ADAMS, John Gregory Bishop (Civil War) Pine Grove Cemetery (Aspen Ave, Lot 3), Lynn, MA LAT 42.4796 LON -70.9612

ALLEN, Nathaniel M. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Central Avenue, Lot 33), Acton, MA LAT 42.4791 LON -71.4254

AMES, Adelbert (Civil War) Hildreth Family Cemetery, Lowell, MA LAT 42.6612 LON -71.3088

ANDERSON, Frederick Charles (Civil War), Dighton Community Church Cemetery (Section 2, Site 50), Dighton, MA LAT 41.8177 LON -71.1333

ATKINSON, Thomas E. (Civil War) ‘In Memory Of’ marker at Civil War monument in Greenlawn Cemetery, Salem, MA LAT 42.5319 LON -70.9045
Actually buried in unknown cemetery on Island of San Lorenzo, Peru

BAKER, Benjamin Franklin (Spanish American) Old Swan Lake Cemetery (Lot 228), Dennisport, MA LAT 41.6774 LON -70.1277

BARNES, III John Andrew (Vietnam) Brookdale Cemetery (Veterans Hill Section, Range 3, Lot 63V), Dedham, MA LAT 42.2521 LON -71.1638

BEAUDOIN, Raymond Ovila (WWII) Notre Dame Cemetery (Section C, Lot 307, Grave 2), South Hadley, MA  LAT 42.2334 LON -72.5770

- BENSON, James (Interim) Woodlawn Cemetery (Astral Place, Grave 28), Everett, MA LAT 42.4224 LON -71.0340

BIBBER, Charles James (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Pilgrims Rest, Lot 152, Range 1, South Side), Everett, MA LAT 42.4221 LON -71.0329

Bibber also has an IMO at Rumney Marsh Burial Ground, Revere, MA; GSP not available.

BICKFORD, John Fairfield (Civil War) Mount Pleasant Cemetery (either Lot 46 1/2 or 190), Gloucester, MA LAT 42.6109 LON -70.6446

BLACKMAR, Wilmon Whilldin (Civil War) Cedar Grove Cemetery (Prospect Section 10, Lot 52, Grave 6), Dorchester, MA

BOODY, Robert M. (Civil War) Greenwood Cemetery, Haverhill, MA LAT 42.7992 LON -71.0191

BOSS, Orlando Phidelio (Civil War) Laurel Hill Cemetery (Laurel Avenue, Laurel Hill, Lot 322), Fitchburg, MA LAT42.5808 LON -71.8043

BRESNAHAN, Patrick Francis (Interim) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Avenue 2, Lot 24), Salem, MA

BROWNELL, William P. (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section GG, Lot 31, Grave 8), New Bedford, MA LAT 41.6442 LON -70.9432

BRYANT, Andrew Symmes (Civil War) Springfield Cemetery (Section 17, R-11), Springfield, MA LAT 42.1041 LON -72.5739

CAMPBELL, Daniel J. (Spanish American) Mount Hope Cemetery (Spanish American War Lot, Grave 2, Row 11, Highland Ave), Mattapan, MA LAT 42.2834 LON -71.1058

CARNEY, William Harvey (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section LL, Lot 78, Grave 7), New Bedford, MA LAT 41.6458 LON -70.9432

CARSON, Anthony J. (Philippines) New Calvary Cemetery (Section 20A, Grave 2651), Mattapan, MA LAT 42.2782 LON -71.1009

CASEY, David P. (Civil War) St Patrick’s Cemetery (Cavalry Section, Lot 110), Northbridge, MA LAT 42.1298 LON -71.6458

CHADWICK, Leonard B. (Spanish American) Mount Hope Cemetery (Spanish American War Lot, Grave 25, Row 4 {possibly 9}, Highland Ave), Mattapan, MA LAT 42.2835 LON -71.1054

CHANDLER, Henry Flint (Civil War) West Parrish Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 29), Andover, MA LAT 42.6580 LON -71.1688

CHANDLER, James B. (Civil War) Vine Hill Cemetery (Lot 1191), Plymouth, MA LAT 41.9531 LON -70.6756

