin) Parsons (Civil War) Oak Hill Cemetery (Lot 688), Battle Creek, Michigan

VANCE, Jr., Leon Robert (World War II) Missing. Died in an airplane crash between Iceland and Newfoundland. IMO in Waukomis Cemetery (Section E, Lot 31), Waukomis, Oklahoma

VANCE, Wilson J. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 2360-WS), Arlington, VA

VANDEGRIFT, Alexander Archer (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 4965-B-RH), Arlington, VA

VANDERSLICE, John Mitchell (Civil War) St. James Perkiomen Cemetery (Right side of Cemetery Entrance), Evansburg, Pennsylvania

VANTINE, Joseph E. (Civil War) Glebe Cemetery, New Castle, Delaware

VARNUM, Charles Albert (Indian Campaigns) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 3A, Site 3), San Francisco, California

VAUGHN, Pinkerton Ross (Civil War) Laurel Hill Cemetery (Section 16, Lot 412), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

VEAL, Charles (Civil War) Hampton National Cemetery (Hampton Section F, Grave 5097), Hampton, Virginia

VEALE, Moses (Civil War) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Lot 716, Moreland Section, Grave 3), Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

VEAZEY, Wheelock Graves (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 1026), Arlington, VA

VERA, Miguel Armando (Korean War) (Section 71, Grave 258) Reinterred from Puerto Rico in November 2014, Arlington, VA

VERNAY, James David (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 4052), Arlington, VA

VERNEY, James W. (Civil War) Cedar Grove Cemetery (Range H, Oak Hill Section, Grave 150), Dorchester, Massachusetts

VERSACE, Humbert Roque (Vietnam War) Missing. IMO Arlington National Cemetery (Section IMO MG, Grave 108); Arlington, VA

VEUVE, Ernest (Indian Campaigns) Missoula Cemetery (Block 39, Lot 8, Grave 2), Missoula, Montana

VIALE, Robert M. (World War II) Ocean View Cemetery (Section N, Grave 91), Eureka, California

VIFQUAIN, Victor Jean- Baptiste (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Section C, Lot 75), Lincoln, Nebraska

VILLEGAS, Ysmael R. (Ismael) (World War II) Riverside National Cemetery (Section 5, Grave 1178), Riverside, California

VILLEPIGUE, John Cantey (World War I) Old Quaker Cemetery (Section 14), Camden, South Carolina

VITTORI, Joseph (Korean War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Lot 441), Beverly, Massachusetts

VLUG, Dirk John (World War II) Greenwood Cemetery (Block X, Lot 203), Grand Rapids, Michigan

VOIT, Otto Emil (Indian Campaigns) St. Stephens Cemetery (Section 90), Louisville, Kentucky

VOKES, Leroy H. (Indian Campaigns) Rose Hill Cemetery (Section C, Row 20, Lot 114), Fredricksburg, Iowa

VOLZ, Jacob (Philippines 1911) Lincoln Memorial Park (Crestview Section, Lot 160, Space 3), Portland, Oregon

VOLZ, Robert (Spanish-American War) Lost To History

VON MEDEM, Rudolph (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

VON SCHLICK, Robert H. (China Relief) Los Angeles National Cemetery (Section 81, Row G, Grave 20), Los Angeles, California

VON VEGESACK, Ernest Mathias Peter (Civil War) Northern Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 509), Solna, Sweden (one of Stockholm’s northern suburbs), Sweden

VOSLER, Forrest Lee “Woody” (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 60, Grave 4924), Arlington, VA
Also remembered in Cedar Lake (Goodier) Cemetery in Herkimer County, New York


WAALER, Reidar (World War I) Forest Hills Memorial Park (American Eagle, Row 5, Niche H), Palm City, Florida

WAGEMAN, John H. (Civil War) Clover Cemetery, Williamsburg, Ohio

WAGG, Maurice (Civil War) East London Cemetery (Grave 14951, Square 37) Plaiston, London, England

WAGNER, John W. (Civil War) Forest Hills Cemetery (Section 21, Maple Avenue, Lot 3805), Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts

WAHLEN, George Edward (World War II) Lindquist’s Memorial Gardens of the Wasatch (Lot 115, Space 1), Ogden, Utah
As part of the Profiles of Valor book, Mr. Wahlen gave an interview about his MoH action. Click here to watch it:

