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ALLEN, William (Indian Campaigns) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 48, Grave 2), San Francisco, CA LAT 37.8001 LON -122.4635

ALVARADO, Leonard L. (Vietnam War) Greenlawn Memorial Park (Holy Cross Lakeside SPC #, Lot D, Block 64), Bakersfield, CA LAT 35.4064 LON -118.9874

ANDERSON, JR.  James (Vietnam) Lincoln Memorial Park (Section M, Lot 6, Grave 23), Compton, CA  LAT 33.8812   LON -118.2496

ARTHER, Matthew, Buried as Matthew Arthur, (Civil War) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 16, Site 1), San Francisco, CA LAT 37.79971 LON -122.46331

BADDERS, William (Interim) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section A, Row 788A {possibly grave 7}), San Francisco, CA LAT 37.7995 LON -122.4649

BAKER, JR. Edward Lee (SpanAm) Rosedale Memorial Park (Section 3, Lot 130, Grave 2 SE), Los Angeles, CA  LAT 34.0422   LON -118.2955

BALCH, John Henry (WWI) Riverside National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 1925), Riverside, CA  LAT 33.8858 LON -117.2769

BARRETT, Carlton William (WWII) Napa Valley Memorial Gardens (Garden of Peace, Lot 4, Grave E), Napa, CA  LAT 38.2617   LON -122.27201

BATES, Norman Francis (Civil War) Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Section D, Lot 23, Space 3), Glendale, CA  LAT 34.12459    LON -118.25033

BEAUFORD, Clay (Indian Campaigns) Rosedale Memorial Park (Section N, Lot 100, Grave 2 NE), Los Angeles, CA Buried as Welford C Bridwell LAT 34.0431   LON -118.2974

BENNETT, Edward Andrew (WWII) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section 2B, Grave 10714A), San Bruno, CA LAT 37.6349 LON -122.4381

BERTOLDO, Vito R. (WWII) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section C, Grave 52A), San Bruno, CA LAT 37.6328 LON -122.4329

BIEGLER, George Wesley (Philippines) Hollywood Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 170, Grave 3), Hollywood, CA   LAT 34.0395   LON -118.3197

BISHOP, Charles Francis (Mexico) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section O, Grave 4562), San Diego, CA  LAT 32.6853 LON -117.2433

BOND, William S. (Civil War) Sunrise Memorial Cemetery (GAR Section {BU}, Block 15, Lot 4, Grave 2), Vallejo, CA  LAT 38.1180   LON -122.2623

BOWEN, Emmer (Civil War) Rosedale Memorial Park (Section 6, Lot 480, Grave 1SE), Los Angeles, CA  LAT 34.0431   LON -118.2951

BRADLEY, JR. Willis Winter (WWI) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section O, Grave 2925), San Diego, CA  LAT 32.6863 LON -117.2435

BROCK, George F. (Interim Awards 1899-1910) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section WS, Site 129-A), San Francisco, CA
Buried as George Rock, true name likely Brock

BUCKLES, Abram J. (Civil War) Fairfield Cemetery (IOOF Plot 71, Grave 1), Fairfield, CA  LAT 38.2609  LON -122.041

CAMPBELL, Albert Ralph (China) Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Section M, Lot 712, Space 2), Glendale, CA  LAT 34.12024    LON -118.24772

CARR, Chris (WWII) Los Angeles National Cemetery (Section 275, Row G, Grave 15), Los Angeles, CA Legally changed name from Karaberis under which name the Medal was awarded. LAT 34.0585 LON -118.4492

CARTER, Mason (Indian Campaigns) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section PS4, Grave 102), San Diego, CA LAT 32.6899 LON -117.2447

CAYER, Ovila (F) Garden of Memory Park (Old Section, Block 26, Lot 5), Salinas, CA  LAT 36.6571  LON -121.6389

CHAPMAN, John (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section B, Row 23, Area 22, Grave 3), Colma, CA  Buried as Charles F Kauffman  LAT 37.6720  LON -122.4481

CLAPP, Albert Adams (Civil War) San Gabriel Cemetery (Block M Lot 59/60 Grave 4), San Gabriel, CA  LAT 34.1127  LON -118.1087

CLAUSEY, John Joseph (Interim) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section C, Grave 121B), San Bruno, CA LAT 37.6331 LON -122.4327

COEY, James (Civil War) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 89, Grave 1), San Francisco, CA LAT 37.8001 LON -122.4638

