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IRWIN, Bernard John Dowling (Indian Campaigns) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XXVIII, Row D, Grave 035), West Point, NY LAT 41.4001 LON -73.9667

JACKSON, Frederick Randolph (Civil War) Smithville Cemetery, Smithville, NY LAT 43.8732 LON -76.1048

JAMIESON, Walter (Civil War) Cypress Hills Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 178 NE 1/2), Brooklyn, NYLAT 40.6956 LON -73.8765

JANSON, Ernest August aka HOFFMAN, Charles F. (World War I) Evergreen Cemetery (Orient Hill Section, Lot 148), Brooklyn,  New York Double Recipient

JETTER, Bernhard (Indian Campaigns) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 1), Brooklyn, NY

JOHANNESSEN, Johannes J. (Interim) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 7425), Brooklyn, NY

JOHNDRO, Franklin (Civil War) Glens Falls Cemetery (Plot 6, Lot 24), Glens Falls, NY LAT 43.3212 LON -73.6511

JOHNSON, Follett (Civil War) Pine Grove Cemetery, Massena, NY LAT 44.9355 LON -74.8914

JOHNSTON, Edward (Indian Campaigns) Lake View Cemetery (Purchase Section South 4, Lot 377, Grave 4), Penn Yan, NY LAT 42.6622 LON -77.0652

JUDGE, Francis W. (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 207, Lot 31870), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6518 LON -73.9895

JULIAN, Joseph Rodolph (WWII) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 12), Farmingdale, NY

KAISER, John (Civil War) Forest Lawn Cemetery (Section 8, Lot 231-234), Buffalo, NY LAT 42.9250 LON -78.8664

KAPPESSER, Peter (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 31, Lot 9), Syracuse, NY LAT 43.0756 LON -76.1315

KAROPCZYC, Stephen Edward (Vietnam) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 5A), Farmingdale, NY

KATES, Thomas Wilbur (China) Flushing Cemetery (Section KPC, Lot 3162), Flushing, NY LAT 40.7498 LON -73.7972

KAUSS, August (Civil War) Hurley Cemetery, Hurley, NY LAT 41.9216 LON -74.0583

KEARNEY, Michael (SpanAm) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. Mary, Plot 1332, North Grave), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6461 LON -73.9373

KEDENBURG, John James (Vietnam) Long Island National Cemetery (Section 2H, Grave 3684), Farmingdale, NY

KEENE, Joseph (Civil War) Grand View Cemetery, Whitesboro, NY LAT 43.1218 LON -75.2969

KELLY, Thomas (SpanAm) Post Barracks Cemetery (Q6), Plattsburg, NY LAT 44.6867 LON -73.4469

KENYON, John Snyders (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery Section 27, Lot 74), Syracuse, NY LAT 43.0316 LON -76.1381

KENYON, Samuel P. (Civil War) Lakeview Cemetery (Lot 130), Richfield Springs, NY LAT 42.8458 LON -74.9806

KIGGINS, John (Civil War) Bath National Cemetery (Section H, Row 32, Grave 9), Bath, NY

KING, Horatio Collins (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 76, Lot 33), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6518 LON -73.9895

KING, Robert Henry (Civil War) Albany Rural Cemetery (Section 18, Lot 15), Albany, NY LAT 42.7082 LON -73.7317

KINNAIRD, Samuel W. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 7, Range 15, Plot K, Grave 13/14), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7339 LON -73.9314

KLINE, Harry (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 29, Lot 37), Syracuse, NY Buried as Henry Klein LAT 43.0763 LON -76.1295

KNOX, Edward M. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Lawn Plot, Section 58, Lot 6141), Bronx, NY LAT 40.8890 LON -73.8705

KOELPIN, William (Indian Campaigns) The Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery (Map 3A, Section Public 20,  Row 10, Grave 206), Middle Village, Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.7084 LON -73.8879

KRAMER, Franz (SpanAm) Calvary Cemetery (3rd Cav, Section 31, Range 12, Plot L, Grave 19), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7390 LON -73.9109

KRAVITZ, Leonard Martin (Korean War) Mount Carmel Cemetery (Section 5, Block E, Lot 535, Grave 3), Glendale, New York
Glendale, NY LAT 40.6910 LON -73.8981

KUDER, Andrew (Civil War) G. Arnold Cemetery (Range South, Section SA, Row 13), Conesus, NY LAT 42.7212 LON -77.6669

LADD, George (Civil War) Bath National Cemetery (Section C, Row 6, Grave 6), Bath, NY

LAING, William (Civil War) IMO at St. George’s Church Cemetery, Hempstead, NY. The marker is by the entrance driveway, there is no grave number.

