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O’BEIRNE, James Rowan (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Cavalary, Section 7, Range 9, Plot II, Grave 14), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7342 LON -73.9317

O’BRIEN, William Joseph (WWII) St. Peter’s Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 23), Troy, NY LAT 42.7570  LON -73.6627

O’DONOGHUE, Timothy (Civil War) Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (Section L, GAR Plot, Tier 2, Grave 27), Rochester, NY LAT 43.2144 LON -77.6353

OLIVER, Paul Ambrose (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 78, Lots 3212/28733), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6530 LON -73.9904

OLSEN, Anton (SpanAm) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 9158), Brooklyn, NY

O’NEILL, Richard William (WWI) Gate of Heaven Cemetery (Section 22, Lot 488, Grave 19), Hawthorne, NY LAT 41.0845 LON -73.7932

ORR, Charles Alvin (Civil War) Forest Lawn Cemetery (Section 12, NE Pt. Lot 7), Buffalo, NY LAT 42.9233 LON -78.8655

O’SULLIVAN, John Francis (Indian Campaigns) Calvary Cemetery (3rd Cav, Section 19, Range 5, Plot AA, Grave 17), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7392 LON -73.9151

OVIATT, Miles M. (Civil War) Pleasant Valley Cemetery (Section 36, Lot 36), Olean, NY LAT 42.1251 LON -78.4099

PACKARD, Loron F. (Civil War) Cuba Cemetery (Old Section), Cuba, NY LAT 42.2215 LON -78.2699

PATTERSON, John Henry (Civil War) Albany Rural Cemetery (Section 42, Lot 13), Albany, NY LAT 42.7058 LON -73.7318

PECK, Archie A. (WWI) Evergreen Cemetery, Sinclairville, NY LAT 42.2687 LON -79.2570

PELHAM, William (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (St Marks Section, Range M, Plot 12), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6471 LON -73.9419

PETERS, Lawrence David (Vietnam) Chenango Valley Cemetery, Binghamton, NY LAT 42.1479  LON -75.8809

PLIMLEY, William (Civil War) Catskill Rural Cemetery (Section 12, Lot 12), Catskill, NY LAT 42.2347 LON -73.8793

POND, James Burton (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Lawn Plot, Section 70, Lot 6393), Bronx, NY LAT 40.8884 LON -73.8704

POTTER, Norman F. (Civil War) Delphi Falls Baptist Church Cemetery, Delphi Falls, NY LAT 42.8773 LON -75.9142

POWERS, John James (WWII) Woodlawn Cemetery (IMO) BALSAM PLAT Section 176 Lot 17244 (Cenotaph), Bronx, NY LAT 40.8828  LON -73.8738

PUTNAM, Edgar Pierpont (Civil War) Lake View Cemetery (Highland Section, Lot 86), Jamestown, NY LAT 42.1119 LON -79.2387

QUICK, Joseph (Interim) Evergreen Cemetery (Nain Section, Lot 773) [not a typo], Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6879 LON -73.8944

QUINLAN, James (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 1W, Ave U, Plot 7, Grave 7), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7341 LON -73.9282

RAFFERTY, Peter F. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 10, Plot 259, Grave 14/15), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7360 LON -73.9310

RAY, Bernard James (WWII) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 6), Farmingdale, NY

REID, Patrick (Interim) St John’s Cemetery (Section 20, Row S, Grave 287), New York, NY LAT 40.7170 LON -73.8632

REYNOLDS, George Reynolds (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Northmeade Section, #3228), Brooklyn, NY (Grave is currently unmarked-Request for VA headstone has been submitted)

RICHARDS, Louis (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Mt. Hermon Section, Lot 3564), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6872 LON -73.8978

RIDDELL, Rudolph R. (Civil War) Madison Street Cemetery (Section 1B, Lot 1), Hamilton, NY LAT 42.8337 LON -75.5458

ROBERTS, James (Civil War) Bath National Cemetery (Section I, Row 26, Grave 2), Bath, NY