COPP, Charles Dearborn (Civil War) Middle Yard Cemetery (3rd row between 2 gates), Lancaster, MA LAT 42.4485 LON -71.6763

COSGROVE, Thomas (Civil War) Munroe Cemetery (GAR Lot 400, Grave 1), Lexington, MA LAT 42.4451 LON -71.2191

CRAIG, Gordon Maynard (Korea) Village of Elmwood Cemetery, East Bridgewater, MA LAT 42.0094 LON -70.9592

DEANE, John Milton (Civil War) Assonet Burial Grounds (Section 2, Lot 6), Freetown, MA LAT 41.7904 LON -71.0741

DEFRANZO, Arthur Frederick (WWII) Riverside Cemetery (Vet’s Lot Grave 3), Saugus, MA LAT 42.4609 LON -71.0062

DELAND, Frederick Nelson (Civil War) Mahaiwe Cemetery (near “Reed” Mausoleum), Great Barrington, MA LAT 42.1835 LON -73.3658

DENEEF, JR Michael James (Interim) Brookedale Cemetery (1355F-8S), Dedham, MA

DENNIS, Richard True Name Dennis Donallen(Civil War) Holy Cross (Path 44, N Maple Ave, Grave 2 East), Malden, MA LAT 42.4297 LON -71.0371

DEWERT, Richard David (Korea) Massachusetts National Cemetery (Section 5, Grave 167), Bourne, MA LAT 41.6734 LON -70.5793

DICKENS, Charles H. (Indian Campaigns) St. John’s Cemetery (Pacific Section, Row 5, Lot 42), Worcester, MA  Buried as John Coleman LAT 42.2409 LON -71.8192

DORAN, John James (Spanish American) St. Patrick’s Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 251, Grave 3), Fall River, MA

DOWNEY, William (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 147), New Bedford, MA LAT 41.6399 LON -70.9601

DUFFEY, John (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section I, Lot 21, Grave 7), New Bedford, MA  Buried as John Duffy  LAT 41.6429 LON -70.9421

EDDY, Samuel E. (Civil War) Mount Cemetery, West Chesterfield, MA LAT 42.4176 LON -72.8751

ELLIOTT, Russell C. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (400 Laurel Hill, “C” Path), Everett, MA  LAT 42.4199 LON -71.0413

FALLS, Benjamin Frank (Civil War) Pine Grove Cemetery (Soldiers Lot, Section W, Row 1, Grave 8), Lynn, MA LAT 42.4798 LON -70.9617

FOSS, Herbert Louis (Spanish American) Fort Hill Cemetery (Section 13, Lot 75, Grave 2), Hingham, MA LAT 42.2329 LON -70.9050

FOX, John Robert (WWII) Colebrook Cemetery (Lot 664, Lot 665, Grave 6), Whitman, MA LAT 42.0845 LON -70.9296

GARDNER, Charles N. (Civil War) Washington Street Cemetery (Section C, Lot 3), Norwell, MA LAT 42.1602 LON -70.8619

GAY, Thomas H. (Indian Campaigns) Woodlawn Cemetery (Lot 264), Attleboro, MA LAT 41.9513 LON -71.2884

GAYLORD, Levi B. (Civil War) Cohasset Central Cemetery, Cohasset, MA LAT 42.2463 LON -70.8079

GEORGE, Daniel Griffin (Civil War) Locust Grove Cemetery, Merrimac, MA LAT 42.8270 LON -70.9989

GIFFORD, David L. (Civil War) South Dartmouth Cemetery (Lot 390), South Dartmouth, MA LAT 41.5952 LON -70.9491

GIDDING, Charles (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery (Section A, Lot 13.35, Grave 1), Waltham, MA Buried as Charles J. Giddings

GILE, Frank S. (Civil War) Ridgewood Cemetery (Plot 1, Lot 164), North Andover, MA LAT 42.6799 LON -71.1036

GILL, Freeman (Spanish American) Woodlawn Cemetery (Fernwood Lot 1115, “K” Path), Everett, MA LAT 42.4199 LON -71.0419

GISBURNE, Edward Allen (Mexico) Milton Cemetery (Circle Ave, Lot 3485), Milton, MA LAT 42.2531 LON -71.0609