LANG, George Charles (Vietnam) Holy Rood Cemetery, NY ( Sec 9, Row KK, Plot 101), New York (Long Island) LAT 40.7493  LON -73.5831

LANGBEIN, Johann Christoph Julius (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Cherry Plot, Section 103, Lot 12592), Bronx, NY LAT 40.8940 LON -73.8739

LANGHORN, Garfield McConnell (Vietnam) Riverhead Cemetery, Riverhead, NY LAT 40.9258  LON -72.6697

LAWTON, Louis Bowen (China) Fort Hill Cemetery (Ridgeland, Lot 184, Grave 9), Auburn, NY LAT 42.9234 LON -76.5716

LEE, James H. (Civil War) The Rural Cemetery (Section Acre), Oswego, NY LAT 43.4244 LON -76.5499

LEONARD, William F. (World War II) Cold Springs Cemetery, (Section 7, Lot 64, Grave 4), Lockport, NY
LAT 43.1853 LON -78.6538

LEVY, Benjamin Bennett (Civil War) Cypress Hills Cemetery (Section 9, Lot 538, Grave 170), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6985 LON -73.8788

LEWIS, William B. (Indian Campaigns) Beechwoods Cemetery (Section 7, Range 3, Grave 3), New Rochelle, NY LAT 40.9053 LON -73.7964

LIBAIRE, Adolph (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section E/F, Lot 19638), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6564 LON -73.9868

LONSWAY, Joseph (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery, Clayton, NY LAT 44.2272 LON -76.0774

LORD, William (Civil War) The Lutheran Cemetery (Lot 469), Middle Village, NY LAT 40.7117 LON -73.8866

LORISH, Andrew Jackson (Civil War) Forest Hills Cemetery (Section F, Lot 6), Attica, NY LAT 42.8607 LON -78.2864

LOVE, George Maltby (Civil War) Forest Lawn Cemetery (Section F, Lot 67), Buffalo, NY LAT 42.9293 LON -78.8642

LOW, George  (Interim Awards 1871-1898) St. Michaels Cemetery (City Mission – Row 29, Grave 9), East Elmhurst, NY
LAT 40.7652 LON -73.9009

LOZADA, Carlos James (Vietnam) Long Island National Cemetery (Section T, Grave 2295), Farmingdale, NY

LUCAS, Andre Cavaro (Vietnam) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section VII, Row C, Grave 160), West Point, NY LAT 41.3985  LON -73.9679

LUDWIG, Carl (Civil War) Flushing Cemetery (Section 1, Division A, Plot 3, Grave 4), Flushing, NY LAT 40.7534 LON -73.8011

LUTES, Franklin W. (Civil War) Glenside Cemetery, Wolcott, NY LAT 43.2225 LON -76.8117

LYMAN, Joel H. (Civil War) Randolph Cemetery (Section D), Randolph, NY LAT 42.1603 LON -78.9931

MANGAM, Richard Christopher (Civil War) Maple Grove Cemetery, Worcester (Otsego County) NY  Buried as Richard Mangan LAT 42.5943 LON -74.7512

MARSH, Albert (Civil War) Randolph Cemetery (Section C), Randolph, NY LAT 42.1605 LON -78.9924

MARTIN, Edward S. (Civil War) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 5966), Brooklyn, NY  Buried as Edwin Martin

MATHEWS, William Henry (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery Section 185, Lot 23377), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6459 LON -73.9874

MAXWELL, John (SpanAm) Friends (Quaker) Cemetery (Section 1, Block D, Plot 31), Westbury, NY LAT 40.7649 LON -73.5848

MCCARTON, John (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Buried as McCartin, true name McCarton. Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. Peter, Row N, Plot 37), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6470 LON -73.9402

MCGOUGH, Owen (Civil War) St. Peter’s Cemetery, Troy, NY LAT 42.7569 LON -73.6664

MCHUGH, John aka John McCue (Indian Campaigns) Concordia Cemetery (Saint Stephens, Section U, Block 12), Buffalo, NY LAT 42.9059 LON -78.8201
Buried as John McHugh

MCKNIGHT, William (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 185, Lot 23348), Brooklyn, NY  Buried as William MacKnight  LAT 40.6460 LON -73.9875

MCNAMARA, William (Indian Campaigns) Calvary Cemetery (2nd Cav, Section 12, Range 26, Plot D, Grave 8), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7347 LON -73.9153

MCVEANE, John P. (Civil War) Forest Lawn Cemetery (Section 3, E. Pt, Lot 1), Buffalo, NY  Buried as John P McVean  LAT 42.9231 LON -78.8642

