BALDWIN, Charles H. (Civil War) Christ Church Cemetery, Accokeek, MD LAT 38.6766 LON -77.0201

BUCK, James (Civil War) Green Mount (Section Q, Lot 24), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3094 LON -76.6062

BUFFINGTON, John Ezra (Civil War) Trinity Lutheran Cemetery (Section 2), Taneytown, MD LAT 38.9867 LON -76.4900

CADWALLADER, Abel G. (Civil War) Loudon Park Cemetery (Section YY, Lot 1006, Lot 1007), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.2752 LON -76.6770

CALL, Donald Marshall (WWI) Cremated, Ashes Scattered in Flower Garden, Bethesda, MD

CHATHAM, John Purness (China) Parsons Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 185), Salisbury, MD  Buried as John Purnell Chatham  LAT 38.3756 LON -75.5963

COONEY, Thomas C. (SpanAm) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Section 6, Lot 1111A [formerly Lot 254]), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9877 LON -76.4906

COSTIN, Henry G. (WWI) Loudon Park National Cemetery (Section B, Lot 460), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.2799 LON -76.6746

DURNEY, Austin Joseph (SpanAm) St. Joseph’s R.C. Cemetery, Cordova, MD LAT 38.9103 LON -76.0131

FLEETWOOD, Christian A. (Civil War) Harmony Memorial Park (Section Brooks, Lot 128, Grave 4), Landover, MD  LAT 38.9087 LON -76.8799

FLUCKEY, Eugene Bennett (WWII) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Columbarium, Section 41, #35), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9867 LON -76.4900

HAMMANN, Charles Hazeltine (WWI) Oak Lawn Cemetery (Hillcrest Section, Lot 1025, Grave 4), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.2879 LON -76.5244

HART, John William (Civil War) St. Luke’s Trinity Lutheran Cemetery (Eastern Division, Plot 6, Old Section), Cumberland, MD LAT 39.6587 LON -78.7524

HARTSOCK, Robert Willard (Vietnam) Rocky Gap Veterans Cemetery (Plot G, Lot 4, Row 2, Grave 7), Flintstone, MD LAT 39.7199  LON -78.6365

HAWKINS, Thomas R. (Civil War) Harmony Memorial Park (Section Costin, Lot 121, Grave 1), Landover, MD  LAT 38.9084 LON -76.8798

JACHMAN, Isadore Seigfreid (WWII) Adath Israel Anshe Sfard Cemetery (Back section, large headstone), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.2813 LON -76.5261

JACOBSON, Eugene Philip (Civil War) Green Mountain Cemetery (Area P, Lot 28), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3103 LON -76.6065

JARRETT, Berrie Henry (Mexico) Lorraine Park Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 165, Space D), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3153 LON -76.7171

JECELIN, William R. (Korea) Bohemian National Cemetery, Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3080  LON -76.5535

JENNINGS, James T. (Civil War) Loudon Park National Cemetery (Section A, Lot 1410), Baltimore, MD  LAT 39.2804 LON -76.6754

KIDD, Isaac Campbell (WWII) IMO-Naval Academy (Section 4, Lot 0566), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.98718 LON -76.48972

KOOGLE, Jacob (Civil War) St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, Myersville, MD  LAT 39.5071 LON -77.5683

MCCANDLESS, Bruce (WWII) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Section 6, Lott 1179 [formerly Lot 1021]), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9874 LON -76.4904

MCCOOL, JR. Richard Miles (WWII) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Columbarium, Section 41, #45), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9867 LON -76.4901

MCNAIR, JR. Frederick Vallette (Mexico) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 0779 D [formerly Lot 406]), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9872 LON -76.4905

MILES, Louis Warlaw (WWI) Green Mountain Cemetery (Hemlock Section, Lot 49), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3114 LON -76.6072

MONTAGUE, Daniel (SpanAm) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 0600 A [formerly Lot 275]), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9877 LON -76.4906

MULLEN, Patrick (Civil War and Interim) New Cathedral Cemetery (Section K, Lot 2), Baltimore, MD  ,Buried as Patrick Mullin,  Double recipient  LAT 39.2881 LON -76.6866

NEWMAN, Henry (Indian Campaigns) Loudon Park National Cemetery (Post Section, Lot 739), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.2801 LON -76.6745

PAUL, William H. (Civil War) Wesleyan Chapel Cemetery, Havre De Grace, MD LAT 39.5566 LON -76.1664

PHELPS, Charles Edwards (Civil War) Woodlawn Cemetery (North Howard Section, Lot 130), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3255 LON -76.7265

PHILIPSEN, Wilhelm O. (Indian Campaigns) Loudon Park National (Post Section, Lot 896), Baltimore MD  Buried as William Phillipsen  LAT 39.2803 LON -76.6743

PURVIS, Hugh (Korea 1871) Saint Annes Cedar Bluff Cemetery (Section  43, Lot 154), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9806 LON -76.4975

RICKETTS, Milton Ernest (WWII) IMO – Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery, Owings Mills, MD LAT 39.4403 LON -76.7671

SCHNEIDER, George (Civil War) The Baltimore Cemetery (Lot 18, Outline 2, Grave 4), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3117 LON -76.5820

SHERIDAN, Carl Vernon (WWII) Druid Ridge Cemetery (Wooddale Section, Lot 362 ½, Grave 6), Pikesville, MD LAT 39.3839 LON -76.7249

SHUCK, JR. William Edward (Korea) St. Peters and Paul Catholic Cemetery (Section K, Lot 7), Cumberland, MD LAT 39.6538  LON -78.7795

SMITH, Francis M. (Civil War) Loudon Park Cemetery (Section W, Lot 227 S 1/2), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.2783 LON -76.6780

STERLING, James E. (Civil War) Western Cemetery (Area M, Lot 271), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.2906 LON -76.6652

STOCKDALE, James Bond (Vietnam) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Section 3, Lot 0307 ), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9877  LON -76.4969

STUPKA, Laddie (Interim) Baltimore National Cemetery (Section DS, Grave 1), Baltimore, MD

SUMMERS, Robert (Civil War) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 0590 B [formerly Lot 235]), Annapolis, MD  Buried as Robert Sommers LAT 38.9876 LON -76.4906

TAYLOR, William (Civil War) Loudon Park National Cemetery (Officers Section, Lot 16), Baltimore, MD  LAT 39.2804 LON -76.6747

THOMPSON, John J. (Civil War) Immanuel Cemetery, Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3429 LON -76.5733

TUCKER, Jacob Ruth (Civil War) The Baltimore Cemetery (Lot 5, Outline 2, Grave 3/4), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3114 LON -76.5820

UPSHUR, William Peterkin (Haiti 1915) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Lot 4, Section 0440 [formerly Lot 250, Lot A]), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9873 LON -76.4903

WAINWRIGHT, JR Richard (Mexico) US Naval Academy Cemetery (Section 1, Lot 0023 B), Annapolis, MD LAT 38.9873 LON -76.4913

WALLEY, Augustus (Indian Campaigns) St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Cemetery, Reisterstown, MD LAT 39.4621 LON -76.8195

WIEDORFER, Paul Joseph (WWII) Moreland Memorial Park Cemetery (Section DD, Lot 67, Grave 3), Baltimore, MD LAT 39.3793 LON -76.5617

WILSON, William Othello (Indian Campaigns) Rose Hill Cemetery (Section 14, Grave 1160), Hagerstown, MD LAT 39.6317 LON -77.7203