GRACE, Patrick Henry (Korea 1871) Holyhood Cemetery (Lot 56, Grave 1), Brookline, MA  Buried as Henry P Grace LAT 42.3200 LON -71.1688

GRIFFITHS, John (Civil War) Sailors Home Cemetery, Wollaston, MA  Buried as John Griffith  LAT 42.2695 LON -70.9998

GRISWOLD, Luke M. (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section A, Grave 297), Springfield, MA Cemetery GPS: LAT 42.1225 LON -72.5677

HADLEY, Osgood Towns (Civil War) Rural Cemetery (Section 11 East), Southboro, MA LAT 42.3017 LON -71.5291

HALL, George John (WWII) St. Patrick’s Cemetery (NW Singles, Lot 939), Stoneham, MA LAT 42.4937 LON -71.0903

HANLEY, Richard P. (Indian Campaigns) Holy Cross (Section Pine Ave, Grave 34 Rear West), Malden, MA LAT 42.4298 LON -71.0351

HANSON, Robert Murray (WWII) Newton Cemetery (IMO Section L, Lot 118), Newton Center, MA LAT 42.3327 LON -71.2121

HARRISON, George H. (Civil War) Forest Dale Cemetery (Section 24, Lot 185), Malden, MA LAT 42.4397 LON -71.0630

HASKELL, Marcus M. (Civil War) Beechwood Cemetery, Centerville, MA LAT 41.6568 LON -70.3488

HATHAWAY, Edward W. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (2147 Radiant Path), Everett, MA LAT 42.4196 LON -71.0348

HAWKINS, Gardner C. (Civil War) Lindenwood Cemetery (Dell Path, Lots 68 and 70, Grave 5), Stoneham, MA LAT 42.4834 LON -71.1069

HENDRICKSON, Henry (Spanish American) Mt Hope Cemetery (Elm Grove, Lot 4105), Mattapan, MA LAT 42.2848 LON -71.1084 Cemetery rules are one headstone per grave. As such he is not eligible for a MoH headstone.

HESSELTINE, Francis Snow (Civil War) Wyoming Cemetery (Spruce and Wilken Avenues, Lot 617), Melrose, MA LAT 42.4457 LON -71.0622

HILL, William Lowell (Interim) Lindenwood Cemetery (Lot 939, Grave 2), Stoneham, MA LAT 42.4828 LON -71.1092

HOLEHOUSE, James (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (White Oak Avenue, Lot 3308, Grave 3), Fall River, MA LAT 41.7070 LON -71.1361

HOMAN, Conrad (Civil War) Edwards Cemetery (Section F, Lot 15), Framingham, MA LAT 42.3292 LON -71.4001

HORTON, Lewis Augustine (Civil War) Forest Hills Cemetery (Section 8, Field of Machpelah, Path E, Grave 141), Jamaica Plains, MA LAT 42.2932 LON -71.1105

HOUGHTON, Edward J. (Civil War) Holyhood Cemetery (Maingnon Ave, Row L), Brookline, MA LAT 42.3204 LON -71.1642

HOWARD, Martin (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Path 23 N. Monument Ave, Grave 45 West), Malden, MA  Buried as Michael C Horgan LAT 42.4286 LON -71.0371

HOWARD, Squire Edward (Civil War) Newton Cemetery (Section G, Lot 47), Newton Center, MA LAT 42.3317 LON -71.2132

HOWE, William H. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (913 Zephyr Path), Everett, MA LAT 42.4207 LON -71.0360

HUNTER, Charles Adams (Civil War) Pine Grove Cemetery (East Central Ave, Lot 286), Spencer, MA LAT 42.2548 LON -72.0059

JELLISON, Benjamin H. (Civil War) Elmwood Cemetery (Elm Place Section, Lot 199), Haverhill, MA LAT 42.7654 LON -71.0713

JOHNSON, Elden Harvey (WWII) Union Cemetery (Lot 91), Scituate, MA LAT 42.1895 LON -70.7317

KEATING, Daniel (Indian Campaigns) Holy Cross Cemetery (Path North Lake Avenue, Tier 11, Grave 6 West), Malden, MA LAT 42.4293 LON -71.0369

KENNA, Barnett (Civil War) Cherry Hill Cemetery (Section C, GAR Lots 155/156), Gloucester, MA LAT 42.6244 LON -70.6803

KNIGHT, Charles H. (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section 4, Lot 1429), Springfield, MA LAT 42.1214 LON -72.5646

KUCHNEISTER, Hermann Wilhelm (Spanish American) Winthrop Cemetery (Pilgrim Path Lot 578, Grave 2), Winthrop, MA LAT 42.3753 LON -70.9816
The USMC is now stating that his true name is Kuchmeister.

