Buried or Lost At Sea


ANDERSON, Richard Beatty (World War II) Buried at Sea
IMO in New Tacoma Cemetery (Block C, Section 1 (5-C-1), Grave 182), Tacoma, Washington

BAUSELL, Lewis Kenneth (World War II) Buried at Sea

BIANCHI, Willibald Charles (World War II) Lost at Sea
IMO at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Section MA, Site 39), Honolulu, Hawaii

CALLAGHAN, Daniel Judson (World War II) Died on bridge of ship at Iron Bottom Sound off Savo Island, Solomon Islands. Listed as buried at sea on DoD webpage.

CLAUSEN, Claus K (Spanish-American War) Ashes scattered at sea

COMMISKEY, Sr., Henry Alfred (Korean War) Cremated, Ashes Scattered over Gulf of Mexico
IMO at Highland Cemetery (Section 11, Lot 40), Hattiesburg, Mississippi

CROMWELL, John Philip (World War II) Missing, Lost at Sea

DAVIS, George FLeming (World War II) Died at Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Philippine Islands, on board USS Walke. Believed to have been buried at sea

DE SOMER, Abraham (Mexican Campaign) Buried at Sea
IMO at San Francisco National Cemetery (Section MA, Grave 15), San Francisco, California

DEALEY, Samuel David (World War II) Missing; Lost at Sea

EGLIT, John (Spanish-American War) Lost at Sea, body not recovered
IMO at Arlington National Cemetery (Section MI, Site 306A), Arlington, VA

ENGLISH, Thomas (Civil War) Buried at Sea

ENRIGHT, John (Interim Awards 1871-1898) Buried at Sea
IMO in Phoenix Memorial Park, Phoenix, Arizona

EVANS, Ernest Edwin “Chief” (World War II) Missing; Lost at Sea

GILMORE, Howard Walter (World War II) Lost at Sea
IMO Magnolia Cemetery (Section 13, Lot 5), Meridian, Mississippi

HAMILTON, Thomas W. (Civil War) Buried at Sea

HUTCHINS, Carlton Barmore (Interim Awards 1920-1940) Lost at Sea
Died in air crash off coast of Calif., body not recovered.

IRLAM, Joseph (Civil War) Buried at Sea

LAMBERS, Paul Ronald (Vietnam War) Drowned in Lake Michigan, body not Recovered
IMO- Graafschap Cemetery (Plot 3-B-48-3), Holland, MI

LANFARE, Aaron Steven (Civil War) Buried At Sea
IMO at Branford Cemetery), Branford, Connecticut

LOWRY, George Maus, (Mexican Campaign) cremated, ashes scattered at sea.

MASON, Leonard Foster (World War II) Buried at Sea as per DoD webpage.

MCALLISTER, Samuel (China Relief) Buried at Sea

PETERSON, Oscar Verner (World War II) Buried at Sea
IMO- Richfield Cemetery (Block 9w Lot 3), Richfield, Idaho

PRESTON, Herbert Irving (China Relief) Lost at Sea, body not recovered

RICKETTS, Milton Ernest (World War II) Died onboard ship USS Yorktown at Coral Sea. Buried at Sea as per DoD webpage.

ROOKS, Albert Harold (World War II) Missing; Lost at Sea

ROSS, Donald Kirby (World War II) Cremated, Ashes buried on USS Nevada, Pearl Harbor, HI

SAVAGE, Auzella (Civil War) Lost at Sea, Atlantic Ocean,
Reportedly perished during heavy gale and snowstorm along Atlantic Coast.

SCOTT, Norman (World War II) Died on board the U.S.S. Atlanta at Iron Bottom Sound, off Savo Island, Solomon Islands. Believed to be buried at Sea

VAN WINKLE, Archie (Korean War) Cremated, Ashes Scattered At Sea

WATSON, George (World War II) Lost at Sea, body not recoverable

WHITTLESEY, Charles White (World War I) Lost at Sea in Atlantic between New York and Cuba
IMO in Pittsfield Cemetery (Lot #1 in Walnut Hill Section), Pittsfield, Massachusetts

WILKINS, Raymond Harrell (World War II) Lost at sea; Olive Branch Cemetery (IMO- Section F, Lot 13), Portsmouth, Virginia

YOUNG, Cassin (World War II) Buried at Sea, IMO at Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park (Section E, Lot 58 Grave A-2 ), Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina