ANDERSON, James (Indian Campaigns) St. Peter and Paul Cemetery (Section 37, Lot 1397, Space 1), St. Louis, MO  Buried as James Smythe  LAT 38.5669 LON -90.2834

BARGER, Charles Denver (WWI) Blue Springs Cemetery (1 East 7), Blue Springs, MO  LAT 39.0151 LON -94.2939

BARKLEY, John Lewis (WWI) Forest Hills Cemetery (Block 50, Lot 132), Kansas City, MO  LAT 39.0016 LON -94.5659

BEIGER, Charles (Civil War) Mount Hope Cemetery (Section 12, Lot 107, Grave 3), St. Louis, MO LAT 38.5335 LON -90.2909

BLODGETT, Wells Howard (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 67, Lot 2947), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6923 LON -90.2301

BROWNELL, Francis Edwin (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 40, Lot 2316), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6917 LON -90.2320

BURR, Herbert Hoover (WWII) Mount Washington Cemetery (Garden of the Dogwood Block 13 Lot 60, Grave 3), Independence, MO LAT 39.0997 LON -94.4705

BUTTON, William Robert (2nd Haiti) Valhalla Cemetery (Section 5S, Lot 66, Grave 1), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6896 LON -90.3164

CHELI Ralph (WWII) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (Group Grave, Section 78, Graves 930-934), St. Louis, MO

CLARKE, Powhatan Henry (Indian Campaigns) Calvary Cemetery (Section 3, Lot 34, Grave 15), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.7016 LON -90.2303

COLE, Darrell Samuel (WWII) Parkview Cemetery (Section 1), Farmington, MO LAT 37.8047 LON -90.4444

COLLINS Harrison (Civil War) Springfield National Cemetery (Section 26, Grave 1357, Lot B), Springfield, MO

DAVENPORT, Jack Arden (Korea) Mount Moriah Cemetery (Lot 37, Block 15, Space 7), Kansas City, MO LAT 38.9351  LON -94.5769

DAVIS, Freeman (Civil War) Oak Hill Cemetery (South 27, Lot 102), Butler, MO  LAT 38.2616 LON -94.3129

FALCONER, John A. (Civil War) Sunset Hill Cemetery (near CW Monument, possibly Lot 475), Warrensburg, MO  LAT 38.7724 LON -93.7553

FLYNN, James Edward (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 465, Grave 6), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.7016 LON -90.2303

FORREST, Arthur J. (WWI) Grand View Burial Park (Section D, Lot 65, Grave 1), Hannibal, MO  LAT 39.6678 LON -91.4155

FOUT, Frederick W. (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Lot X, Block 186, Grave 72 ), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6941 LON -90.2365

FRIZZELL, Henry F. (Civil War) Mount Lebanon Cemetery (Section B?), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.7375 LON -90.3969

GAIENNIE, Louis Rene (China) Calvary Cemetery (Section 12, Lot 640, Grave 5), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6986 LON -90.2354

GALT, Sterling Archibald (Philippines) Orient Cemetery (M, Lot 13), Harrisonville, MO  LAT 38.6574 LON -94.3193

GREBE, M. R. William (Civil War) Mount St. Marys Cemetery (Section A, Lot 118, Grave 7), Kansas City, MO  LAT 39.0858 LON -94.5341

GUERIN, Fitz W. (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 155/157, Lot 4001), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6987 LON -90.2311

GWYNNE, Nathaniel McClean (Civil War) Union Hill Cemetery (Section 60, Lot 16, Grave SE/4), Kansas City, MO  LAT 39.0754 LON -94.5823

HACK, John (Civil War) Maple Grove Cemetery (2, Lot 78), Trenton, MO  LAT 40.0759 LON -93.6317

HAMMEL, Henry A. (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 191, Lot 3766), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6943 LON -90.2346

HIGGINS, Thomas J. (Civil War) Holy Family Cemetery (Section D, Lot 47, Grave 4), Hannibal, MO  LAT 39.7264 LON -91.3907

HILLS, William Giles (Civil War) Hillcrest Abbey Crematory & Columbarium (Niche 242), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6033 LON -90.2820

HOBDAY, George (Indian Campaigns) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (Section 59, Grave 11649), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.4986 LON -90.2819

HOLCOMB, Daniel Irving (Civil War) Crown Hill Cemetery (Lot 28, Section 4, Grave 1, Old addition, Lot Section may now be 13), Sedalia, MO  LAT 38.7151 LON -93.2143

HOLMES, William T. (Civil War) Old Bean Cemetery (NE corner), Appleton City, MO  LAT 38.0968 LON -93.9316

HOWE Orion P. (Civil War) Springfield National Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 207A), Springfield, MO

HUDSON, Aaron R. (Civil War) Regan Cemetery (East gate at corner), Neosho, MO  LAT 36.8180 LON -94.4799