KYLE, Patrick J. (Interim) Mount Calvary Cemetery (Section 2, Row 4, Grave 10), Roslindale, MA LAT 42.2783 LON -71.1112

LAFFEY, Bartlett (Civil War) Mount Calvary Cemetery (Section 5, Range 39, Grave 49), Roslindale, MA LAT 42.2789 LON -71.1089

LARKIN, David (Indian Campaigns) St. Paul’s Cemetery (Lot 172 & 174 Sixtus Ave & Lot 171 & 173 Alexander Path), Arlington, MA LAT 42.4067 LON -71.1344

LEONARD, Edwin (Civil War) The White Church Cemetery (Center Section, Isle 30, Lot 1), West Springfield, MA LAT 42.1151 LON -72.6251

LOCKE, Lewis (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section South, Range 31, Lot 14), Northampton, MA Buried as Louis Tacy LAT 42.3364 LON -72.6529

LOVERING, George Mason (Civil War) Union Cemetery (Section R), Holbrook, MA

LUNT, Alphonso M. (Civil War) Cambridge Cemetery (Acorn Path, Lot 264A), Cambridge, MA LAT 42.3675 LON -71.1380

LUTHER, James Hezikiah (Civil War) Westville Cemetery (Lot 126), Taunton, MA LAT 41.8859 LON -71.1306

MACK, Alexander (Civil War) St. Patrick’s Cemetery (Section 11, Lot 172), Fall River, MA LAT 41.7275 LON -71.1282

MACK, John (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section 6, Row 6, Lot 8), Lynn, MA  Buried as Michael Connelly LAT 42.4901 LON -70.9698

MACKENZIE, John (WWI) Forest Dale Cemetery (Section R, Lot 113), Holyoke, Ma LAT 42.2074 LON -72.6235

MAHONEY, Jeremiah (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Path St. Joseph Ave, Grave 118, Rear West), Malden, MA LAT 42.4304 LON -71.0340

MANNING, Joseph S. (Civil War) Old North Cemetery, Ipswich, MA LAT 42.6848 LON -70.8430

MATHEWS, George William (Philippines) St. John’s Cemetery (Cavalry Section, possibly Lot 38, Range 9), Worcester, MA LAT 42.2421 LON -71.8180

MATTHEWS, David A. (Indian Campaigns) St. John’s Cemetery (Trinity Lot 40, Range 8, Grave 40), Worcester, MA LAT 42.2412 LON -71.8213

MAXHAM, Lowell Mason (Civil War) Mayflower Hill Cemetery (Section 14, Lot 32), Taunton, MA LAT 41.9194 LON -71.0875

MAYNARD, George Henry (Civil War) Mount Feake Cemetery (Woodburn Path, Section F, Lot 2042), Walthan, MA LAT 42.2412 LON -71.8213

MCFARLAND, John C. (Civil War) St. Patrick’s Cemetery (Edson Cemetery, New Part No. 2 S.R.), Lowell, MA LAT 42.6190 LON -71.3062

MONTI, Jared Christopher (Afghanistan) Massachusetts National Cemetery (Section 11, Site 38), Bourne, MA

MOORE, Philip (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Holy Cross Cemetery (6 North St. James Ave, Grave 25 West), Malden, MA

MUNSELL, Harvey May (Civil War) Mount Auburn Cemetery (Mistletoe Path, Lot 3398), Cambridge, MA LAT 42.3729 LON -71.1479

MURRAY, William Henry (China) Oak Grove Cemetery (Mystic Lawn Section, O, Lot 61), Medford, MA LAT 42.4302 LON -71.1362

