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SABO, Leslie H. (Vietnam War)
Holy Redeemer Cemetery (Memory Garden, Row 3, Lot 2), Ellwood City, PA LAT 40.8257 LON -80.2913

SANDS, William (Civil War) Charles Evans Cemetery (Section C, Lot 395), Reading, PA LAT 40.3519 LON -75.9325

SAYERS, Foster Joseph (WWII) Schenck Cemetery, Howard, PA LAT 41.0107 LON -77.6772

SCHEIBNER, Martin E. (Civil War) Charles Evans Cemetery (Section 50, Lot 42), Reading, PA LAT 40.3573 LON -75.9318

SCHOONMAKER, James Martinus (Civil War) Homewood Cemetery (Section 14, Lot 83), Pittsburgh, PA LAT 40.4432 LON -79.9079

SCOTT, John Wallace (Civil War) Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church Cemetery (6-26), Parkesburg, PA LAT 39.9729 LON -75.9199

SEITZINGER, James M. (Civil War) Christ Church Cemetery, Fountain Springs, PA LAT 40.7718 LON -76.3286

SELLERS, Alfred Jacob (Civil War) Mount Vernon Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA LAT 39.9988 LON -75.1873

SHANES, John (Civil War) Lantz Cemetery, Brave, PA LAT 39.7259 LON -80.2437

SHIEL, John (Civil War) Greenmount Cemetery  (Section O, Singles Lot 1410), Philadelphia, PA Buried as John Spiel  LAT 40.0195 LON -75.1202

SHIPMAN, William (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section 3, Range 11, Lot 36, Grave 2), Yeadon, PA  LAT 39.9283 LON -75.2568

SHOMO, William Arthur (WWII) St. Clair Cemetery (Section D, Lot 134-D, Grave 2), Greensburg, PA LAT 40.2999 LON -79.5166

SHUGHART, Randall David (Somalia) Westminster Cemetery, Section Garden of Benediction, Lot 230-C, Space 4) (Possibly 230-G, Space 2), Carlisle, PA LAT 40.2042  LON -77.2264

SHUTES, Henry (Civil War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 2, Row 22, Grave 1), Philadelphia, PA

SIMPSON, D. Henry Lakin (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Mount Zion Cemetery, Collingdale, PA. Buried in mass grave having been reinterred from New Jerusalem Burial Ground which closed.

SITMAN, William S. (Korea) Logan Valley Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 22), Bellwood, PA LAT 40.5929  LON -78.3306

SLUSHER, Henry C. (Civil War) Lone Pine Cemetery (Lot 71), Lone Pine, PA LAT 40.0720 LON -80.1672

SMITH, John (Civil War-U.S.S. Richmond) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 3, Row 5, Site 12), Philadelphia, PA LAT 39.93650 LON -75.24103″

SMITH, Theodore F. (Indian Campaigns) Arlington Cemetery (Woodlawn Section, Lot 237, Grave 2), Drexel Hill, PA   (Buried as Theodore Schmidt)  Lat 39.9554 Lon -75.2910

SOWERS, Michael (Civil War) St. Columbkille Cemetery (Old Section XVI-6), Imperial, PA Buried as Michael Sauers LAT 40.4546 LON -80.2529

SPEICHER, Clifton T. (Korea) Beam Cemetery (Row G, Grave 9), Jennerstown, PA LAT 40.1302  LON -79.1122

SPRINGER, George (Indian Campaigns) Mount Olivet Cemetery (Section L, Lot 56), New Cumberland, PA  Lat 40.2147 Lon -76.8563

STOCKMAN, George Henry (Civil War) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Lot 398, Providence Section, Grave 1), Bala-Cynwyd, PA LAT 40.0193 LON -75.2243

STOREY, John Hamilton Reid (Civil War) Laurel Hill Cemetery (Section V, Lot 74), Philadelphia, PA LAT 40.0005 LON -75.1871

TAYLOR, Anthony (Civil War) St. James the Less Episcopal Church Cemetery (Lot 345), Philadelphia, PA LAT 40.0039 LON -75.1824

TAYLOR, SR. Karl Gorman (Vietnam) Independence Cemetery, Independence, PA LAT 40.2538  LON -80.4913

