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D’ALESSONDRO, Peter Joseph (WWII) Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery (Section G12, Site 1), Schuylerville, NY LAT 43.0270  LON -73.6147

DALY, Daniel Joseph (China and Haiti 1915) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 5, Grave 70), Brooklyn, NY

DAVIDSON, Andrew (Civil War) Lakewood Cemetery (Lot 1005), Cooperstown, NY LAT 42.7067 LON -74.9127

DAVIS, Thomas (Civil War) Mount Olivet Cemetery (Section D, Lot 2832A, Grave 17), Maspeth (Queens), NY LAT 42.7193 LON- 73.8964

DE GLOPPER, Charles N. (WWII) Maple Grove Cemetery (Section L), Grand Island, NY LAT 43.0201  LON -78.9463

DI CESNOLA, Louis Palma (Civil War) Kensico Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 1145), Valhalla, NY LAT 41.0811 LON  -73.7853

DICKEY, William Donaldson (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 191, Lot 34493), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6455 LON -73.9873

DIETZ, Robert H. (WWII) Wiltwych Rural Cemetery (Crescent 6, Lot 2), Kingston, NY LAT 41.9215  LON -74.0033

DONALDSON, Michael Aloyisius (WWI) St. Peter’s Cemetery (Section 3, Plot 35, Grave 46), Haverstraw, NY LAT 41.1967 LON -73.9756

DONNELLY, John C. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Section 12, Range 21, Plot K, Grave 3), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7350 LON -73.9160 Grave is not marked, only one headstone per grave as per cemetery rules so he is not eligible for one.

DONOGHUE, Timothy (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. Michael, Range 32, Plot 28), Brooklyn, NY
Buried as Timothy Donahue LAT 40.6460 LON -73.9373

DOODY, Patrick H. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (3rd Cav, Section 30, Range 5, Plot E, Grave 1), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7402 LON -73.9123

DORE, George H. (Civil War) Hornell Rural Cemetery (Lot 550), Hornell, NY LAT 42.3372 LON -77.6761

DOUGHERTY, James (Korea 1871) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 12374), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.4893 LON -73.8831

DUNHAM, Jason L. (Iraq) Fairlawn Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 88, Space 4), Scio, NY LAT 42.1763  LON -77.9715

DUNN, Parker F. (WWI) St. Agnes Cemetery (Section 16, Lot 69), Albany, NY LAT 42.7039 LON -73.7278

EDWARDS, David (Civil War) Waterville Cemetery (Section 5), Waterville, NY LAT 42.9340 LON -75.3791

EILERS, Henry Antone (Interim) Cypress Hills Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 202B, Grave RRC), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6949 LON -73.8737

EMMET, Robert Temple (Indian Campaigns) Beechwoods Cemetery (Section 32, Lot 759, Grave 9), New Rochelle, NY LAT 40.9045 LON -73.7996

ERICKSON, John P. (Civil War) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 15/16, Lot 17263), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6526 LON -74.0009

ERICKSON, Nicholas (Spanish American) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section 15/16, Lot 17263, Grave 1810), Bronx, NY LAT 40.8806 LON -73.8730

EVERETTS, John (Interim) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 36), Farmingdale, NY

EVERSON, Adelbert (Civil War) Riverside Cemetery (Block 4, Lot 24), Brewerton, NY LAT 40.7350 LON -73.9160

FARQUHAR, John McGreath (Civil War) Forest Lawn Cemetery (Section 1, W. Pt., Lot 24), Buffalo, NY LAT 42.9257 LON -78.8645

FASSETT, John Barclay (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Spring Lake Plot, Section 9, Lot 1323), Bronx, NY Buried as John B Fassitt LAT 40.8934 LON -73.8657

FITZGERALD, John (SpanAm) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. Patrick, Range 2, Plot 1, North Grave), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6461 LON -73.9381

FLANNIGAN, James (Civil War) St. Lawrence Cemetery, Louisville, NY LAT 44.9003 LON -75.0158

FOLLETT, Joseph Leonard (Civil War) Albany Rural Cemetery (Section 17, Lot 25), Albany, NY LAT 42.7061 LON -73.7291