WAI, Francis B. (World War II) National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Section Q, Grave 1194), Honolulu, Hawaii

WAINWRIGHT, John (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 1061), Arlington, VA

WAINWRIGHT, IV, Jonathan Mayhew (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 358-B), Arlington, VA

WAINWRIGHT, Jr, Richard (Mexican Campaign) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Section 1, Lot 0023 B), Annapolis, Maryland

WALKER, Edward Alexander (China Relief) Oak Hill Mausoleum (Main Corridor West, Crypt 489), San Jose, California

WALKER, Frank T.O. (Philippine Insurrection) North Burial Ground Cemetery, Bristol, Rhode Island

WALKER, James C. (Civil War) Ferncliff Cemetery (Section I, Lot 117), Springfield, Ohio

WALKER, John (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

WALKER, Kenneth Newton (World War II) IMO at Arlington National Cemetery (Section MC, Grave 36M), Arlington, VA

WALKER, Mary Edwards (Civil War) The Rural Cemetery (Section Acre), Oswego, New York

WALKER, Samuel Allen (Indian Campaigns) Calvary Catholic Cemetery (Block 24N), Laredo, Texas

WALL, Jerry C. (Civil War) Greenmount Cemetery (Section A), Dansville, New York

WALLACE, George Weed (Philippine Insurrection) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 39A, Grave 1), San Francisco, California

WALLACE, Herman C. (World War II) City of Lubbock Cemetery (Block 41, Lot E 1/2 2, Space 1), Lubbock, Texas

WALLACE, William (Indian Campaigns) Walnut Cemetery (Old West Section Row 1, Grave 21), Walnut, Kansas

WALLER, Francis A. (Civil War) Walnut Mound Cemetery (West Block, Lot 13), DeSoto, Wisconsin
Buried as Francis Wallar

WALLEY, Augustus (Indian Campaigns) St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Cemetery, Reisterstown, Maryland

WALLING, William Henry (Civil War) Bayside Cemetery (Section I, Lot 69), Potsdam, New York

WALMSLEY, Jr., John Springer (Korean War) Arlington National Cemetery (IMO Section MF, Grave 46-3), Arlington, VA

WALSH, James Aloysius (Mexican Campaign) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 47A), Farmingdale, New York

WALSH, John J. (Civil War) St. Benedict’s Cemetery, Springfield, Massachusetts

WALSH, Kenneth Ambrose (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 65, Grave 2996), Arlington, VA

WALSH, Michael (Interim Awards 1899-1910) St. Columba Cemetery (Section 32, Lot 74), Middletown, Rhode Island

WALSH, William Gary (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 12, Grave 487), Arlington, VA

WALTON, George Washington (Civil War) Oxford Cemetery (Section C, 14), Oxford, Pennsylvania

WAMBSGAN, Martin (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 21, Lot 97), Syracuse, New York

WANTON, George Henry (Spanish-American War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 2749), Arlington, VA

WARD, Calvin John (World War I) Glenwood Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 88, Space 11), Bristol, Tennessee

WARD, Charles H. (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

WARD, James (Civil War) Lost To History

WARD, James (Indian Campaigns) New Calvary Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 793), Mattapan, Massachusetts

WARD, James Richard (World War II) IMO in Ferncliff Cemetery (WW II Plot Section Adjacent to flagpole), Springfield, Ohio

WARD, John (Indian Campaigns) Seminole Indian Scout Cemetery, Brackettville, Texas

WARD, Nelson W. (Civil War) Sunnyside Cemetery (Section N. Chapel, Lot East 14 & 15, Grave 5), Long Beach, California

WARD, Thomas J. (Civil War) Upper Hill Cemetery (Section A, Masonic Row, Lot 20), Anaconda, Montana

WARD, William Henry (Civil War) Highland Park Cemetery (Block 5, Lot 72), Kansas City, Kansas

WARDEN, John (Civil War) Orting Town Cemetery (Section 5, Lot T76), Orting, Washington

WARE, Keith Lincoln (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 30, Grave 258-3), Arlington, VA

WARFEL, Henry Clay (Civil War) Philipsburg Cemetery (#166), Philipsburg, Pennsylvania

WARNER, Henry F. (World War II) South Side Cemetery (Lot 813), Troy, North Carolina