ROBINSON, John Cleveland (Civil War) Spring Forest Cemetery (Section D, Lot 20), Binghamton, NY LAT 42.1123 LON -75.9229

RODENBURG, Henry (Indian Campaigns) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 5825), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6876 LON -73.8820

ROOSEVELT, SR Theodore (SpanAm) Young’s Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay (Long Island), NY LAT 40.8703  LON -73.5064

ROOSEVELT, JR Theodore (WWII) IMO Young’s Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay (Long Island), NY LAT 40.8700  LON -73.5065

ROSSBACH, Valentine (Civil War) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 5427), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6876 LON -73.8828

ROUNTRY, John (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section Letters, Range Q, Plot 120), Brooklyn, NY
Buried as John Rountree LAT 40.6456 LON -73.9403

RUTHERFORD, John T. (Civil War) Brookside Cemetery, Waddington, NY LAT 44.8577 LON -75.1954

SAGELHURST, John Christopher (Civil War) Forest Lawn Cemetery (Section 14, S 1/2 Lot 124), Buffalo, NY
Buried as John C Segelhurst LAT 42.9236 LON -78.8603

SANCRAINTE, Charles Francis (Civil War) United German & French RC (Plot: Section JJ, Lot 59), Buffalo, NY
Buried as Charles F Sanscrainte LAT 42.9245 LON -78.7887

SARTWELL, Henry (Civil War) Fish Hill Cemetery, Fort Ann, NY LAT 43.5284 LON -73.5099

SCHAEFER, Joseph Edward (WWII) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 80), Farmingdale, NY

SCHEPKE, Charles Stephen (Interim) The Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery (Map 5, Lot 9365), Middle Village, NY LAT 40.7153 LON -73.8959

SCHILLER, John (Civil War) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 5, Grave 3), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6881 LON -73.8822

SCOTT, Robert B. (Indian Campaigns) Prospect Hill Cemetery (Section I, Lot 14), Argyle, NY LAT 43.2381 LON -73.4804

SHEA, Charles William (WWII) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 71A), Farmingdale, NY

SHEMIN, William (World War I) Baron Hirsch Cemetery, New York, (Staten Island) NY LAT 40.6207 LON -74.1538

SHERIDAN, James (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Maple Row Section, Range B, Plot 49), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6468  LON -73.9380

SHOUP, Curtis F. (WWII) North Scriba Union Cemetery (Lot 290, Grave 8), Scriba, NY LAT 43.4887  LON -76.3918

SHUBERT, Frank (Civil War) Prospect Hill Cemetery (3rd Street, Lot 151), Canojaharie, NY LAT 42.8928 LON -74.5670

SIMMONS, John (Civil War) Andes Cemetery, Andes, NY LAT 42.1839 LON -74.7888

SKELLIE, Ebenezer (Civil War) Mina Cemetery, Mina, NY LAT 42.1370 LON -79.6741

SLADEN, Joseph Alton (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section IV, Row B, Grave 033), West Point, NY LAT 41.3988 LAT 73.9676

SMITH, Alonzo (Civil War) St. Stephen’s  Cemetery, Middleport, NY

SMITH, David Lafayette (Civil War) Pleasant Valley Cemetery (Block 26, Lot 2, Grave 5), Olean, NY LAT 42.1252 LON -78.4110

SMITH, James A. (China Relief) Mount St. Marys Cemetery (Section 3, Plot C, Grave 18),
Flushing, NY (Not eligible for MoH headstone due to cemetery one marker per lot rule.
Grave is unmarked.) LAT 40.7396 LON -73.8012

SMITH, Richard (Civil War) Mount Repose Cemetery (Veterans Plot, along road), Haverstraw, NY LAT 41.1956 LON -73.9724

SMITH, Willard M. (Civil War) Elm Lawn Cemetery (Catalpa Lawn, Grave 4 ), Buffalo, NY LAT 42.9912 LON -78.8683

SMITH, Wilson (Civil War) Rome Cemetery (Section J, Lot 66, Grave 2), Rome, NY LAT 43.2398 LON -75.4674

SMITH, Eugene P. (Interim) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 7742), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6875 LON -73.8815