FORD, George W. (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 2, Range 26, Plot T, Grave 2), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7347 LON -73.9249

FORMAN, Alexander A. (Civil War) Cypress Hills Cemetery (Section 14, Lot 1414), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6954 LON -73.8699

FOURNIA, Frank Ottis (Spanish American) St. Agnes Cemetery (Section 45, Lot 9, Grave 3), Albany, NY  LAT 42.7022 LON -73.7340

FOX, Nicholas (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (Section AA, Range 3), Port Chester, NY LAT 40.9959 LON -73.6830

FOY, Charles H. (Civil War) Green-wood Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 13324) Brooklyn, New York
LAT 40.6498 LON- 73.9951

FRANKLIN, Joseph John (Spanis American) Cypress Hills Cemetery  (Laurel Green Section, Block 1, Grave 312), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6972 LON -73.8773

FRATELLENICO, Franco R. (Vietnam) IMO Mainstreet, Spencertown, NY LAT 42.3226  LON -73.5454

FREEMAN, William Henry (Civil War) Oakwood Cemetery (Section H, Lot 25), Troy, NY LAT 42.7593 LON -73.6669

FREEMEYER, Christopher (Indian Campaigns) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 5259), Brooklyn, NY

GAFFNEY, Frank Joseph (WWI) United German & French Roman Catholic Cemetery (Section CC, Lot 133, Grave 12), Cheektowga, NY LAT 42.9245 LON -78.7899

GALBRAITH, Robert (Philippines) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 17), Farmingdale, NY

GERBER, Frederick William (Interim) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, 6101), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6869 LON -73.8821

GIFFORD, Benjamin (Civil War) Hinsdale Cemetery, Hinsdale, NY LAT 42.1819 LON -78.3792

GILLESPIE, JR. George Lewis (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section XIII, Row A, Grave 059), West Point, NY LAT 41.3994 LON -73.9673

GINLEY, Patrick (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (3rd Cav, Section 17, Plot 46, Grave 9), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7372 LON -73.9161

GLOVER, Thaddeus Brown (Indian Campaigns) Willow Hill Cemetery, Southold, NY LAT 42.0536 LON -72.4367

GOETTEL, Philip (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery  (Section 28, Lot 134), Syracuse, NY LAT 43.0756 LON -76.1294

GOHEEN, Charles Arthur (Civil War) Honeoye Falls Cemetery (Section B, Lot 110, Grave 2), Honeoye Falls, NY LAT 42.9608 LON -77.5899

GOLDEN, Patrick (Indian Campaigns) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 4316), Brooklyn, NY

GOWAN, William Henry (Interim) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 7), Farmingdale, NY

GRABIARZ, William J. (WWII) St. Stanislaws Cemetery (Plewack Post {WWII Section} Grave 4), Cheektowaga, NY LAT 42.9304   LON -78.7939

GRANT, Gabriel (Civil War) Sleepy Hollow Cemetery (Section 57, Lot 2119), Tarrytown, NY LAT 41.0972 LON -73.8593

GRAVES, Terrence Collinson (Vietnam) Woodlawn Cemetery, Hamilton, NY  Also IMO on Main St, in Groton NY LAT 42.8214  LON -75.5547

GREIG, Theodore W. (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Linden Plot, Section 50, Lot 5392), Bronx, NY LAT 40.8939 LON -73.8698

GRIMES, Edward P. (Indian Campaigns) Cypress Hills National Cemetery (Section 2, Grave 7210), Brooklyn, NY

GRINDLAY, James G. (Civil War) Forest Hill Cemetery (Section 31A, Lot 1168), Utica, NY LAT 43.0782 LON -75.2543

GRUEB, George M. (Civil War) Bath National Cemetery (Section A, Row 2, Grave 3), Bath, NY

GUENETTE, Peter Mathew (Vietnam) Saint John’s Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 10), Troy, NY LAT 42.7811  LON -73.6637

GUMPERTZ, Sydney G. (WWI) Long Island National Cemetery (Section DSS, Grave 65), Farmingdale, NY