WARREN, David (Civil War) Hampton National Cemetery (Phoebus Section B, Grave 7972), Hampton, Virginia

WARREN, Francis Emroy (Civil War) Lake View Cemetery (Lot 1260), Cheyenne, Wyoming

WARREN, Jr., John Earl (Vietnam War) Long Island National Cemetery (Section O, Grave 33144), Farmingdale, New York

WARRINGTON, III, Lewis (Indian Campaigns) San Antonio National Cemetery (Section A, Grave 60), San Antonio, Texas

WATKINS, Lewis George (Korean War) MIA IMO in Wolf Stake Baptist Church Cemetery, Seneca, South Carolina

WATKINS, Travis E. (Korean War) Gladewater Memorial Park (Section D, Lot 25, Grave 7), Gladewater, Texas

WATSON, George (World War II) Lost At Sea, Body Not Recoverable

George Watson’s Medal of Honor presentation is online at

WATSON, James Curtic (Indian Campaigns) Rose Hill Cemetery (Section 6, Row 2, Grave 18), Chicago, Illinois

WATSON, Joseph (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

WATSON, Wilson Douglas (World War II) Russell Cemetery, Ozone, Arkansas

WATTERS, Charles Joseph (Vietnam War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2-E, Grave 186-A), Arlington, VA

WAUGH, Robert T. (World War II) A.B.M.C. Sicily Rome American Cemetery (Plot H, Row 13, Grave 37), Nettuno, Italy

WAYBUR, David Crowder (World War II) A.B.M.C. Lorraine Cemetery (E-22-44), St. Avold, France

WAYRYNEN, Dale Eugene (Vietnam War) Rice River Cemetery, McGregor, Minnesota

WEAHER, Andrew J. (Indian Campaigns) Greenwood Memorial Park (Section Forrest Lawn, Block 1, Lot 2, Space 15), Phoenix, Arizona
Buried as Andrew Weaber

WEAVER, Amos (Philippine Insurrection) Oakwood Cemetery (Section 3, Lot 36, Grave 7), Gaines, Michigan

WEBB, Alexander Stewart (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XXI, Row C, Grave 032), West Point, New York

WEBB, James W. (Civil War) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 7401), Brooklyn, New York

WEBBER, Alason P. (Civil War) Saratoga Methodist Church Cemetery, Henry, Illinois

WEBER, Lester William (Vietnam War) Clarendon Hills Cemetery (Section I, Block J, Lot 22C, Grave 3), Darien, Illinois

WEBSTER, Henry S. (Civil War) Cedar Grove Cemetery (Section 4), Fairhaven, Vermont

WEEKS, Charles H. (Civil War) Lost To History

WEEKS, John Henry (Civil War) Hartwick Seminary Cemetery, Hartwick Seminary, New York

WEICHT, Ellis R. (World War II) A.B.M.C. Epinal Cemetery (Plot B, Row 42, Grave 20), Epinal, France

WEINERT, Paul H. (Indian Campaigns) Milton Cemetery (Willow Ave {Linden Path} Lot 906), Milton, Massachusetts

WEINSTEIN, Jack (Korean War) Cheyenne Valley Cemetery (Row 5), Wheeler, Kansas

WEIR, Henry Cary (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 13957), Brooklyn, New York

WEISBOGEL, Albert (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Holy Cross Cemetery (Diamond Section, Range D, Grave 132), Brooklyn, New York Double Recipient
Buried in group grave, marker reads McCue (Cemetery has a one marker rule so he is not eligible for an individual marker)

WEISS, Enoch R. (Indian Campaigns) South Bend Cemetery (Section 1 East, Block 16, Lot 10), South Bend, Indiana

WEISSEL, Adam (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Mountain View Cemetery (Plot 45, Grave 3089), Oakland, California

WELBORN, Ira Clinton (Spanish-American War) Biloxi National Cemetery (Section 12, Row 4, Grave 12), Biloxi, Mississippi

WELCH, Charles H. (Indian Campaigns) Evans Cemetery (Old Block 4, Lot 208, Space 5), Evans, Colorado

WELCH, George W. (Civil War) Lost To History

WELCH, Michael (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

WELCH, Richard (Civil War) Eastlawn Cemetery (Old Section, Lot 30), Williamstown, Massachusetts

WELCH, Stephen (Civil War) Allegany Cemetery (Block 1, Lot 39), Allegany, New York