SMITH, Wilhelm (Interim) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Gravae 9493), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6871 LON -73.8816

STARKINS, John H. (Civil War) Zion Episcopal Church Cemetery, Little Neck, NY LAT 40.7663 LON -73.7434

STEWART, Peter (China) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, 7303), Brooklyn, NY

STONE, JR. Lester Raymond (Vietnam) Chenango Valley Cemetery, Binghamton, NY LAT 42.1477  LON -75.8777

STOUT, Richard (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Section 18, Lot 34), Owego, NY LAT 42.1111 LON -76.2659

STREILE, Christian (Civil War) The Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery (Map 3A, Section Public 21,  Row 9, Grave 78), Middle Village, NY LAT 40.7076 LON -73.8868

STRYKER, Robert Francis (Vietnam) Pine Hill Cemetery, Throopsville, NY LAT 42.9786  LON -76.5879

SULLIVAN, James (Civil War) Coeymans Hollow Cemetery, Coeymans Hollow, NY
Buried as Peter Van Hoesen  LAT 42.4675 LON -73.8846

SWEENEY, Robert Augustus (Interim) Calvary Cemetery (Cemetery has no record), Woodside, NY
Double recipient

SWIFT, Harlan J. (Civil War) Cuba Cemetery, Cuba, NY LAT 42.2222 LON -78.2693

TANNER, Charles B. (Civil War) Greenfield Cemetery (Section 8, Lot 146, Grave 5), Hempstead, NY LAT 40.6916 LON -73.6043

TERRY, John Darling (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Butternut Plot, Section 141, Lot 14454), Bronx, NY LAT 40.8937 LON -73.8775

THACKRAH, Benjamin (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 33), Fort Johnson, NY LAT 42.9589 LON -74.2260

THOMPKINS, George W. (Civil War) Vale Cemetery (Section M-1, Lot 59), Schenectady, NY
Buried as George W Tompkins LAT 42.8064 LON -73.9263

THOMPSON, Henry A. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (2nd Cav, Section 11, Range 35, Plot 0, Grave 9), Woodside, NY Buried as Roderick P Connelly LAT 40.7349 LON -73.9141

THOMPSON, William Henry (Korea) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 19), Farmingdale, NY

TOFFEY, John James (Civil War) Pawling Cemetery, Pawling, NY LAT 41.5862 LON -73.5978

TOY, Frederick Ernest (Indian Campaigns) Riverdale Cemetery (Section 7 Lot 186), Lewiston, NY LAT 43.1458 LON -79.0351

TRACY, Benjamin Franklin (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 139, Lot 27142), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6528 LON -73.9837

TRACY, William Gardner (Civil War) Oakwood Morningside Cemetery (Section 24, Lot 21), Syracuse, NY LAT 43.0311 LON -76.1378

TREMAIN, Henry Edwin (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Spruce Plot, Section 37, Lot 3507), Bronx, NY

TRIBE, John (Civil War) Halsey Valley Cemetery (Old Section, near tool house), Halsey Valley, NY LAT 42.1365 LON -76.4470

TROY, Jeremiah (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Holy Cross Cemetery (Letters Section, Range J, Space 99), Brooklyn, NY

UHRL, George (Civil War) The Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery (Map 5, Section 15, Lot 6132), Middle Village, NY Buried as George Uhrie LAT 40.7153 LON -73.8959

VALENTE, Michael (WWI) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 60A), Farmingdale, NY

VOSLER, Forrest Lee “Woody” (World War II) IMO at Cedar Lake (Goodier) Cemetery in Herkimer County, NY
Actually buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

WALKER, Mary Edwards (Civil War) The Rural Cemetery (Section Acre), Oswego, NY LAT 43.4247 LON -76.5494

WALL, Jerry C. (Civil War) Greenmount Cemetery (Section A), Dansville, NY LAT 42.5446 LON -77.6838

WALLING, William Henry (Civil War) Bayside Cemetery (Section I, Lot 69), Potsdam, NY LAT 44.6574 LON -74.9872