HACK, Lester Goodel (Civil War) Mount Hope Cemetery, Ticonderoga, NY LAT 40.8939 LON -73.8698

HAIGHT, John H. (Civil War) East Ripley Cemetery, Ripley, NY LAT 42.2801 LON -79.6682

HALL, Francis Bloodgood (Civil War) Riverside Cemetery (Section S), Plattsburgh, NY LAT 42.2801 LON -79.6682

HALLING, Luovi (Interim) St. Michael’s Cemetery (Plot 7, Row 28, Grave 51), East Elmhurst, NY LAT 40.7626 LON -73.8995

HALLOCK, Nathan Mullock (Civil War) Hillside Cemetery (Section 17, Lot 823), Middletown, NY LAT 41.4419 LON -74.4277

HARING, Abram Pye (Civil War) Canterbury Presbyterian Cemetery (Behind the church), Cornwall on Hudson, NY LAT 41.4352 LON -74.0310

HARLEY, Bernard (Civil War) Holy Cross Cemetery (Section St. James, Range M, Plot 21), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6489 LON -73.9426

HARRIS, Moses (Civil War) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section IV, Row C, Grave 60), West Point, NY LAT 41.3991 LON -73.9676

HART, William E. (Civil War) Drowned in Champlain Canal in Halfmoon NY; place of burial unknown. Cenotaph in Union Cemetery, Halfmoon, NY

HART, William (SpanAm) Green Wood Cemetery (Section 4/5, Lot 21072, Grave 22), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6477 LON -73.6477

HARVEY, Harry (Civil War) Myrtle Hill Cemetery (Block 2, Lot 155), Syracuse, NY Buried as Harry Huckman LAT 43.0453 LON -76.1946

HAWTHORNE, Harris Smith (Civil War) Maple Grove Cemetery, Hoosick Falls, NY Buried as Harris S Hawthorn LAT 42.8905 LON -73.3506

HEARD, John William (Wilkinson) (Spanish American) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section VIII, Row B, Grave 112), West Point, NY LAT 41.3991 LON -73.9676

HEERMANCE, William Laing (Civil War) Oakland Cemetery (Section 2, Lot 136), Yonkers, NY LAT 40.9401 LON -73.8814

HERRON, Francis Jay (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (First Calvary, Section 10, Plot 208, Grave 11), Woodside, NY LAT 40.7358 LON -73.9307

HIBSON, Joseph C. (Civil War) Cypress Hills Cemetery (Locust Grove Section, Block 45, Grave 14142), Brooklyn, NY LAT 40.6993 LON -73.8787

HICKEY, Dennis William (Civil War) St. George’s Cemetery, Newburgh, NY LAT 41.4969 LON -74.0144

HILL, James Samuel (Civil War) Newark Cemetery (Plot 2C-29.5E) Newark, NY

HOBAN, Thomas (Spanish-American War) Calvary Cemetery (Section 40, Range 20, Block G, Grave 15), New York, NY Not eligible for a headstone due to cemetery rules.

HOFFMAN, Charles F.   True Name:  JANSON, Ernest August  (World War I) Evergreen Cemetery (Orient Hill Section, Lot 148), Brooklyn,  New York  Double Recipient  Buried as Ernest August Janson LAT 40.6832 LON -73.8970

HOLTZ, August (Interim) Long Island National Cemetery (Section F, Grave 916), Farmingdale, NY

HORAN, Thomas (Civil War) St. Mary’s Cemetery (near office), Dunkirk, New York  IMO at Point Gratiot Lighthouse, Dunkirk, New York LAT 42.4724 LON -79.3172

HORTON, James (Civil War) Cypress Hills Cemetery (Section 5, E 1/2 Lot 175), Brooklyn, NY Buried as Joseph H Horton. LAT 40.6923 LON -73.8739

HOWZE, Robert Lee (Indian Campaigns) US Military Academy Cemetery (Section I, Row A, Grave 003), West Point, NY LAT 41.3987 LON -73.9671

HUSKEY, Michael, (Civil War) IMO at St. Patrick’s Cemetery (Section 4, Plot 95), Lockport, New York
Cemetery GPS: LAT 43.181679 LON -78.695565

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