WELD, Seth Lathrop (Philippine Insurrection) Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery (Section AH, Grave 189), San Antonio, Texas

WELLS, Henry S. (Civil War) KIA Fair Oaks, VA, remains not recovered.
Possible IMO in Sunnyside Cemetery, Manchester, NY

WELLS, Thomas McCoy (Civil War) East DeKalb Cemetery (Lot G-3), DeKalb Junction, New York

WELLS, William (Civil War) Lake View Cemetery (Section J, Lot 20), Burlington, Vermont

WELLS, William (Civil War) Lost To History

WELSH, Edward (Civil War) Mount Olivet Cemetery (Section 8, Lot Z, Lot 9), Washington, DC

WELSH, James (Civil War) St Paul Cemetery (Section D) Blackstone Massachusetts

WENDE, Bruno (Spanish-American War) Spring Grove Cemetery (Section 7, Grave 1870), Cincinnati, Ohio

WEST, Chester Howard (World War I) Van Sickle Cemetery, Mason County, Southside West Virginia

WEST, Frank (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 549), Arlington, VA

WEST, Walter Scott (Spanish-American War) Rock Hill Cemetery (End of Ridge Ave, Lot 723), Foxboro, Massachusetts

WESTA, Karl (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 11, Grave 83-SH), Arlington, VA

WESTERHOLD, William (Civil War) Lost To History

WESTERMARK, Axel (China Relief) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section A, Grave 32), San Francisco, California

WESTON, John Francis (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 856), Arlington, VA

WETHERBY, John C. (Philippine Insurrection) Frye Cemetery, Mahalasville, Indiana

WETZEL, Walter C. (World War II) A.B.M.C. Netherlands American Cemetery (Plot N, Row 18, Grave 10), Margraten, Netherlands

WHEAT, Roy Mitchell (Vietnam War) Eastabuchie Baptist Church Cemetery, Eastabuchie, Mississippi

WHEATON, Loyd (Civil War) Greenwood Cemetery (Section 11, Grave 4) {50 feet SE of front of office}, Rockford, Illinois

WHEELER, Daniel Davis (Civil War) Fredericksburg City Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Virginia

WHEELER, George Huber (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7, Grave 10040-EH), Arlington, VA

WHEELER, Henry W. (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1496), Arlington, VA

WHERRY, William Macky (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 51, Lot 627), St. Louis, Missouri

WHITAKER, Edward Washburn (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 1324), Arlington, VA

WHITE, Adam (Civil War) Wadeville Cemetery, Wadeville, West Virginia

WHITE, Edward (Philippine Insurrection) Mount Calvary Cemetery (Section 1 Old, Singles North of North Road, Lot West end), Kansas City, Kansas

WHITE, John Henry (Civil War) Arlington Cemetery (Melrose Section, Lot 480, Grave 2), Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania

WHITE, Joseph (Civil War) Lost To History

WHITE, Patrick H. (Civil War) St. Agnes Cemetery (Section 19, Lot 1), Albany, New York

WHITEHEAD, John Milton (Civil War) Topeka Cemetery (Section 56, Lot 27), Topeka, Kansas

WHITEHEAD, Patton George (Indian Campaigns) New Calvary Cemetery (Section B, Lot 288, Grave 12), Los Angeles, California
Buried as Patton G. Whited

WHITELEY, Eli Lamar (World War II) College Station Cemetery (Section F, Lot 20, Space 8), College Station, Texas

WHITFIELD, Daniel (Civil War) Lost To History

WHITMAN, Frank M. (Civil War) Riverview Cemetery (Lot 510), Groveland, Massachusetts

WHITMORE, John W. (Civil War) Shiner Cemetery, Pleasant Grove, Iowa
Buried as John W. Whittenmore

WHITNEY, William G. (Civil War) Allen Cemetery (Old Section, Lot 147), Allen, Michigan

WHITTIER, Edward Newton (Civil War) Pierce Family Grave Yard, East Baldwin, Maine

WHITTINGTON, Hulon Brooke (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 13, Grave 8-W), Arlington, VA

WHITTLESEY, Charles White (World War I) Lost At Sea in Atlantic between New York and Cuba
IMO in Pittsfield Cemetery (Lot #1 in Walnut Hill Section), Pittsfield, Massachusetts

