ABRELL, Charles Gene (Korea) Westlawn Cemetery, Farmersburg, IN LAT 39.2462  LON -87.3908

ARCHER, James W. (Civil War) Riverside Cemetery (Section T, Lot 9), Spencer, IN LAT 39.2821 LON -86.7666

ARMSTRONG, Clinton Lycurgus (Civil War) Fountain Park Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 62), Winchester, IN LAT 40.1636 LON -84.9791

BEARSS, Hiram Iddings (Philippines) Bearss Family Cemetery (next to Mt. Hope Cemetery), Peru, IN LAT 40.7602 LON -86.0783

BIDDLE, Melvin Earl (WWII) Anderson Memorial Park Cemetery (Block G, Garden of Faith, Section 467, Lot 3), Anderson, IN LAT 40.0443 LON -85.7247

BOX, Thomas J. (Civil War) Greenhill Cemetery (Section 10, Lot 55), Bedford, IN LAT 38.8568 LON -86.4869

BROUSE, Charles W. (Civil War) Crown Hill Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 41), Indianapolis, IN LAT 39.8209 LON -86.1753

BRUCE, Daniel Dean (Vietnam) Greenwood Cemetery (Veterans of All Wars Monument Circle, Grave 8), Michigan City, IN LAT 41.7047  LON -86.8856

BRUNER, Louis J. (Civil War) Green Park Cemetery (Section 3), Portland, IN LAT 40.4241 LON -84.9915

BUMGARNER, William (Civil War) Mossburg Cemetery, Liberty Center, IN LAT 40.7223 LON -85.3274

CANNON, George Hamm (World War II) Cenotaph in Glen Cove Cemetery, Knightstown, IN
Actually buried in National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, HI

CARSON, William J. (Civil War) Beech Grove Cemetery (Section 4, Lot 14, Southwest Corner), Muncie, IN LAT 40.1894 LON -85.4016

CHAMBERLAIN, Orville Tyron (Civil War) Gracelawn Cemetery (Block C, Lot 15, Grave 2), Elkhart, IN LAT 41.6816 LON -85.9552

CUBBERLY, William G. (Indian Campaigns) Union Cemetery (Veterans Section), Lyonsville, IN LAT 39.6491 LON -85.0550

DE LA GARZA, JR. Emilio Albert (Vietnam) Saint John’s Cemetery (Section K, Block 70, Lot 1, Grave 2), Hammond, IN LAT 41.5927  LON -87.4925

DOUGALL, Allan Houston (Civil War) I.O.O.F. Cemetery (Section A, Lot 37), New Haven, IN

FERRIER, Daniel Tweed (Civil War) Nebo Cemetery, Camden, IN LAT 40.6042 LON -86.5765

FERRIS, Eugene W. (Civil War) Rockville Cemetery (Section B, Lot 32), Rockville, IN LAT 39.7610 LON -87.2227

FINKENBINER, Henry S. (Civil War) Hopewell Church Cemetery, Lagro, IN LAT 40.8707 LON -85.6990

GRAVES, Thomas Jefferson (SpanAm) Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery, East Germantown, IN LAT 39.8171 LON -85.1364

HILL, Frank Ebenezer (Interim Awards 1899-1910) Center Point Cemetery (Row 5 East, Graves 7 & 8), Center Point, IN LAT 39.4176 LON -87.0734

HYDE, Henry J. (Indian Campaigns) Marion National Cemetery (Section I, Grave 97), Marion, IN LAT 40.5204 LON -85.6294

IRWIN, Nicholas (Civil War) Marion National Cemetery (Section I, Grave 382), Marion, IN LAT 40.5204 LON -85.6287

JAMES, Isaac (Civil War) Brick Memorial Cemetery, Union City, IN LAT 40.2248 LON -84.8058

JOHNSON, Ruel M. (Civil War) Oak Ridge Cemetery (Lot 539, East Add.), Goshen, IN LAT 41.5940 LON -85.8448

JOHNSTON, William P. (Civil War) Patton Cemetery (The Plains, Section 217, Block 8, Grave 1) LaPorte, IN LAT 41.6047 LON -86.7065
Buried as Walter P. Johnston, his true name

JORDAN, Absalom (Civil War) Centerville Baptist Church Cemetery, Lovett, IN LAT 38.9405 LON -85.6418

KENDALL, William Wesley (Civil War) Ames Chapel Cemetery, Abydel, IN LAT 38.5735 LON -86.5586

KINSEY, John (Civil War) Crown Hill Cemetery (Section 21, Lot 1, Space 20), Indianapolis, IN  Buried as John McKenzie LAT 39.8183 LON -86.1767

KISTERS, Gerry Herman (WWII) Rose Hill Cemetery (Section G, Lot 74), Bloomington, IN LAT 39.1652 LON -86.5496

KUDER, Jeremiah (Civil War) Marion National Cemetery (Section 4, Grave 2464), Marion, IN LAT 40.5211 LON -85.6209

MCCALL, Thomas Edward (WWII) Spring Vale Cemetery (Section 12 Lot 261), Lafayette, IN LAT 40.4464 LON -86.8638

MICHAEL, Harry J. (WWII) Violett Cemetery (Lot 329, Space G), Goshen, IN LAT 41.5486 LON -85.8352

O’DONNELL, Menomen (Civil War) Mount Calvary Cemetery (Possibly in Section H), Vincennes, IN LAT 38.6713 LON -87.5379

ONO, Frank H. (WWII) Highland Cemetery (Section 7, Lot 47, Grave C), North Judson, IN LAT 41.2125 LON -86.7578

OVERTURF, Jacob H. (Civil War) Holton Cemetery, Holton, IN LAT 39.0758 LON -85.3908

ROBERTSON, Robert Stoddart (Civil War) Lindenwood Cemetery (Section G, Lot 173 or 178), Fort Wayne, IN LAT 41.0782 LON -85.1756

RYAN, Peter John (Civil War) Calvary Cemetery (Section 3, Lot 57, Grave 1), Terre Haute, IN LAT 39.4743 LON -87.3521

SESTON, Charles H. (Civil War) Fairview Cemetery (Section 2, Row 5, Lot 1), New Albany, IN LAT 38.2944 LON -85.8185

SHEPHERD, William (Civil War) Conaway Family Cemetery, Dillsboro, IN LAT 38.9829 LON -85.0047

SMALLEY, Reuben (Civil War) South Park Cemetery (Section C, Lot 31), Greensburg, IN LAT 39.3301 LON -85.4766

STERLING, John Tenbrook (Civil War) Bethesda Cemetery (Lot 120, Grave 8), West Terre Haute, IN LAT 39.4739 LON -87.4830

STOLZ, Frank (Civil War) St. Joseph’s Cemetery (Section D, Lot 21, Grave 3), Indianapolis, IN LAT 39.7320 LON -86.1625

SWANSON, John (Civil War) Crown Hill Cemetery (Section 37, Lot 1620), Indianapolis, IN  Buried as Jacob Johnson LAT 39.8222 LON -86.1778

TAYLOR, Richard (Civil War) Pioneer Park (IMO, Cemetery no longer exists), Washington, IN LAT 38.6606 LON -87.1696

THOMPSON, William P. (Civil War) Greenbush Cemetery (Section 5, Lot 352), Lafayette, IN LAT 40.4307 LON -86.8847

WEISS, Enoch R. (Indian Campaigns) South Bend Cemetery (Section 1 East, Block 16, Lot 10), South Bend, IN LAT 41.6803 LON -86.2677

WETHERBY, John C. (Philippines) Frye Cemetery, Mahalasville, IN LAT 38.3355 LON -86.3916