NEE, George Henry (Spanish American) Forest Hills Cemetery (Poinsettia Path, Range A, Lot 8120), Jamaica Plains, MA LAT 42.2944 LON -71.1024

NEILON, Frederick S. (Indian Campaigns) St. Paul’s Cemetery (Lot 175 & 177 Calixtus Path), Arlington, MA LAT 42.4071 LON -71.1352

NEWLAND, William D. (Civil War) Prospect Hill Cemetery (Old Section, Lot 35), Millis, MA LAT 42.1675 LON -71.3670

O’BRIEN, Oliver Albert (Civil War) St. Ann’s Oak Hill Cemetery, Gloucester, MA LAT 42.6240 LON -70.6716

O’CALLAHAN, Joseph Timothy (WWII) Holy Cross College Cemetery (Plot: 1st Row, 1st Grave), Worcester, MA LAT 42.2390 LON-71.8070

O’REGAN, Michael (Indian Campaigns) St Patrick’s Cemetery (Section 19, Lot 324), Fall River MA LAT 41.7265 LON -71.1263

OSBORNE, William Henry (Civil War) Village of Elmwood Cemetery, East Bridgewater, MA LAT 42.0091 LON -70.9587

OUELLET, David George (Vietnam) Woodlawn Cemetery (Lot 684), Wellesley, MA LAT 42.2944 LON -71.2800

OUELLETTE, Joseph R. (Korea) St. Joseph’s Cemetery (Section R, Lot 766), East Chelmsford, MA LAT 42.6046 LON -71.3153

PERKINS, Michael J. (WWI) New Calvary Cemetery (Section 1), Mattapan, MA LAT 42.2812 LON -71.1035

PINKHAM, Charles H. (Civil War) Hope Cemetery (Section 51, Lot 5889) (Possibly Lot 324, Grave RC), Worcester, MA LAT 42.2357 LON -71.8273

PLUNKETT, Thomas (Civil War) Hope Cemetery (Section 43, Lot 2501), Worcester, MA LAT 42.2380 LON -71.8321

POOLE, William B. (Civil War) Pine Grove Cemetery (Bignonia Path, Lot 32, Grave 3), Lynn, MA LAT 42.4793 LON -70.9617

POWER, John Vincent (WWII) St. John’s Cemetery (Section D, Lot 4, Range 9, Grave 4, Worcester, MA LAT 42.2405 LON -71.8216

REED,Charles Wellington (Civil War) Mount Auburn Cemetery (Elm Avenue, Lot 1995), Cambridge, MA LAT 42.3745 LON -71.1475

RILLEY, John Phillip (Spanish American) Greenlawn Cemetery (Lot 2751, Evlalia Path), Salem, MA LAT 42.5334 LON -70.9020

ROANTREE, James S. (Civil War) Mount Calvary Cemetery (Section 10 E, Lot S, Row 5, Grave 5 & 6), Roslindale, MA LAT 42.2757 LON -71.1093

ROBBINS, Marcus Morton (Indian Campaigns) Pittsfield Cemetery (Section Pontoosuc Hill, Lot S 1/2 8, Grave 2), Pittsfield, MA LAT 42.4684 LON -73.2592

ROBERTS, Charles Church (Interim) Prospect Hill Cemetery (Big Bowl), Millis, MA LAT 42.1656 LON -71.3661

ROBINSON, John H. (Civil War) St. Benedict Cemetery (Section F, Grave 347), West Roxbury, MA LAT 42.2985 LON -71.1672

ROCHE, David (Indian Campaigns) Hope Cemetery (Section 66, Lot 120, Grave RF1), Worcester, MA LAT 42.2350 LON -71.8276

SCOTT, Joseph Francis (Spanish American) Cambridge Cemetery (Mayflower Path, Lot 4716B), Cambridge, MA LAT 42.2350 LON -71.8276

SMITH, Frank Elmer (China Relief) Mount Hope Cemetery (Highland Ave 2102, Spanish-American War Lot, Grave 23, Row 1), Boston, MA LAT 42.2834 LON -71.1056

SNOW, Elmer A. (Indian Campaigns) Highland Cemetery (Old Part Lot 199, possibly Grave 6), Athol, MA LAT 42.5881 LON -72.2113