WICKAM, Jerry Wayne (Vietnam War) Lightsville Cemetery (Bowerman 184), Leaf River, Illinois

WICKERSHAM, John Hunter (World War I) A.B.M.C. St. Mihiel Cemetery (Plot B, Row 19, Grave 12), Thiaucourt, France
IMO Cenotaph in Fairmount Cemetery (Block 7), Denver, Colorado

WIDICK, Andrew J. (Civil War) Highland Cemetery (Block 4, Lot 32), Bertrand, Nebraska

WIDMER, Jacob (Indian Campaigns) Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery (Section G, Grave 3529), Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

WIEDORFER, Paul J. (World War II) Moreland Memorial Park Cemetery (Section DD, Lot 67, Grave 3), Baltimore, Maryland
As part of the Profiles of Valor book, Mr. Wiedorfer gave an interview about his MoH action. Click here to watch it:

WIGLE, Thomas W. (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 34, Grave 3307), Arlington, VA

WILBANKS, Hilliard Almond (Vietnam War) Fayette Methodist Cemetery, Fayette, Mississippi

WILBUR, William Hale (World War II) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section VII, Row C, Grave 148), West Point, New York

WILCOX, Franklin L. (Civil War) Grand Rapids Veterans Home Cemetery (Plot 2, Row 7, Grave 9), Grand Rapids, Michigan

WILCOX, William H. (Civil War) Lake View Cemetery (Block C, Lot 22, Grave 4), South Haven, Michigan

WILDER, Wilber Elliiott (Indian Campaigns) Fairlawn Cemetery, Ridgefield, Connecticut

WILEY, James (Civil War) Andersonville National Cemetery (Section H, Grave 12607), Andersonville, Georgia

WILHELM, George (Civil War) Greenville Cemetery (Old Cemetery Section, Lot 194, South 1/2 of Sections 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, Grave 11), Greenville, Mississippi

WILKE, Julius August Robert (Spanish-American War) Ted Conaway National Cemetery (Section I, Row 6, Marker 10) Portsmouth, Virginia

WILKENS, Henry (Indian Campaigns) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 5325), Brooklyn, New York

WILKES, Henry (Civil War) Beverwyck Cemetery, Rensselaer, New York

WILKES, Perry (Civil War) Cave Hill Cemetery (Section P, South 1/2 Lot 866), Louisville, Kentucky

WILKIN, Edward G. (World War II) Longmeadow Cemetery (Division 2, Range 4, Lot 8), Longmeadow, Massachusetts

WILKINS, Leander A. (Civil War) Lost To History

WILKINS, Raymond Harrell (World War II) Lost at Sea; Olive Branch Cemetery (IMO- Section F, Lot 13), Portsmouth, Virginia

WILKINSON, Jr, Theodore Stark (Mexican Campaign) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 3645), Arlington, VA

WILL, Walter J. (World War II) A.B.M.C. Netherlands American Cemetery (Plot D, Row 3, Grave 32), Margraten, Netherlands
IMO at Saint Josephs Cemetery, West Winfield, New York

WILLCOX, Orlando Bolivar (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 18), Arlington, VA

WILLETT, Louis Edward (Vietnam War) St. John’s Cemetery (Section 37, Range M, Plot 24), Middle Village, New York

WILLEY, Charles H. (Interim Awards 1915-1916) Maple Grove Cemetery (Section B, Lot 81), Concord, New Hampshire

WILLIAMS, Anthony (Civil War) Lost To History

WILLIAMS, Antonio (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Greenbank Cemetery, Bristol, England

WILLIAMS, Augustus (Civil War) Lost To History

WILLIAMS, Charles Quincy (Vietnam War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 65, Grave 1471), Arlington, VA

WILLIAMS, Dewayne Thomas (Vietnam War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section D, Lot 11, Grave 6), St. Clair, Michigan

WILLIAMS, Elwood N. (Civil War) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Edgewood Section, Lot 668), Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

WILLIAMS, Ernest Calvin (Dominican Campaign) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 12), Indianola, Illinois

WILLIAMS, Frank (Spanish-American War) Lost To History

WILLIAMS, George C. (Civil War) Cedar Grove Cemetery (Section 14, Lot 1), New London, Connecticut

WILLIAMS, Henry (Interim Awards 1871-1898) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Lot 100, Edgewood Section, Grave 1), Bala-Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