WALSH, James Aloysius (Mexico) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 47A), Farmingdale, NY

WAMBSGAN, Martin (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 21, Lot 97), Syracuse, NY LAT 43.0744 LON -76.1318

WARREN, JR. John Earl (Vietnam) Long Island National Cemetery (Section O, Grave 33144), Farmingdale, NY

WEBB, Alexander Stewart (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XXI, Row C, Grave 032), West Point,NY LAT 41.3996 LON -73.9672

WEBB, James W. (Civil War) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 7401), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6871 LON -73.8828

WEEKS, John Henry (Civil War) Hartwick Seminary Cemetery, Hartwick Seminary, NY LAT 42.6467 LON -74.9639

WEIR, Henry Cary (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 13957), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6496 LON -73.9952

WEISBOGEL, Albert (Interim) Holy Cross Cemetery (Diamond Section, Range D, Grave 132), Brooklyn, NY
Buried in group grave, marker reads McCue  LAT 40.6489 LON -73.9402

WELCH, Stephen (Civil War) Allegany Cemetery (Block 1, Lot 39), Allegany, NY LAT 42.0962 LON -78.4923

WELLS, Thomas McCoy (Civil War) East DeKalb Cemetery (Lot G-3), DeKalb Junction, NY LAT 44.4849 LON -75.3022

WHITE, Patrick H. (Civil War) St. Agnes Cemetery (Section 19, Lot 1), Albany, NY LAT 42.7039 LON -73.7256

WILBUR, William Hale (WWII) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section VII, Row C, Grave 148), West Point, NY LAT 41.3987  LON -73.9679

WILKENS, Henry (Indian Campaigns) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 5325), Brooklyn, NY

WILKES, Henry (Civil War) Beverwyck Cemetery, Rensselaer, NY LAT 42.6579 LON -73.7271

WILL, Walter J. (World War II) IMO at Saint Josephs Cemetery, West Winfield, NY
Actually buried in A.B.M.C. Netherlands American Cemetery (Plot D, Row 3, Grave 32), Margraten, Netherlands

WILLETT, Louis Edward (Vietnam) St. John’s Cemetery (Section 37, Range M, Plot 24), Middle Village, NY LAT 40.7116  LON -73.8707

WILLIAMS, John (Civil War) (U.S.S. Mohican) Holy Cross Cemetery (St. Johns Section, Range 0, Plot 106), Brooklyn, NY

WILLIAMS, Leroy (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery (Section 7B, Lot 326, Grave 7), Niagara Falls, NY LAT 43.0974 LON -79.0469

WILLIAMS, Louis (Interim) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 6, Grave 12616), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6893 LON -73.8832

WILSON, Christopher W. (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Tulip Grove Section, SW 1/2 Lot 107), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6870 LON -73.9006

WILSON, John Moulder (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XXIII, Row A, Grave 005), West Point, NY LAT 41.3993 LON -73.9664

WINEGAR, William W. (Civil War) Nondago Cemetery (Section F, Lot 47), Bath, NY LAT 42.3417 LON -77.3041

WISNER, Lewis S. (Civil War) Hillside Cemetery (Sections 13 & 14, Lot 642), Middletown, NY LAT 41.4434 LON -74.4280

WORAM, Charles B. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Lot A, Range 95, Grave 3), Bronx, NY
Charles E Woran LAT 40.8960 LON -73.8722

WRIGHT, Edward (Civil War) Maple Grove Cemetery (South Border Section, Lot 25, Grave 1), Kew Gardens, NY LAT 40.7069 LON -73.8232

WRIGHT, Raymond Richard “Buzzer” (Vietnam) Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery (Section 7, Site 1035), Schuylerville, NY LAT 43.0287  LON -73.6124

YOUNG, James Marvin (Civil War) Lake View Cemetery (Highland Section, Lot 4), Jamestown, NY LAT 42.1122 LON -79.2389

ZIEGNER, Herman (Indian Campaigns) Calvary Cemetery (3rd Cal, Section 17, Range 8, Plot F, Grave 16), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7366 LON -73.9148

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