CRAIN, Morris E. (WWII) Mount Pleasant Church Cemetery, LaCenter, KY LAT 37.1113 LON -88.9457

DODD, Carl Henry (Korea) Cumberland Memorial Gardens (Lot 132), Corbin, KY LAT 37.0259  LON -84.0627

DOHERTY, Thomas M. (SpanAm) Evergreen Cemetery (Soldiers Lot, Section 25, Grave 64), Southgate, KY  LAT 39.0698 LON -84.4727

EPPERSON, Harold Glenn (WWII) Town Cemetery (Section H, Lot 202), Winchester, KY LAT 37.9983 LON -84.1887

FLEEK, Charles Clinton (Vietnam) Petersburg Cemetery, Petersburg, KY LAT 39.0623  LON -84.8751

HARRIS William M. (Indian Campaigns) Camp Nelson National Cemetery (Section U, Grave 3), Nicholasville, KY LAT 37.7875 LON -84.6041

HINEMANN, Lehmann (Indian Campaigns) St. Stephen’s Cemetery (Section 10, Block 116, Lot 1{E 1/2}, Grave 3), Fort Thomas, KY  LAT 39.0514 LON -84.4515

HORSFALL, William H. (Civil War) Evergreen Cemetery (Section GAR {15}, Grave 72), Southgate, KY  LAT 39.0687 LON -84.4678

KOUMA, Ernest Richard (Korea) Fort Knox Post Cemetery (Row L, near tool shed), Fort Knox, KY LAT 37.8930  LON -85.9678

LAUFFER, Billy Lane (Vietnam) Murray Memorial Gardens (Garden of the Christus, Lot 34A, Lot 1), Murray, KY LAT 36.6564  LON -88.3076

MATTINGLY, Henry B. (Civil War) Lebanon Junction Cemetery (near flagpole), Lebanon Junction, KY  LAT 37.8397 LON -85.7379

NASH, David Paul (Vietnam) Saint Mary’s of the Woods Cemetery (Section VIII, A, Lot 4), Whitesville, KY LAT 37.6603  LON -86.8706

NOBLE, Daniel (Civil War) Childers Farm Cemetery, (near) Gillmore, KY LAT 37.7480 LON – 83.3664

PHELPS, Wesley (WWII) Rosine Cemetery (Section GAR 15, Lot 72), Rosine, KY LAT 37.4528 LON -86.7414

RAERICK, John (Indian Campaigns) Bethel (Church) Cemetery, Falmouth, KY LAT 38.7207 LON -84.3753

SANDLIN, Willie (WWI) Zachary Taylor National Cemetery (Section E, Grave 10, Lot A), Louisville, KY LAT 38.2779 LON -85.6424

SCHMAUCH, Andrew Anton (Civil War) Ashland Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 66), Ashland KY  LAT 38.4608 LON -82.6335

SCOTT, George D. (Indian Campaigns) Lancaster Cemetery (IMO , Lot  Memorial Park Section), Lancaster, KY  LAT 37.6170 LON -84.5708

SMITH, Andrew Jackson (Civil War) Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Grand Rivers, KY LAT 36.9768  LON -88.2013

SMITH, David Monroe (Korea) Smith Cemetery on the Hill Ponder, Livingston, KY LAT 37.3009  LON -84.2232

SQUIRES John C. (WWII) Zachary Taylor National Cemetery (Section A, Grave 1359), Louisville, KY LAT 38.2774 LON -85.6435

STEVERS, Thomas W. (Indian Campaigns) City Cemetery (Section D, Lot 49), Richmond, KY  Buried as Thomas W. Stivers  LAT 37.7435 LON -84.2887

VOIT, Otto Emil (Indian Campaigns) St. Stephens Cemetery (Section 90), Louisville, KY  LAT 38.2200 LON -85.7495

WILKES, Perry (Civil War) Cave Hill Cemetery (Section P, South 1/2 Lot 866), Louisville, KY  38.2436 LON -85.7173

WOODS, Brent (Indian Campaigns) Mill Springs National Cemetery (Section A, Site 930), Nancy, KY LAT 37.0684 LON -84.7374

YOUNG, Calvary Morris (Civil War) Highland Cemetery (Section 12, Lot 43), Fort Mitchell, KY  LAT 30.0481 LON -84.5448