WILLIAMS, Jack (World War II) Springfield National Cemetery (Section 30, Grave 2375), Springfield, Missouri

WILLIAMS, James Elliott (Vietnam War) Florence National Cemetery (Section F, Site 177RH), Florence, South Carolina

WILLIAMS, Jay P. (China Relief) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 8), Norwalk, Ohio

WILLIAMS, John (Civil War) (U.S.S. Pawnee) Mt. Moriah Naval Cemetery (Section 1, Row 4, Site 14), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WILLIAMS, John (Civil War) (U.S.S. Commodore Perry) Lost To History

WILLIAMS, John (Civil War) (U.S.S. Mohican) Holy Cross Cemetery (St. Johns Section, Range 0, Plot 106), Brooklyn, New York

WILLIAMS, Leroy (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery (Section 7B, Lot 326, Grave 7), Niagara Falls, New York

WILLIAMS, Louis (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 12616), Brooklyn, New York
Double Recipient

WILLIAMS, Moses (Indian Campaigns) Fort Vancouver Military Cemetery (Section 8, Row W, Grave 393), Vancouver, Washington

WILLIAMS, Peter (Civil War) Lost To History

WILLIAMS, Robert (Civil War) Lost To History

WILLIAMS, William (Civil War) Lost To History

WILLIAMS, William Haliday (Civil War) Schuyler Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 156W), Schuyler, Nebraska

WILLIAMSON, James Alexander (Civil War) Rock Creek Cemetery (Section E, Lot 128, Site 1), Washington, DC

WILLIS, George (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Oak Grove Cemetery (Lot 339, Grave 10), Medford, Massachusetts

WILLIS, John Harlan (World War II) Rose Hill Cemetery (Section S), Columbia, Tennessee

WILLIS, Richard (Civil War) Lost To History

WILLISTON, Edward Bancroft (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 422), Arlington, VA

WILLS, Henry (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

WILSON, Alfred Leonard (World War II) Maple Grove Cemetery, Fairchance, Pennsylvania

WILSON, Alfred Mac (Vietnam War) Sunset Memorial Gardens (Prayer Section, Lot 54, Grave 4), Odessa, Texas

WILSON, Arthur Harrison (Philippine Insurrection) Arthur, Lot Oak Ridge Cemetery (Section B7, Lot 264), Springfield, Illinois

WILSON, August (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Lost To History

WILSON, Benjamin (Indian Campaigns) Lost To History

WILSON, Benjamin F. (Korean War) National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Section A, Site 1060, Lot A), Honolulu, Hawaii

WILSON, Charles (Indian Campaigns) Inglewood Park Cemetery (Utopia Section, Lot B, Lot 88, Grave 4), Inglewood, California

WILSON, Charles E. (Civil War) Highland Cemetery, Hopewell, New Jersey

WILSON, Christopher W. (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Tulip Grove Section, SW 1/2 Lot 107), Brooklyn, New York

WILSON, Francis A. (Civil War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 149, Lot 259), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WILSON, Harold Edward “Speedy” (Korean War) Woodridge Memorial Park Cemetery (Section Summit 2, Lot 191, Space 1), Lexington, South Carolina

WILSON, John (Civil War) Lost To History

WILSON, John Alfred (Civil War) Union Hill Cemetery (Lot 174), Bowling Green, Ohio

WILSON, John Moulder (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XXIII, Row A, Grave 005), West Point, New York

WILSON, Jr., Louis Hugh (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7A, Grave 103B), Arlington, VA

WILSON, Milden H. (Indian Campaigns) Erie Cemetery (Section 5 Singles, Row E, Grave 49), Erie, Pennsylvania

WILSON, Richard G. (Korean War) Cape Girardeau County Memorial Park (Section 6, Lot 215, Space 3), Cape Girardeau, Missouri

WILSON, Robert Lee (World War II) Hillcrest Memorial Park (Section 1, Lot 351), Centralia, Illinois

WILSON, William (Indian Campaigns) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section WS, Grave 527, Row 28), San Francisco, California Double Recipient

WILSON, William Othello (Indian Campaigns) Rose Hill Cemetery (Section 14, Grave 1160), Hagerstown, Maryland

WINANS, Roswell (Dominican Campaign) Cypress View Mausoleum (NE Wall, Niche 4), San Diego, California