HUGHES, Oliver (Civil War) Old Callao Cemetery (on pirvate property), Callao, MO  LAT 39.7586 LON -92.6201

HUNT, Louis T. (Civil War) St. Trinity Lutheran Cemetery (Old Section 5, Row 3), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.5235 LON -90.2971

IMMELL Lorenzo Dow (Civil War) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 12342), St. Louis, MO

KANELL, Billie Gene (Korea) Fairdealing Cemetery, Fairdealing, MO LAT 36.6601  LON -90.6195

KELLEY, Ova Art (WWII) Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Norwood, MO LAT 37.2119 LON -92.4026

LONG, Charles Richard (Korea) Mount Washington Cemetery (Section 18, Lot 70), Independence, MO LAT 39.0937  LON -94.4769

MCGUIRE Fred Henry (Philippines 1911) Springfield National Cemetery (Section 29, Grave 332), Springfield, MO

MERRIFIELD, James K. (Civil War) Valhalla Cemetery (Section 12, Lot 48, Grave 4), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6896 LON -90.3164

MERTON, James F. (Korea 1871) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 172, Lot 2851, Space 17), St. Louis, MO LAT 38.6911 LON -90.2266

MOORE, Wilbur F. (Civil War) Forest Hills Cemetery (Block 45, Lot 105), Kansas City, MO  LAT 39.0009 LON -94.5668

O’BRIEN, Henry D. (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 292, Lot 4482), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6889 LON -90.2292

OPEL, John N. (Civil War) Mount Zion Cemetery (South side , Lot  left of path), Milan, MO  LAT 40.1172 LON -93.0311

PEARSALL, Platt (Civil War) Pendleton Cemetery (Family Plot), Farmington, MO  LAT 37.7424 LON -90.4870

PENTZER Patrick Henry (Civil War) Springfield National Cemetery (Section 24, Grave 1696), Springfield, MO

PESCH, Joseph M. (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 281, Lot 4537), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6879 LON -90.2289

PHILLIPS, George (WWII) Bethel Cemetery (156, Lot 1, Lot behind flagpole)(Note in file reads 372, Lot 3/7), Labadie, MO LAT 38.5179 LON -90.8789

PORTER Ambrose M. (Civil War) Elmwood Cemetery, Rockport, MO

PUCKET Donald Dale (WWII) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (One of six in group burial, Section 84, Graves 270, Lot 272), St. Louis, MO

QUICK, John Henry (SpanAm) Memorial Park Cemetery (Section 3, Lot 343a), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.7121 LON -90.2811

RICKSECKER, John Henry (Civil War) Forest Hills Cemetery (Block 4, Lot 55), Kansas City, MO  LAT 39.0005 LON -94.5666

RIORDAN, Paul F. (WWII) Mount Olivet Cemetery (Pater Noster 163, Lot A, Lot 3 Near Entrance at Flagpole), Raytown, MO LAT 38.9849 LON -94.4819

RYAN David (Indian Campaigns) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (Section 59, Grave 11715), St. Louis, MO

SCHUBERT Martin (Civil War) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 12310), St. Louis, MO

SISLER, George Kenton (Vietnam) Dexter Cemetery (Original Cemetery, 3rd Section, Lot 706), Dexter, MO LAT 36.8008  LON -89.9450

SKINKER, Alexander Rives (WWI) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 78/79, Lot 2342), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6943 LON -90.2309

SPECKER, Joe C. (WWII) Odessa Cemetery (Block 6, Lot 175, Grave 3 or 5), Odessa, MO LAT 39.0009 LON -93.9234

STOKES Alonzo (Indian Campaigns) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (Section 63, Grave 11450), St. Louis, MO

SWEARER, Benjamin (Civil War) St. Peter’s Cemetery (Section 25, Block F, Lot 6, Grave 2), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6890 LON -90.2988

TOOHEY, Thomas (Civil War) Mount Washington Cemetery (Block 1, S 1/2, Lot 391), Independence, MO   LAT 39.1037 LON -94.4725

TRACY, John (Indian Campaigns) Calvary Cemetery (Section 14, Lot 1088, Grave 2), St. Louis, MO  Buried as Henry G. Nabers  LAT 38.7011 LON -90.2339

VAN VOORHIS, Bruce Avery (WWII) Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (One of six in group burial, Section 79, Graves 279, Lot 281),  St. Louis, MO LAT 38.5006 LON -90.2877

WHERRY, William Macky (Civil War) Bellefontaine Cemetery (Block 51, Lot 627), St. Louis, MO  LAT 38.6928 LON -90.2326

WILLIAMS Jack (WWII) Springfield National Cemetery (Section 30, Grave 2375), Springfield, MO

WILSON, Richard G. (Korea) Cape Girardeau County Memorial Park (Section 6, Lot 215, Space 3), Cape Girardeau, MO LAT 37.3436 LON -89.5940

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