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LAFFERTY John see John Laverty

LANDIS, James Parker (Civil War) Holy Communion Lutheran Cemetery (Lot 11A), Yeagertown, PA LAT 40.64293 LON -77.58168

LAVERTY John (Interim) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 3, Row 3, Grave 17), Philadelphia, PA

LAWS, Robert Earl (WWII) Blair Memorial Park (Garden of Vesperis, Lot 90F, Space 1), Bellwood, PA  LAT 40.6034 LON -78.3226

LEAR Nicholas (Civil War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 3, Row 3, Grave 3), Philadelphia, PA

LEONARD, William Edman (Civil War) Jacksonville Cemetery, Wind Ridge PA LAT 39.9125 LON -80.4333

LEWIS, Dewitt Clinton (Civil War) Oakland Cemetery (Section F, Lot 29), West Chester, PA LAT 39.9792 LON -75.6215

LILLEY, John (Civil War) First Methodist Cemetery (Row 15), Lewistown, PA LAT 40.5947 LON -77.5839

LOBAUGH, Donald Ronald (WWII) Rimersburg Cemetery, Rimersburg, PA  LAT 41.0473 LON -79.4969

LUTY, Gotlieb (Civil War) Uniondale Cemetery (GAR Section, Grave 152), Pittsburgh, PA LAT 40.4701 LON -80.0250

LYONS Thomas G. (Civil War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 3, Row 4, Grave 3), Philadelphia, PA

MACKIE, John Freeman (Civil War) Arlington Cemetery (Melrose Section, Lot 606, Grave 2), Drexel Hill, PA LAT 39.9568 LON -75.2867

MADDEN, Michael (Civil War) Mount Calvary Cemetery (Block O, Lot 165), Harrisburg, PA LAT 40.2579 LON -76.8655

MARQUETTE, Charles D. (Civil War) Fairview Cemetery (2nd Circle, W. Side), Wrightsville, PA LAT 40.0227 LON -76.5369

MARTIN James (Civil War) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Section 2, Row 24, Grave 19), Philadelphia, PA

MARTIN, Sylvester Hopkins (Civil War) Mount Moriah (Sect 204, Lot 17), Philadelphia, PA LAT 39.9329 LON -75.2351

MATHIES, Archibald (WWII) Finleyville Cemetery (Section C (By Flag Pole), Finleyville, PA LAT 40.2513 LON -80.0192

MATTHEWS, John C. (Civil War) Homewood Cemetery (Section 3, Lot 179), Pittsburgh, PA LAT 40.4432 LON -79.9103

MCADAMS, Peter (Civil War) St. John the Baptist Cemetery (Section F, Range 2, Tier East, Square XXII), Philadelphia, PA LAT 40.0253 LON -75.2191

MCCAUSLIN, Joseph (Civil War) West Alexander Cemetery (Section B, Lot 18), West Alexander, PA LAT 40.1111 LON -80.5084

MCCLELLAND, Mathew (Civil War) Mount Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA.
Was originally believed to be in a mass grave at Rosedale Memorial Park, Bensalem PA. He is not there but an IMO marker is currently at that location. This may be removed as the VA now knows of the true burial.
IMO GPS and Map:

MCDONALD, James Harper (Interim) Fishing Creek Cemetery (60-B), Roulette, PA Lat 41.8175 Lon -78.1429

MCGONAGLE, Wilson (Civil War) Summit United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Butler, PA LAT 40.8067 LON -79.8502

MCKEEVER, Michael (Civil War) Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (Section I, Range 16, Lot 19), Philadelphia, PA LAT 40.0861 LON -75.1730

MCKOWN, Nathaniel A. (Civil War) Sunnyside Cemetery, Tunkhannock, PA LAT 41.5397 LON -75.9305

MCVEIGH, John J. (WWII) Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (Section 32, Range 21, Lot 13), Philadelphia, PA LAT 40.0865 LON -75.1705

MEARS, George W. (Civil War) Old Rosemont Cemetery (Lot 523, Southeastern Division), Bloomsburg, PA LAT 41.0052 LON -76.4575

MERLI, Gino Joseph (WWII) Mother of Sorrow Cemetery (Mausoleum near left side of entrance), Finch Hill, PA LAT 41.6118 LON -75.5579

MESSERSCHMIDT, Harold O. (WWII) Christ White Church Cemetery, Hometown, PA LAT 40.8292 LON -76.0233

MILLER, James (Civil War) Fernwood Cemetery (Section 29, Lot 620), Philadelphia, PA LAT 39.9447 LON -75.2549

MILLER, John (Civil War) Northwood Cemetery (Section Elm, Lot 240), Philadelphia, PA
Buried as Henry Fey LAT 40.0608 LON -75.1453

MILLER William Edward (Civil War) Gettysburg National Cemetery (Officers Section, Grave 8), Gettysburg, PA

MILLS, Frank W. (Civil War) St. John’s Reformed Church Cemetery, Chicora, PA LAT 40.9547 LON -79.7479

MINICK, John W. (WWII) Westminster Cemetery (Monument Section F, Lot 304, Space 2), Carlisle, PA LAT 40.2046 LON -77.2242

MONAGHAN, Patrick H. (Civil War) St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Girardville, PA LAT 40.7930 LON -76.2877

MORGAN, William David (Vietnam) Mount Lebanon Cemetery (Section 8, Lot 44), Pittsburgh, PA LAT 40.3820  LON -80.0412

MORRISON, Francis (Civil War) Sugar Grove Cemetery (SW-11), Ohiopyle, PA LAT 39.8730 LON -79.4886

MOSTOLLER, John William (Civil War) I.O.O.F. Cemetery (Section 3, Grave 34), Stoystown, PA LAT 40.1001 LON -78.9588

MULHOLLAND, St. Clair Agustin (Civil War) Old Cathedral Cemetery (South Border, Lot 154 {Mausoleum}), Philadelphia, PA LAT 39.9698 LON -75.2234

MURPHY, Edward F. (Indian Campaigns) Old Cathedral Cemetery (Section H, Range 9, Lot 43, Grave East), Philadelphia, PA Lat 39.9721 Lon -75.2215

MURPHY, Patrick (Civil War) Trinity Cemetery, (Section R, Lot 16), Erie, PA. LAT 42.1022 LON -80.1515

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