SPICER, William (Spanish American) Mount Hope Cemetery (Veteran Section, Lot 2102 Ext., Grave 2 R 10), Boston, MA LAT 42.2834 LON -71.1056

STEVENS, Daniel Dickerson (Civil War) Walnut Grove Cemetery, Danvers, MA Buried as Daniel D Stephens LAT 42.0763 LON -71.6226

SULLIVAN, Edward (Spanish American) Prospect Hill Cemetery, Uxbridge, MA LAT 42.0762 LON -71.6226

SULLIVAN, James F. (Interim Awards 1871-1898) True Name: Michael J. Garvey. St. Patricks Cemetery (Yard 6, Range 34, Lot 34) Lowell, MA LAT 42.6203 LON -71.3068

SWEATT, Joseph Sewell Gerrish (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Oak Ave, Lot 55, Grave 3), Medford, MA LAT 42.4349 LON -71.1337

TALBOT, Ralph (WWI) Mount Wollaston Cemetery (Old Section Lot 23, Grave 9), Quincy, MA LAT 42.2578 LON -70.9959

TAYLOR, Joseph (Civil War) Edson Cemetery (Lot 31, Range 2, Grave 3), Lowell, MA

TAYLOR, Richard Hamilton (Interim) Evergreen Cemetery (Pine Grove Section, Grave 821), Brighton, MA LAT 42.3382 LON -71.1640

THIELBERG, Henry (Civil War) Forest Hills Cemetery (Section 22, Lot 3762, Grave 2), Boston, MA LAT 42.29072 LON -71.10965

TOBIN, John Michael (Civil War) Mount Auburn Cemetery (Chestnut Avenue, Thomas Cass Lot, Lot 1049), Cambridge, MA LAT 42.3703 LON -71.1426

TRACY, Charles H. (Civil War) Fairview Cemetery (Veterans Section), Chicopee, MA LAT 42.1401 LON -72.5883

VERNEY, James W. (Civil War) Cedar Grove Cemetery (Range H, Oak Hill Section, Grave 150), Dorchester, MA LAT 42.2761 LON -71.0591

VITTORI, Joseph (Korea) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Lot 441), Beverly, MA LAT 42.5708 LON -70.8752

WAGNER, John W. (Civil War) Forest Hills Cemetery (Section 21, Maple Avenue, Lot 3805), Jamaica Plains, MA LAT 42.2912 LON -71.1080

WALSH, John J. (Civil War) St. Benedict’s Cemetery, Springfield, MA LAT 42.1199 LON -72.5830

WARD, James (Indian Campaigns) New Calvary Cemetery (Section 1, Grave 793), Mattapan, MA LAT 42.2812 LON -71.1023

WEINERT, Paul H. (Indian Campaigns) Milton Cemetery (Willow Ave {Linden Path} Lot 906), Milton, MA LAT 42.2912 LON -71.1080

WELCH, Richard (Civil War) Eastlawn Cemetery (Old Section, Lot 30), Williamstown, MA LAT 42.7080 LON -73.1940

WELSH, James (Civil War) St Paul Cemetery (Section D), Blackstone MA LAT 42.0183 LON -71.5148

WEST, Walter Scott (Spanish American) Rock Hill Cemetery (End of Ridge Ave, Section 16, Lot 723-1), Foxboro, MA LAT 42.0590 LON -71.2553

WHITMAN, Frank M. (Civil War) Riverview Cemetery (Lot 510), Groveland, MA LAT 42.7704 LON -71.0239

WHITTLESEY, Charles White (WWI) Lost At Sea in Atlantic between NY and Cuba  IMO in Pittsfield Cemetery (Lot #1 in Walnut Hill Section), Pittsfield, MA LAT 42.4661 LON -73.2604

WILKIN, Edward G. (WWII) Longmeadow Cemetery (Division 2, Range 4, Lot 8), Longmeadow, MA LAT 42.04799 LON -72.5806

WILLIS, George (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Oak Grove Cemetery (Lot 339, Grave 10), Medford, MA LAT 42.434563  LON -71.134294

WRIGHT, Samuel Cole (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section 254, Grave 1), Plymouth, MA LAT 41.9521 LON -70.6731