ADKINSON, Joseph B. (WWI) Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Section B, Row 10, Lot 20A), Atoka, TN LAT 35.4364 LON -89.7338

BONNYMAN, Jr., Alexander (WWII) Returned from KIA/MIA in 2015. Highland Memorial Cemetery Garden (Section 18, Lot 45, Grave 1) Knoxville, TN LAT 35.94346 LON -83.99290

BUCK, Frederick Clarence (Civil War) Mountain Home National Cemetery (Section F, Row 1, Grave 9), Johnson City, TN LAT 36.3130 LON -82.3761

BUHRMAN, Henry G. (Civil War) Mountain Home National Cemetery (Section C, Row 2, Grave 12), Johnson City, TN LAT 36.3125 LON -82.3761

CANTRELL, Charles P. (SpanAm) Nashville National Cemetery (Section 1, Site 132), Madison, TN

CARR, John (Indian Campaigns) Nashville National Cemetery (Section KK, Site 16550), Nashville, TN

CECIL, Joseph Samuel (Philippine Insurrection) In Memory Of marker in Reed Cemetery, New River, TN Actually buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

COOLEY, Raymond Henry (WWII) Cumberland View Cemetery (near flag pole), Jasper, TN LAT 35.0438 LON -85.6814

DOSS, Desmond Thomas (WWII) Chattanooga National (Section P, Site 6399A), Chattanooga, TN

DUKE, Ray E. (Korea) Chattanooga National Cemetery (Section Z, Site 373), Chattanooga, TN

GARDNER, James Alton (Vietnam) Fairview Cemetery (Block 16, Lot 26 S 1/2), Dyersburg, TN LAT 36.0460  LON -89.3721

GILLENWATER, James Robert Lee (Philippines) Highland Cemetery (Section 3), Rogersville, TN LAT 36.4140 LON -82.9973

GREEN, Francis C. (Indian Campaigns) Nicholas Cemetery (Cemetery abandoned; headstones destroyed  – Marker on Court House Lawn), Erin, TN LAT 36.3190 LON -87.6933

HARRISON, Bolden Reush (Philippines 1911) Savannah Cemetery, Savannah, TN LAT 35.2196 LON -88.2481

HUFF, Paul Bert (WWII) Hillcrest Cemetery (Grandview Section, Lot 250, Space 1), Cleveland, TN LAT 35.1464 LON -84.8869

KARNES, James Ernest (WWI) Greenwood Cemetery (Section 8, Lot 2, Grave 9), Knoxville, TN LAT 36.0318 LON -83.9138

KINSER, Elbert Luther (WWII) Solomon Lutheran Church Cemetery, Greeneville, TN LAT 36.0414 LON -82.8675

LEMERT, Milo (WWI) Crossville City Cemetery (next to large flagpole), Crossville, TN LAT 35.9523 LON -85.0166

LYELL William Franklin (Korea) Nashville National Cemetery (Section 1, Site 151), Madison, TN

MCGAHA, Charles L. (WWII) Union Cemetery (New Section At Flag Pole), Newport, TN LAT 35.9564 LON -83.1867

MCGARITY, Vernon (WWII) Memorial Park Funeral Home and Cemetery (Woodlawn Section, Lot 1114, Space 7), Memphis, TN
LAT 35.1139 LON -89.8748

MCGILL Troy A. (WWII) Knoxville National Cemetery (Section B, Grave 6294), Knoxville, TN

RAY, David Robert (Vietnam) Mountain View Cemetery, McMinnville, TN LAT 35.6978  LON -85.7658

ROBERTSON Samuel (Civil War) Chattanooga National Cemetery (Section H, Site 11177), Chattanooga, TN

ROBINSON James H. (Civil War) Memphis National Cemetery (Section H, Grave 4131), Memphis, TN

ROOD, Oliver P. (Civil War) Mount Olivet Cemetery (Section S.G.4, Lot 14), Nashville, TN LAT 36.1490 LON -86.7369

ROSS Marion A. (Civil War) Chattanooga National Cemetery (Section H, Site 11179), Chattanooga, TN

SCOTT John Morehead (Civil War) Chattanooga National Cemetery (Section H, Site 11182), Chattanooga, TN

SINGLETON, Walter Keith (Vietnam) Memory Hill Gardens (Masonic Garden, Lot 243, Block C, Space 1), Memphis, TN LAT 35.2286  LON -89.7883

SLAVENS, Samuel (Civil War) Chattanooga National Cemetery (Section H, Site 11176), Chattanooga, TN

SMITH, Thomas (Civil War) Mountain Home National Cemetery (Section C, Row 1, Grave 4), Mountain Home, TN LAT 36.3129 LON -82.3765

SPILLANE, Timothy (Civil War) Knoxville National Cemetery (Section A, Grave 3319), Knoxville, TN

SPURRIER, Junior James (WWII) Mountain Home National Cemetery (Section HH, Row 15, Grave 8), Johnson City, TN LAT 36.3111 LON -82.3767

STOUT, Mitchell William (Vietnam) Virtue Cemetery, Concord, TN LAT 35.8531  LON -84.1795

TALLEY, Edward R. (WWI) Bent Creek Cemetery, Whitesburg, TN LAT 36.2610 LON -83.1429

WARD, Calvin John (WWI) Glenwood Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 88, Space 11), Bristol, TN LAT 36.5626 LON -82.2008

WILLIS, John Harlan (WWII) Rose Hill Cemetery (Section S), Columbia, TN LAT 35.6054 LON -87.0291

YORK, Alvin Cullium (WWI) Wolf River Cemetery (by large flag pole), Pall Mall, TN LAT 36.5476 LON -84.9544

ZION, William F. (China) Chattanooga National Cemetery (Section U, Site 40), Chattanooga, TN