WINDER, David Francis (Vietnam War) Mansfield Memorial Park (Lawn B, Lot 465, Grave 4), Mansfield, Ohio

WINDOLPH, Charles A. (Indian Campaigns) Black Hills National Cemetery (Section A, Grave 239), Sturgis, South Dakota

WINDRICH, William Gordon (Korean War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 31, Grave 4856), Arlington, VA

WINDUS, Claron A. (Indian Campaigns) Masonic Cemetery, Brackettville, Texas

WINEGAR, William W. (Civil War) Nondago Cemetery (Section F, Lot 47), Bath, New York

WINTERBOTTOM, William (Indian Campaigns) Bayview Cemetery (Bayview Section, Lot 12, Grave 3), Jersey City, New Jersey

WISE, Homer L. (World War II) St. John’s Cemetery (Zone 4, Lot 1, Grave 9), Darien, Connecticut

WISNER, Lewis S. (Civil War) Hillside Cemetery (Sections 13 & 14, Lot 642), Middletown, New York

WITCOME, Joseph (Indian Campaigns) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section WS, Site 1102), San Francisco, California

WITEK, Frank Peter (World War II) Rock Island National Cemetery (Section E, Grave 72), Rock Island, Illinois

WITHINGTON, William Herbert (Civil War) Mount Evergreen Cemetery (Section C, Lot 45), Jackson, Michigan

WOLD, Nels T. (World War I) Elim Cemetery, Winger, Minnesota

WOLLAM, John (Civil War) Fairmount Cemetery (Lot 149 old Block), Jackson, Ohio

WOMACK, Bryant Homer (Korean War) Lebanon Church Cemetery, Mill Spring, North Carolina

WOOD, Henry Clay (Civil War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 80-A), Arlington, VA

WOOD, Leonard (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 21, Grave S-10), Arlington, VA

WOOD, Mark (Civil War) Forest Cemetery (Section H, Lot 35), Toledo, Ohio

WOOD, Richard H. (Civil War) Woodburn Cemetery (Old Part, Block G, Lot 24), Woodburn, Illinois

WOOD, Robert B. (Civil War) Grove Hill Cemetery, Hanoverton, Ohio

WOODALL, William H. (Civil War) Lost To History

WOODALL, Zachariah Taylor (Indian Campaigns) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 22, Grave 15788), Arlington, VA

WOODBURY, Eri Davidson (Civil War) St. Peter’s Episcopal Cemetery (Lot 37, Plot 3), Cheshire, Connecticut

WOODFILL, Samuel (World War I) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 34, Grave 642-A), Arlington, VA

WOODFORD, Howard E. (World War II) Greenlawn Memorial Park (Section I Lot 141 Grave 3), Akron, Ohio

WOODRUFF, Alonzo (Civil War) Valley Cemetery, Luther, Michigan

WOODRUFF, Carle Augustus (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery (Magnolia Hill Section, Lot 25), Raleigh, North Carolina

WOODS, Brent (Indian Campaigns) Mill Springs National Cemetery (Section A, Site 930), Nancy, Kentucky

WOODS, Daniel A. (Civil War) Greenwood Cemetery (Section T, Lot 154), Wheeling, West Virginia
Buried as Daniel A Wood

WOODS, Samuel (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (8th Walk, Lot 347), Portsmouth, Virginia

WOODWARD, Evan M. (Civil War) Riverview Cemetery (Section B, Lot 342), Trenton, New Jersey

WOON, John (Civil War) Lost To History

WORAM, Charles B. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Lot A, Range 95, Grave 3), Bronx, New York
Buried as Charles E Woran

WORLEY, Kenneth Lee (Vietnam War) Westminster Memorial Park (Block 29 {Four Seasons}, Section 784, Grave 4), Westminster, California

WORTICK, Joseph (Civil War) Leon Cemetery, Leon, Kansas

WORTMAN, George G. (Indian Campaigns) Crown Hill Cemetery (Block 26, Lot 192, Section 1), Denver, Colorado

WRAY, William J. (Civil War) Philadelphia Memorial Park (AMC-Division F, Section 1, Lot 32, Grave 1), Frazer, Pennsylvania

WRIGHT, Albert D. (Civil War) Greenwood Cemetery (Section S, Lot 2), Eustis, Florida