TEYTAND, August P. (Interim) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 5, Row 4, Grave 5), Philadelphia, PA Buried as August P Teytard

THAYER, James (Interim) Old Cathedral Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA 

THOMAS, Hampton Sidney (Civil War) Lawnview Cemetery (Broad Lawn, Section 20, Lot 26), Rockledge, PA LAT 40.0801 LON -75.0951

THOMPSON, James B. (Civil War) Old Churchill Cemetery (Rice Section), Port Royal, PA  THOMPSON, JAMES B LAT 40.5172 LON -77.3935

THOMPSON, William (Civil War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 2, Row 14, Grave 12), Philadelphia, PA

THOMPSON, Joseph Henry (WWI) Beaver Falls & Memorial Park (Section A, Lot 55), Beaver Falls, PA  Lat 40.7606 Lon -80.3463

TRAUTMAN, Jacob (Indian Campaigns) South Side Cemetery (Soldier’s Section K), Pittsburgh, PA Lat 40.4006 Lon -79.9952

TROUT, James M. (Interim) Fernwood Cemetery (Section 18, Lot 80, Center Grave), Fernwood, PA Buried as Joseph M. Trout. LAT 39.9424 LON -75.2532

TRUETT, Alexander H. (Civil War) Mount Moriah (USNP, Plot 3, Row 1, Grave 30), Philadelphia, PA LAT 39.9327 LON -75.2413.

VANDERSLICE, John Mitchell (Civil War) St. James Perkiomen Cemetery (Right side of Cemetery Entrance), Evansburg, PA LAT 40.1803 LON -75.4283

VAUGHN, Pinkerton Ross (Civil War) Laurel Hill Cemetery (Section 16, Lot 412), Philadelphia, PA  VAUGHN, PINKERTON ROSS LAT 39.9988 LON -75.1892

VEALE, Moses (Civil War) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Lot 716, Moreland Section, Grave 3), Bala-Cynwyd, PA  VEALE, MOSES LAT 40.0194 LON -75.2210

WALTON, George Washington (Civil War) Oxford Cemetery (Section C, 14), Oxford, PA LAT 39.7908 LON -75.9801

WARFEL, Henry Clay (Civil War) Philipsburg Cemetery (#166), Philipsburg, PA  LAT 40.8875 LON -78.2117

WHITE, John Henry (Civil War) Arlington Cemetery (Melrose Section, Lot 480, Grave 2), Drexel Hill, PA
LAT 39.9566 LON -75.2864

WILLIAMS, Elwood N. (Civil War) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Edgewood Section, Lot 668), Bala Cynwyd, PA LAT 40.0176 LON -75.2235

WILLIAMS, Henry (Interim) West Laurel Hill Cemetery (Lot 100, Edgewood Section, Grave 1), Bala-Cynwyd, PA  Lat 40.0169 Lon -75.2283

WILLIAMS, John (Civil War) (U.S.S. Pawnee) Mt. Moriah Naval Cemetery (Section 1, Row 4, Site 14), Philadelphia, PA LAT 39.9365 LON -75.2391

WILSON, Alfred Leonard (WWII) Maple Grove Cemetery, Fairchance, PA LAT 39.8183 LON -79.7631

WILSON, Francis A. (Civil War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 149, Lot 259), Philadelphia, PA LAT 39.9354 LON -75.2411

WILSON, Milden H. (Indian Campaigns) Erie Cemetery (Section 5 Singles, Row E, Grave 49), Erie, Pennsylvania

WRAY, William J. (Civil War) Philadelphia Memorial Park (AMC-Division F, Section 1, Lot 32, Grave 1), Frazer, PA LAT 40.0508 LON -75.5797

YOUNG, Andrew J. (Civil War) Jefferson Cemetery, Jefferson, PA  LAT 39.9348 LON -80.0547

YOUNG, Edward B. (Civil War) Rosedale Memorial Park, Bensalem, PA LAT 40.1354 LON -74.9537

YOUNG, William (Civil War) Erie Cemetery (16 SGL, Row C, Grave 24), Erie, PA LAT 42.1098 LON -80.0836

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