CONNELL, Trustrim (Civil War) Rosedale Memorial Park (Section I, Lot 160, Grave 1SW), Los Angeles, CA  LAT 34.0416  LON -118.1892

CONNOR, Peter Spencer (Vietnam) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section AE, Grave 1005), San Diego, CA  LAT 32.6835 LON -117.2441

COONEY, James (China) Mare Island Shipyard Cemetery (10, Lot 93), Vallejo, CA  LAT 38.0797  LON -122.2529

CRONAN, William S. (Interim) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section T, Grave 534), San Diego, CA  LAT 32.6884 LON -117.2453

DAHLGREN, John Olof (China) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section Z, Grave 1950), San Bruno, CA LAT 37.6367 LON -122.4379

DAVID, Albert Leroy (WWII) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section OS, Grave 125A), San Diego, CA  LAT 32.6885 LON -117.2441

DAVIS, Harry Clay (Civil War) Pomona Cemetery (Block E, Lot 64, Space 2), Pomona, CA  LAT 34.0385  LON -117.7442

DAY, Matthias Walter (Indian Campaigns) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 11, Grave 2), San Francisco, CA LAT 37.8001 LON -122.4632

DAY, James Lewis (WWII) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section P, Grave 1748), San Diego, CA  LAT 32.6872 LON -117.2445

DEAN, SR. William Frishe (Korea) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section GHT, Grave 353A), San Francisco, CA LAT 37.7996 LON -122.4631

DEIGNAN, Osborn Warren (SpanAm) Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Whispering Pines, Lot 1165, Space 6), Glendale, CA  LAT 34.12538    LON -118.25082

DENHAM, Austin (Interim) Calvary Cemetery (Section B, Tier 2, Grave 38), Los Angeles, CA  LAT 34.0242  LON -118.1745

DESIDERIO, Reginald Benjamin (Korea) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section OS, Row 128, Grave 20), San Francisco, CA LAT 37.7998 LON -122.4639

DESOMER, (DE SOMER) Abraham (Mexico) IMO at San Francisco National Cemetery (MA, Grave 15), San Francisco, CA LAT 37.8008 LON -122.4625

DESWAN (DE SWAN), John Francis (SpanAm) Golden Gate National Cemetery (Section R, Grave 195A), San Bruno, CA LAT 37.6362 LON -122.4283

DEVORE, JR. Edward Allen (Vietnam) Green Hills Memorial Park (Ocean View Section, Plot 513, Space H), San Pedro, CA  LAT 33.7733  LON -118.3106

DUNAGAN, Kern Wayne (Vietnam) San Francisco National Cemetery (Section WS, Grave 117, Lot I), San Francisco, CA LAT 37.8006 LON -122.4632

DUNPHY, Richard D. (Civil War) St. Vincent’s Cemetery (Section I, Lot 1054), Vallejo, CA  LAT 38.0889  LON -122.2103

DURAN, Jesus S. (Vietnam War) Olivewood Memorial (North Lawn, Division 1, Grave 64, Space 3), Riverside, CA [may be moved to Riverside Nat’l.] LAT 33.9553 LON-117.3770

DYER, Jesse Farley (Mexico) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section P, Grave 1606), San Diego, CA  LAT 32.6875 LON -117.2445

EHLE, John Walter (SpanAm) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section T, Row 35, Grave 15), Oakland, CA  LAT 37.8365  LON -122.24093

EHLERS, Walter David (World War II) Riverside National Cemetery (Section 20A, Grave 644), Riverside, CA LAT 33.8775 LON- 117.2711

ELDRIDGE, George H. (Indian Campaigns) Los Angeles National Cemetery (Section 37, Row B, Grave 1), Los Angeles, CA LAT 34.0636 LON -118.4541

ELLIOTT, Middleton Stuart (Mexico) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (Section P, Grave 2628), San Diego, CA  LAT 32.6864 LON -117.2444

ELLSWORTH, Thomas Foulds (Civil War) Mountain View Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 757), Altadena, CA  LAT 34.1854  LON -118.1486

ESTOCIN, Michael John (Vietnam) Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery (IMO Section MA, Grave 112); San Diego, CA LAT 32.6893 LON -117.2464

EVANS, JR. Donald Ward (Vietnam) Oakdale Memorial Park (Elm Lawn, Lot 29, Space 3), Glendora, CA  LAT 34.1122  LON -117.8753

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