WRIGHT, Edward (Civil War) Maple Grove Cemetery (South Border Section, Lot 25, Grave 1), Kew Gardens, New York

WRIGHT, Raymond Richard “Buzzer” (Vietnam War) Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery (Section 7, Site 1035), Schuylerville, New York

WRIGHT, Robert (Civil War) Cedar Lawn Cemetery (Section 13, Lot A, Grave 419), Paterson, New Jersey

WRIGHT, Samuel (Civil War) Maple Grove Cemetery (Section C, Gar Circle), Wichita, Kansas

WRIGHT, Samuel Cole (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section 254, Grave 1), Plymouth, Massachusetts

WRIGHT, William (Civil War) Lost To History


YABES, Maximo (Vietnam War) Fort Logan National Cemetery (Section R, Grave 369), Sheridan, Colorado

YANO, Rodney James Tadashi (Vietnam War) National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Section W, Site 614), Honolulu, Hawaii

YEAGER, Jacob F. (Civil War) Greenlawn Cemetery (Section 27, Lot 30), Tiffin, Ohio

YNTEMA, Gordon Douglas (Vietnam War) Pilgrim Home Cemetery (Cemetery 2, Section B, Lot 65, Grave 8), Holland, Michigan

YORK, Alvin Cullium (World War I) Wolf River Cemetery (by large flag pole), Pall Mall, Tennessee

YOUNG, Andrew J. (Civil War) Jefferson Cemetery, Jefferson, Pennsylvania

YOUNG, Benjamin F. (Civil War) Odd Fellows Cemetery (Lot 55, Avenue 7, Grave 9), Los Angeles, California

YOUNG, Calvary Morris (Civil War) Highland Cemetery (Section 12, Lot 43), Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

YOUNG, Cassin (World War II) Buried at Sea, IMO at Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park (Section E, Lot 58 Grave A-2 ), Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

YOUNG, Edward B. (Civil War) Rosedale Memorial Park, Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Reinterred from Lafayette Cemetery to Evergreen. Evergreen went bankrupt in 1960 and the name was changed to Rosedale Memorial Park.

YOUNG, Frank Albert (China Relief) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 17, Grave 18979-D), Arlington, VA

YOUNG, Gerald Orren (Vietnam War) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 7A, Grave 87), Arlington, VA
IMO in Eden Cemetery, Guemes, Washington

YOUNG, Horatio Nelson (Civil War) The Rural Cemetery, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada

YOUNG, James Marvin (Civil War) Lake View Cemetery (Highland Section, Lot 4), Jamestown, New York

YOUNG, Marvin Rex (Vietnam War) Sunset Memorial Gardens (Prayer Section, Lot 172, Grave 1), Odessa, Texas

YOUNG, Robert Harley (Korean War) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section O, Grave 8), San Bruno, California

YOUNG, Rodger Wilton (World War II) McPherson Cemetery (Area 2), Clyde, Ohio

YOUNG, William (Civil War) Erie Cemetery (16 SGL, Row C, Grave 24), Erie, Pennsylvania

YOUNKER, John L. (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section B, Lot 105E), Logan, Ohio

YOUNT, John P. (Indian Campaigns) Oak Grove Cemetery, Mount Pleasant, Iowa


ZABITOSKY, Fred William (Vietnam War) Lumbee Memorial Gardens (Columbarium), Pembroke, North Carolina
Most sources recorded his place of action as Vietnam but it actually took place in Laos. In September 1991 the Army officially corrected his record with a new General Order.

ZEAMER, Jr., Jay (World War II) Arlington National Cemetery (Section 34, Grave 809-4), Arlington, VA
As part of the Profiles of Valor book, Mr. Zeamer gave an interview about his MoH action. Click here to watch it:

ZIEGNER, Herman (Indian Campaigns) Calvary Cemetery (3rd Cav, Section 17, Range 8, Plot F, Grave 16), Woodside, New York

ZION, William F. (China Relief) Chattanooga National Cemetery (Section U, Site 40), Chattanooga, Tennessee

ZUIDERVELD, William (Mexican Campaign) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section A1, Grave 9B), San Diego, California

ZUSSMAN Raymond (WWII) The Machpelah Cemetery (Section 6, Row 15, Lot 17, Grave 2380), Ferndale, Michigan