MEACH, George E. (Civil War) Pine Grove Cemetery, Fillmore, NY LAT 42.4592 LON -78.0972

MEAGHER, Thomas (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Range H, Grave 60), Brooklyn, NY Buried as Thomas W. McMarr LAT 40.6475 LON -73.9403

MERRELL, Joseph Frederick (WWII) Saint Peter’s Cemetery (Section XXX, Plot 434, Grave 3), Staten Island, NY LAT 40.6226  LON -74.1155

MERRILL, George (Civil War) Glens Falls Cemetery (Plot 22, Lot 5), Glens Falls, NY LAT 43.3212 LON -73.6511

MILLER, Frank (Civil War) Green-Wood Cemetery (Lot 1947, Section 58), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6542 LON -73.9951

MILLS, Charles (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Lot 894 1/2, Grave 3), Brooklyn, NY  LAT 40.6856 LON -73.8969

MILLS, Albert Leopold (SpanAm) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section IV, Row E, Grave 077), West Point, NY LAT 41.3987 LON -73.9674

MITCHELL, Thomas (Interim) Long Island National Cemetery (Section M, Grave 27661), Farmingdale, NY

MOFFITT, John Henry (Civil War) Mount Carmel Cemetery (Section C, Block 18, Lot 3, Grave 6), Plattsburg, NY LAT 44.6805 LON -73.4612

MONSSEN, Mons (Interim) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section OS, Grave 190), Brooklyn, NY

MONTROSE, Charles H. (Indian Campaigns) Fresh Pont Crematorium (Ashes returned to family), Middle Village

MOORE, Charles (Civil War) St. Michael’s Cemetery (Plot 1, Row 16, Grave 69), East Elmhurst, NY LAT 40.7648 LON -73.8985

MORGAN, James H. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 8, Range 37, Plot EE, Grave 11), Woodside, NY Buried as James H Creevey LAT 40.7352 LON -73.9296

MORIN, William Henry (SpanAm) St. John’s Cemetery (Section 25, Range B, Grave 172), Middle Village, NY LAT 40.7130 LON -73.8628

MORRISON, John G. (Civil War) Cypress Hills Cemetery (Section 9, Lot 359, Grave 1), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6980 LON -73.8805

MORSE, Charles E. (Civil War) Bath National Cemetery (J-4-24), Bath, NY

MURPHY, Charles Joseph (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 4, Range 4, Plot K, Grave 10/11), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7315 LON -73.9292

MURPHY, Michael Cotter (Civil War) Kensico Cemetery (Section 13, Lot 196), Valhalla, NY LAT 41.0796 LON -73.7870

MURPHY, Thomas J. (Civil War) Pound Ridge Cemetery, Pound Ridge, NY LAT 41.1998 LON -73.5728

MURPHY, Michael Patrick (War on Terror-Afghanistan) Calverton National Cemetery (Section 67  Site 3710), Calverton, NY LAT 40.9305  LON -72.8085

MURRAY, Robert Charles (Vietnam) Gate of Heaven Cemetery (Section 43, Lot 6A, Grave 9 {may be 7}), Hawthorne, NY LAT 41.0947  LON -73.7957

NEAHR, Zachariah C. (Civil War) Canajoharie Falls Cemetery (near water pump), Canajoharie, NY LAT 42.8915 LON -74.5717

NELSON, Lauritz (SpanAm) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 2), Farmingdale, NY

NEWMAN, William Henry (Civil War) Heavenly Rest Cemetery, North Branch, NY LAT 41.8073 LON -74.9910

NIETZEL, Alfred B. (World War II) Long Island National Cemetery (Section J, Site 14185), Farmingdale, NY LAT 40.7545 LON -73.3983

NIHILL, John (Indian Campaigns) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 6640), Brooklyn, NY

NOLAN, John J. (Civil War) St. Raymond’s Cemetery (Section 2, Plot 5, Grae 2), Bronx, NY LAT 40.8333 LON -73.8318 Grave does not have a headstone, cemetery rules preclude it.

NOONAN, JR. Thomas Patrick (Vietnam) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 6, Plot 101, Grave 14), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7329  LON -73.9268

NORTON, Llewellyn Powell (Civil War) Elmwood Cemetery (Section 1, Lot 5), Preble, NY LAT 40.8333 LON -73.8318

NUGENT, Christopher (Civil War) St. Raymond’s Cemetery (Section 6, Range 27, Grave 39), Bronx, NY LAT 40.8341 LON -73.8331

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