ALLEN, James (Civil War) Oakland Cemetery (Block 46, Lot 34), St. Paul, MN LAT 44.9706 LON -93.0966 Cemetery requires next of kin approval for a Medal of Honor headstone.

BOEHLER, Otto A. (Philippines) St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Breckenridge, MN LAT 46.2827 LON -96.5801

BURGER, Joseph (Civil War) Oakland Cemetery (Block 102, Lot 10), St. Paul, MN LAT 44.9719 LON -93.0974

BYRNE, Denis (Indian Campaigns) Cavalry Cemetery (Section 39, Block 11, Grave 87) St. Paul, MN LAT 44.9685 LON -93.1348

CHANDLER, Stephen Edwin (Civil War) Lakewood Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 100, Grave 3), Minneapolis, MN LAT 44.9347 LON -93.3024

CLARK, William A. (Civil War) Hebron Cemetery (Lot 341), Nicollet, MN LAT 44.2120 LON -94.1741

COLALILLO, Michael (World War II) Forest Hill Cemetery, (Section V, Block 3, Lot 13, Grave 2) Duluth, MN LAT 46.8401 LON -92.0724

COURTNEY, JR. Henry Alexius (WWII) Calvary Cemetery (Section T, Block 9, Lot 4), Duluth, MN LAT 46.8615 LON -92.1079

FLEMING, Richard Eugene (WWII) IMO Ft. Snelling National Cemetery (IMO, Section F, Lot 1, Grave 111), Minneapolis, MN

FRANTZ, Joseph (Civil War) Calvary Catholic Cemetery (Lot 70), Northfield, MN LAT 44.4539 LON -93.1402

GRANT, Lewis Addison (Civil War) Lakewood Cemetery (Section 8, Lot 416, Grave 2), Minneapolis, MN LAT 44.9336 LON -93.3016

HANNA, Milton (Civil War) Glenwood Cemetery (Section 1, Lot 9), Mankato, MN LAT 44.1566 LON -93.9802

HAUGE, Jr., Louis James (WWII) IMO – Ada Cemetery, Ada, MN LAT 47.2951 LON -96.5012

HAWKS, Lloyd C. (WWII) Greenwood Cemetery (Section 54, Block 3) may be Section  222 not 54), Park Rapids, MN LAT 46.9195 LON -95.0289

HOLMES, Lovilo N. (Civil War) Glenwood Cemetery (Section 63, Lot 82), Mankato, MN LAT 44.1559 LON -93.0835

KELLEY, Andrew John (Civil War) Oakdale Cemetery, Crookston, MN LAT 47.7819 LON -96.6224

KRAUS, Richard Edward (WWII) Fort Snelling National Cemetery (Section DS, Grave 61A), Minneapolis, MN

LA BELLE, James Dennis (WWII) Fort Snelling National Cemetery (Section B, Lot 1, Grave 422, Lot S), Minneapolis, MN

MALLON, George H. (WWI) Fort Snelling National Cemetery (Section DS, Grave 1, Lot S), Minneapolis, MN

MAY, William C. (Civil War) Winsted Public Cemetery (Block 4, Lot 3 or Lot 13), Winsted, MN LAT 44.9675 LON -94.0518

MCCORNACK, Andrew (Civil War) Hillside Cemetery (Lot 147), Monticello, MN LAT 45.3010 LON -93.7964

MCKAY, Charles W. (Civil War) Oak Grove Cemetery (Section A, Lot 173), Fergus Falls, MN LAT 46.2878 LON -96.0501

MCMILLIAN, Albert Walter (Indian Campaigns) Oakland Cemetery (Block 50, Lot 14), St. Paul, MN LAT 44.9701 LON -93.0982

NELSON, Oscar Frederick (Interim) Fort Snelling National Cemetery (Section DS, Grave 64, Lot N), Minneapolis, MN

NICHOLS, William (Civil War) Kinkead Cemetery (O-I-6-6-1), Alexandria, MN
Buried as Brazilla Nichols LAT 45.8989 LON -95.3873

OLSON, Kenneth Lee (Vietnam) Paynesville Cemetery, Paynesville, MN LAT 45.3774  LON -94.7514

OLSON Arlo L. (WWII) Ft. Snelling National Cemetery (Section C, Block 24, Grave 13787), Minneapolis, MN

PHILLIPS, Samuel D. (Indian Campaigns) Oakland Cemetery (Either Block 46, Lot 57 or Block 26, Lot 4), St. Paul, MN LAT 44.9706 LON -93.1006

PICKLE, Alonzo H. (Civil War) Home Cemetery (First Addition, Section 8, Lot 469), Sleepy Eye, MN LAT 44.3056 LON -94.7119

PRUDEN, Robert Joseph (Vietnam) Fort Snelling National Cemetery (Section M, Grave 5710), Minneapolis, MN

REED, Axel Hayford (Civil War) Mount Auburn Cemetery (Section I, Lot 158), Glencoe, MN LAT 44.7633 LON -94.1605

ROBINSON, Thomas (Interim) Lakewood Cemetery (Soldiers Lot Div A, Section 24, Row 9, Grave 3), Minneapolis, MN LAT 44.9324 LON -93.3026

RUD, George William (Interim) Crystal Lake Cemetery (Section 9, Lot 183), Minneapolis, MN LAT 45.0254 LON -93.3019

RUDOLPH, SR Donald Eugene (WWII) Ft. Snelling National Cemetery (Section DS, Site 22, Lot S), South Minneapolis, MN

SCHMIDT, WILLIAM (Civil War) Lakewood Cemetery (Section 8, Tier GAR-E, Grave 74), Minneapolis, MN.
Based on his pension information, he died in 1905, not 1888. He is not the man buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

SHEPARD, Irwin (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (Section P, Lot 25, Grave 5), Winona, MN LAT 44.0373 LON -91.6577

SHERMAN, Marshall (Civil War) Oakland Cemetery (Block 41, Grave 7), St. Paul, MN LAT 44.9703 LON -93.0996

SORENSON, Richard Keith (WWII) Fort Snelling National Cemetery (Section B, Grave 149, Lot 1), Minneapolis, MN

TAYLOR, Wilbur Nelson (Indian Campaigns) Lakewood Cemetery (Section 25, Lot 6, Grave 2), Minneapolis, MN LAT 44.9297 LON -93.2963

WAYRYNEN, Dale Eugene (Vietnam) Rice River Cemetery, McGregor, MN LAT 46.4874  LON -93.2417

WOLD Nels T. (WWI) Elim Cemetery, Winger, MN LAT 47.5271 LON -95.9945